Saturday, 22 September 2018

Mrs Duck

Mrs Duck is enjoying her outing, dressed   in her best hat and feathered scarf..
Today's Fantasy thought is.... what if ducks and other animals wore clothes??

From the photo you can see that Mrs Duck  was a cross stitch piece that I sewed many years ago and  that's as far as it went, she sat in a drawer for  a long while till I found her while looking for something else..
I added some shading  to the page but decided that  this would be a hybrid page as I wanted to keep the sewing to make into a birthday gift .

I will share my page with the folk at
 Art Journal Journey
 and the theme I chose of.....
A World of Fantasy

On the left she is ready for the frame, which I have yet to  purchase.
In the meanwhile she has been made into a digital card.
So Mrs Duck  you are dressed for an outing and I hope you have a great time.

Thank you for calling in today, you are most welcome here.


  1. What a fabulous duck, and she has graced your page beautifully. This will make a wonderful present. Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

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    1. She is a beauty - great you found the embroidery and can make it into a gift and we can see Mrs. Duck in her best outfit on a fantastic hybrid page at Art Journal Journey as well! You rock!!!
      Happy weekend dear Yvonne!
      Hugs, Susi

  3. What a funny duck so wonderful stitched. I like your page and what you created around Mrs. Duck. The card looks very good too. Great ideal to use this stitched treasure for cardmaking .
    Dear Greetings

  4. Love the embroidered duck! It makes such a fun image for your page. It makes such a fantasy page for sure. Hope you are having a great weekend. Hugs-Erika

  5. A card, a framed piece, AND a journal page. You certainly know how to get a bang for your buck. This is adorable, and I can see your little duck as she looks in the mirror and admires herself. I LOVE your imagination. Thanks for yet another lovely entry at Art Journal Journey.

  6. Now that's fun! A sewn piece to give, a card & a journal page all from 1 item and what great results!

    Sally xx

  7. CUTE addition of your cross work piece so glad you brought it to life, looks fabulous.x

  8. What a great idea Yvonne this weekend has been the perfect weather for ducks hee hee!! Makes for a great journal page.
    Love how you introduced a pic of your cross stitch, I have three large pieces in a folder, one for each of my children created whilst pregnant. Never had time to get them framed, may have to find them out & rethink about them now.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Happy Sunday Hugs Tracey xx

  9. Love these Yvonne! I haven't done any cross stitch for years!! Chrisx

  10. Wowww Yvonne, ... love Mrs Duck !! She is wonderful, the colours and details are so beautiful. love your Art journal page, it's amazing !!
    I wish you a very nice thursday, big hugs, Caty