Tuesday 28 April 2020

Tea, mess and paint

Hello everyone who calls in to see me today.
Its Tuesday and its T day over at
 Bleubeard and Elizabeths 
where we are always made to feel at home with a drinks related post.
In current times  when we all have to stay home and keep safe
 it feels like calling in  to join a group of
like minded friends for a coffee morning,  where we can get together and have a good chat..

There is still a lot of tea being drunk at my dining room table
and as yet I haven't cleaned my paint brush in it, so that has to be a big plus.
This photo shows a bit of my everyday chaos. The journal page that I block stamped using a nearly dried out ink pad. My water bowl and brush peeking from behind the tea cup, left there from another  project that involved a big yellow flower.
In case you wonder we  have a kitchen table and  eating area   I think it would take a while to sort out  this table  each meal time..

I have managed to make another  page for Valerie's
 Art Journal Journey theme........
Geometric shapes, I think the old ink pads are going to have to be discarded soon. I also used some pop outs and a die cut circle shape.

We all need a lot of love these days, to show how much we care for  everyone as well as our friends and family.

Take care, stay safe and keep well. xx

Black/White and one other colour.... at TioT's

The new theme for the next two weeks at Try it on Tuesdays is.......
Black/White and one other colour.
Please pop over to see what everyone has  been making and
read the good news  that we are sharing today.
We are very happy to tell everyone that
 is returning to our TioT's Design team..

 This is how the page began in my hands on  journal, before I started playing in the digital program I use and added the faux stitching. My colour choice to add was yellow water colour paint.
The stamp is from ALL&Create

I even tried making a card  to send via an email for a friends Birthday but it looks so wonky I changed my mind. Even digital makes can go wrong and end up in my  computers crafty bits and pieces box/file..... that could  come in handy.
Yes I do have one, that I check out and send to the trash now and again..

Thank you for calling in and I hope you will join the TioT's gang, we'd love to see you there.

Stay safe and keep well.

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Tuesday musings

Hello everyone, its Tuesday
so I am off to join Bleubeard and Elizabeth for  the weekly gathering. where everyone is made very welcome with a drinks related post.

Here is my cuppa, close to hand
and there is a mop up journal page waiting  to be worked on close by.
I would really enjoy one of those cup cakes on the page with my tea.

However my journal page  was created on the computer[notes in my sidebar].
I am finding it hard to get settled into crafting these days, maybe its  just using the dining room table instead of my craft-room, with limited supplies close by.
 Motivation and Miss Mojo have gone walk about....big style.
Like many of us there isn't much happening in our part of the country,  
My routine hasn't changed for many weeks. 
We take each day as it comes as I look after my hubby, we rely on our sons even more just now to bring us shopping,  the hardest thing is not to be able to give them a hug, as we talk on the phone looking through the porch window. 
I am mindful that they look after themselves as well and they  smile, at the lecture they get about their own safety  each time I speak to them.

I added a few words to this hybrid journal page
 and tried to imagine these two having a conversation

Its getting closer to your bEARTHday Elizabeth
I send you many happy Birthday wishes

I will also  be joining Valerie's theme at
Art Journal Journey  with my fist journal page in this post.
Geometric Shapes my page has   quite a few of these.

Stay safe and keep well xx

Thursday 16 April 2020


A hybrid page for Valerie's theme ..... \Geometrical Shapes

The background was a mop up, smudged mess which I tried to stamp onto, some worked some didn't.
I was going to share more photos, but my camera and the laptop decided to 
chew them up. [this problem continues, they are two Diva's and don't get on together these days.]
I decided to create a flower to cover most of the mess
 and came across a forgotten book  of TH stickers.,
also just the right amount of alphabet stickers to add a word.

As you can see there is a variety of colours on the original page and as you know I like to have a play  and add a few digital alterations. 
 First  job, 
change the colours to shades of green.
Next add a few butterflies.
Last note to  self
 STOP fiddling it looks  okay.
I wonder which version you like?

Thank you for calling in today.

Stay safe and well.

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Its Tuesday and its T day

Hello everyone who calls by today.
Its Tuesday and we are always made welcome over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's to share a drinks related post.

The page started  of  with a messy
stencil/stamped background
and  a favourite flower stamp. 
I say favourite, but if truth were told I have quite a few these days.

I added the teacup and teapot in the digital program I use.

A few folk  have been asking me about my digi program.
I have had it  a few years now and it came with a digital craft  CD that  I bought  after seeing it on a craft TV channel.  It is so easy to use and even  after a few years I am still enjoying using it.

I mustn't forget to share the photo of my cuppa today,
although  it has taken me a few tries to get it on the computer'
For some reason my camera was refusing to talk to the lap top,
 I told both of them to behave themselves .
An hour later they had solved their differences
 so all was calm at the dining room table.....for now.

However you spend your day I hope it will be a good one for you.
Stay safe and keep well.

Have Fun with Stencils.....at TioT's

Our new challenge theme over at Try it on Tuesdays  is......
Have Fun with Stencils

I really like using a variety of Stencils to create a background, however for this page I only used one, an A4 stencil from ALL&Create

Please pop over to see what the TioT's gang have created for this theme.

On the left are a few photos of the stages.

After I added the pop out shaped  image of the lady flying free with her bunch of balloons , the words were added in the digital program I used [notes in my sidebar]

Thank you for calling in today.
Stay safe and well

Sunday 12 April 2020

Easter Day

A page for Valerie's theme....Geometric Shapes
 over at Art Journal Journey .
It was created in the digital program I use and I have to say
 I had no idea how it would turn out when I began
 The background has lots of simple geometric shapes,
 then I thought about families divided at Easter
 when maybe they would be spending it together
 with the grown ups watching the children having 
an Easter egg hunt.
So my virtual sisters have collected up the eggs
 and if they could they would share them with you all.

However you are spending the weekend
I hope you will be safe and well

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Its Tuesday and its Tea Day

Hello everyone, its Tuesday so  it must be time to go over to
 Bleubeard and Elizabeths and share a cuppa.
 This photo shows what I was getting up to on the dining room table yesterday. 
A digital page on the computer, which I shared in the previous post.
A stamped image, coloured with watercolour paint and of course my mug of tea.

I love this image  showing  the tenderness between
 the lady and her feline friend. 
I thought of Bleubeard and Squiggles and how much your fur babies must  mean to you Elizabeth
 as I was creating this page. The companionship our animals give to us, cannot be told in words and I treasure the memories our animals gave to us over the years.

I added the background colouring  and leaf frame in the digital program I use

Stay safe and well  everyone.

Monday 6 April 2020

Stay safe, stay home.

A geometrical selection of shapes for Valerie's theme  over at
  Art Journal Journey,

This page was created in the digital program I use with  words that we can all relate to
 in these difficult times. 
Our Queen spoke on TV last night and her broadcast brought a tear to my eye, our youngest phoned soon after and said he felt quite emotional listening to what she said. It was viewed by millions here and around the world.
However you spend the rest of today, stay safe and well.

Saturday 4 April 2020


A fun page today for Valerie's theme.....Geometric shapes
I may be  going  crazy these days,  but I think maybe I am not alone.
It is for our own well being we have to stay home.
Mojo has taken off as well,
 declared  she was off to do a bit of  net surfing to get some inspiration.
So I let Crazy see what she could create.
Its not crisp geometric shapes but I think it will fit the theme.

I used a dotty stencil and a square mask, a good start till I came across this stamped  quirky pair,  neat and tidy flew away and crazy took their place, \even the digital sewing isn't a neat shaped square.
 I blame the machine for not doing what it was told . But, I must praise the old lap top for coping with the extra use its getting these days.

I hope you are all staying well and safe.
Thank you for stopping by, have a good weekend.

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Geometrical Shapes at Art Journal Journey

A new month and  a warm welcome to Valerie  from Bastelmania who is our host at
The theme she has challenged  us with  is......
Geometrical shapes

My page began by using some mask  shapes for the background.
I wanted to use the  postcard[ from the Vienna postcard collection] of The Clown  by  Rudolph Kalvach.
 This was fussy cut as were the stamped shapes of the  'not round', but six sided hexagon shaped balloons.
He looked a real happy chap, comfortable in his clothes and how round  he looks. Perhaps he hoped the elongated  diamond shapes would make him look thinner 
These are my thoughts on the painting of the clown, which I really think looks  fantastic 
We often say we look a particular shape and \want to be different. Perhaps its time to step back and be happy with being as we are. today and leave the shapes to  the experts to use them in  a proper mathematical  way.

Thank you for calling in today and I hope you will join us in April  at Art Journal Journey.

Stay safe and well everyone.