Thursday 30 May 2019

Aurora Borealis

I am just managing to share one last journal spread for this months theme at
and Erika's theme.... In the sky/in the air.
I was inspired by Erika and  Elizabeth to search through some old magazines.
 after seeing their fantastic  pages  of the night sky this month.

I used cut out pictures from  a 'Landscape' magazine that I have been hoarding since  Jan'Feb 2015. . You never know when these old mags will come in useful.

The article was about the Northern Lights, 
 I've seen  programs on TV but  never seen them in real life.
The photos were taken in Scotland, the photographer  named was Jim Henderson.

It was my last pages in this  8 x 8 journal and I even used the inside of the back cover.
The left side page was just water colour washes.
I have added the stitching using my digital programs. In real life it covers the faux stitching I added myself. The white pen ran out of ink and what got to the page disappeared into the paint.

I'm off to do some ironing now,  it takes a while to catch up on the chores after being away.
Thank you for stopping by,
your visits are always very much   appreciated.

Tuesday 28 May 2019

Do you need a spoon Alfred?

It Tuesday and its T day over at
We are always made very welcome there with a drinks related post.
Last  Tuesday I used a napkin for the main image on my journal page
. This is the other  part of the  picture that is printed on it.
I used the same stamps as last  week for the grass and the sun.
The page I am using in this mixed papers journal  was,  I think a hand made one, the colours  were  dabbed on using a wipe as I wanted  to use up some dried ink on my glass mat.
 So a spray of water later and this was the result.  

Now don't be shocked when you see the photo,  you know I love my tea, but I do also drink a lot of water.  
Seeing my bread tin  you can guess why these napkins appealed to me.

I will be late calling in to see you and linking to TSFT , we are travelling home today after our Land rover adventures with our sons.

I will also be linking my page to Erika's theme  of ...In the sky/In the air......over at 
The animals are really enjoying the sunshine.

I hope you are all having a good day.

Make a Mark at TioT's

We are starting a new  challenge theme today  over at
Make  a Mark
Lots of scope for this theme, including grids, circles , chevrons, abstract patterns etc.
Its fun to see how folk interpret the themes and the DT have shared  super inspiration projects.

The flowers were stamped onto rectangle shapes.
It is a watercolour  edge to  frame the page.

So you could say that the marks I chose to make were  straight edged and circular.

Thank you for calling in to see what I have been creating,
 I hope you will join the TioT's gang and have fun making your   ' mark'.

Monday 27 May 2019


A page  created as a thankyou to all the folk  who over the years
 have contributed to making TioT's a happy and friendly challenge blog.

To the current DT 
Avril, Susi,  Chris, Marjut. Joan, Rosie. Jo, Cath, Erika
 to all my other friends out there in Blogland.
Your friendship means the world to me.

So about the page.... inky and messy, random stamping  for the base.
An AALL&create main image, with added  doodling by me.
I think this is the style of crafting I like best.

This is my last page  created to celebrate
 Try it on Tuesdays  10th Birthday.

there will be a new theme beginning tomorrow
and I hope the start of many more years where folk can gather there to share their art.

Sunday 26 May 2019

Happiness is.........

For today's     journal  post  I have used one of the  material  pages in my mixed media journal.
I stamped the images on tissue as there was no way they would stamp their image on the weave of this fabric. After sticking them down and patiently waiting for them to dry out.
 I used  distress inks to add colour. I also used my favourite script stamp in the background.
I also used some digital stamps for the seed heads.

As you can  see  I am still celebrating TioT's Birthday
and enjoying creating  pages in my journal.
My internet time is still limited, I will be catching up as soon as I can.

Thank you for calling in, your visit is very much appreciated.

Thank you for the prompt Erika ,
I will add this to your theme In the Sky/In the air at
 Art Journal Journey

Saturday 25 May 2019

The Mouse in the Moon

This  digital page was fun to create. 
No mater what your style is.... or the mediums you use, always  be happy
 that the art you create is part of you.
Its unique to you, you are the artist who had the vision
 to put what you see and imagine onto paper.
Well in this case it was into my digital scrapbook.
Computer crafting is an easy option for me when we are away in the caravan.
I can still, 'play',   with the bonus that there will be less actual mess.
Another page to add  to my file  that I am creating for the
Try it on Tuesdays.

10th Birthday celebrations.

If I have the internet I will also link up to Erika's theme at
Art Journal Journey
In the air/In the sky
We often talk about, 'a man in the moon'.
Wouldn't it be fun if it were a mouse.
After all, in one of the Nursery rhymes a . 'cow jumped over the moon', so why not ,
that's what imagination is all about.

Thank you again for calling in.
I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Information about my digital
pages can be found in my sidebar.

Friday 24 May 2019

Messy fun

This was really a fun page to create. 
The base is one huge  'mess'
Big splodges of paint,  lots of stamping to use all the ink on the stamps.
I found the music printed tape looking for something else and the canvas tag.... I didn't stitch, it came in a lucky bag from a friend a  long while ago.
 So messy, lots of color, scraps used and positive words to........
Follow your dreams.
Crafting fun in my world.

Thank you for stopping by, you are very welcome here.

Thursday 23 May 2019

Free as a bird

Another digital page,
and the bonus is I have clean hands today.
But I can still create messy backgrounds in the digital program I use.

This is  the first of a few scheduled posts as I may not have internet for a few days.
If all goes well we will be in a huge field with  like minded friends for the
National Landrover ' off road',  events.

Thank you for calling in and  I will catch up with you all soon.

For information about my digital pages
the notes are in my sidebar.

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Sun, makes the garden grow.

This is a hybrid journal page from me today, I started with a  tag......
The tag had some stamping and stencils as a background and I stamped and fussy cut the flowers.
 All the shading is water colours and oxide inks.

The page  base is  a digital paper that I worked on in   my computer program, adding a variety of digital images and paint effects.
As it is a bright and sunny page it will, I think,  fit
 Erika's theme  In the  sky/in the air....over at 

We need the sun for many of our  flowers to grow and thrive.

Another post and page to Celebrate  Try it on Tuesdays 10th Birthday.
Where we hope  you will share your Art with us there.

Thank you for the prompt Valerie
I will also link my tag to the new
Tag Tuesday

challenge theme

Tuesday 21 May 2019

The Garden Party

Can you just imagine a group of animal friends getting together
 to have a tea party on a sunny afternoon, like the ones on my journal page.

The animals came from a napkin stuck to a watercoloured base. I used an old  stamp for the grasses and after stamping the sun I fussy cut another one so I could add some sparkle after I'd coloured it. The suns rays were drawn freehand, not neat , but it gives an idea of what I hoped it could have been like on a warm spring day in the sunshine. The words were computer generated

I will be adding this page to Erika's theme of in the Sky/In the air....over at.....

Now will be a good time to say hello to friends at
 Bleubeard and Elizabeths
where each Tuesday we are always welcome with a drinks related post.

Spring finally has arrived in my garden, the trees and plants are looking  so green .

The Acer is a really rich red shade and the Lilac is in full bloom.
The green Acer beside the steps is spreading its way over the patio already. The bluebells  under the trees are all blooming.

This is the photo with my morning cuppa, Mr Fox  again,  he  seems to be one of my
 favourite mugs to use these days.

Each day sees more colour in the garden,
Spring is here.

These last photos show the blossom   on one of my old apple trees

Thank you for calling in to see me , I hope you all  have a lovely day.


The party animals would like to remind you about the
  Try it on Tuesdays

Birthday celebrations,
there is still another week for you to join us  and share your art with us  there.


Monday 20 May 2019


I am continuing my journal page shares
  with this digital piece  [notes in my sidebar].
Digital art is something I have explored quite recently and have to say
 its another avenue that I really enjoy exploring. 
I made this page with  Erika's theme in mind  over at 
In the sky/In the air.
The folk at AJJ are always welcoming and make everyone feel at home.

Also another page for the daily art I am trying to share 
during this last week of the theme  at....

Thank you for stopping by, you are always very welcome here.

Sunday 19 May 2019

Good Times

Try it on Tuesdays is celebrating its 10th Birthday in Blogland this month.

It was back in November 2010 that I was invited to join the design team.
At the end of May 2012 Avril and myself  started taking over the Administration of TioT's.

Over the years my style of crafting has changed , but my love of getting messy and creating 'my style' of art has been a journey I have enjoyed every minute of.
So these next few days to celebrate TioT's theme.....
Lets Party
where the theme asked        everyone to......
share your ART and the things you like to create....with us.
I am off on my own personal  trip on my blog
 and sharing  some journal pages I have had fun creating.

A variety of stamps were used on this page.
The base was  a simple watercolour wipe over and distress oxides.

Thank you for calling in today, you are always very welcome here.

Saturday 18 May 2019

Sky at night

Night skies .
I always think the night sky looks quite magical as the stars begin to  twinkle in the darkness.
I have made this page for Erika's theme of
In the Sky/In the air.... over at
The background is watercoloured, sprinkled with navy powders, then spritzed with water.
I fussy cut the stars and added some glitter, more on me than on the stars.
I used a TH skyline stamp at the bottom of the page. First of all it didn't show against the background. the second attempt at fussy cutting got thrown in the bin. This is the third effort......not  what I hoped it would look like. But it does convey to me how  vast the sky is
 and how because its there,
 we may take it for granted and not spend  time to look and wonder.

Thank you for calling in today.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Thursday 16 May 2019

Windy Days.

The sky may be blue, but there is rain in the air and  the wind is blowing a gale.
That sounds like a  weather report, but although we like the warm and the sun,
we get a good share of the wind and rain as well.

The background was  created by rubbing nearly dried out ink pads over the surface.
The tree and man holding on to his umbrella are Clarity stamps that I have had for years,
they deserved an airing.
The grass stamp is old and unnamed as is the one I used for the rain drops. So huge they could have been water bombs not drops.  The words were computer generated and to cover   some of the messier rain drops I added some clouds in the digital program I use.

I am joining the folk at
 Art Journal Journey
for Erika's theme of ....In the Sky/In the air.

Thank you for calling in, you are always welcome here.

Tuesday 14 May 2019

Lets Party...... at TioT's

Its a special  year for us at
This month we celebrate our 10th year in blogland.
Please follow the link to TIOT's and we hope you will join us all there.

Only one photo in the early stages of creating this page as I was having fun creating it.

I used modeling paste through stencils  on the background. Splashes of colour and shading through more stencils. Next  I printed the computer generated words and bunting.
The party people are Paper Artsy images.

I brought cakes to the party and my page was made with love.
Ten years ago the challenge  blog was started by   Janet and  Michelle , I hope they would be happy to know it is still  a happy blog and going strong
 all these years later.
TioT's means a lot to me  and I hope,  we continue to welcome and inspire folk who join us there.

Monday 13 May 2019

Secret Gardens

Hello to everyone who calls in to see me today
First of all a page I have made for Erika's theme
In the sky/In the air.............over at............
 Art Journal Journey

In Mary's garden the flowers grow high and the sky is always blue.

A watercolour washed background, with some pop out images [Studio Lights].
Cut out paper stems for the flowers.
The grasses and clouds were stamped.
I used a digital stamp for  the blue heart flowers at the front and  for the sun bursts in the center of the flowers,  then computer generated the words.

I got the idea to create this fun page while I was sorting out some photos from our visit to Holy Island at Easter.

Hello to friends at Bleubeard and Elizabeths
T stands for Tuesday and we are always made welcome with a drinks related post.

 The mug of tea was close by , in case you wonder Mr Fox was not interested in going after the wicker bird on my computer screen.

The wicker bird was outside an observation buildings where you could view the birds.   To many folk about so I didn't see any.
I took a couple of photos of the floor where the builders had bird footprints in the stone.
When looking around new places I like to get away from the main  areas.
Down one of the lanes we came across this small narrow garden. 
There were many hundreds of folk on the Island on Easter Sunday, this was  a lovely garden to find.
You could clearly hear the water fountain, it was so peaceful and calm to stop a while there.

My last photo collage was a spot of window shopping again.
Wooden drinking bowls for the Mead and
Horn drinking vessels.
We looked but didn't buy.

Thank you for calling in today, you are always very welcome here.

Sunday 12 May 2019

Under the sea.

A tag to share with you this evening.
The theme for the challenge over at 
is..... Sea World.
The base  was sprayed with ink and shaded with distress oxides.
I use Studio lights pop outs for the sea horse and the fish.
The sea weed plants were added  in the digital  computer program I use.

Thank you for calling in, your comments are always appreciated.

Thursday 9 May 2019


Hello everyone who calls in to see me today.
I am sharing a hybrid journal page with you today, that I altered for Erika's
theme of  'In the sky/In the air  over at

I will also be able to join in over at
where the theme is..... Just one Word

As you can see from the photos I changed the base colours and  had fun
 adding some digital additions [notes in my sidebar].
It was a stamped and mop up colour page.  
The two birds on the wire are closely watching to see how far the  steampunk balloon will fly.
 I do think that the folk in it will be having a good day out in their flying machine.

The fun continued when I decided
 that I must use this page.
What does the page look like in my journal now.
The dark rust shade. I never liked, so the result of how I covered that up you can see in this photo.
I used some scraps of papers, a bit of lace and a metal  flower  and a  Finnabair sticker, the quote by Cesare Pavese.  reads....
We do not remember days,
we remember moments.

Time does seem to fly, so remember to pause,  take a breath and enjoy the moment.

Monday 6 May 2019

Country views and window shopping.

First of all hello to everyone calling in today.
 Today's journal page  is for Erika's theme...... In the sky/In the air...  over at.....

The page began with a stencil and the left over modeling paste from a previous page
I sprayed with inks and dabbed  areas with a wide brush.
The picture I used is from an old landscape calendar. This particular scene is  the artists impression of an area of the Roman Wall [Hadrian's Wall]  an area I know so well as   our village is on the route of the wall.
 The next village has some ruins to visit.
There is a clear view across the counrtyside and the skies depending on the time of day  look lovely.
I added a small wooden embellishment with a bird perched  ready to fly away.

The glowing sun was added via the digital program I use together with the row of stitches.

Now its time to say hello to friends over at
Bleubeard and Elizabeths

where each Tuesday we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post.

Todays photos come from the border town of Melrose
 where we    celebrated  our eldest's birthday day.

Locals recommended this hotel for our meal.
I would recommend this hotel restaurant and would certainly go again if we  returned to the area.

The photos of the food look a bit hazy, I didn't want to use the flash on the camera and disturb the other diners.   The meals were delicious ,especially the dessert, this creamy confection was my choice.
  I drank water with my meal, the family had wine.
We were so pleased it was only a short walk back to the caravan.

Melrose has a number of interesting shops, so  I did a bit of,   'window shopping',
a northern saying when we look, but don't buy.

I couldn't resist taking the teapot photos to show you today.

Have a great day. everyone.