Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Butterflies at..... Try it on Tuesdays

A new theme begins today at Try it on Tuesdays


I have made a digital card to send to a friend using a hands on page from my journal as a stating point. The background colour was a mop up and I used a variety of stamps before stamping and colouring  the main flower image.
I was able to brighten the colours in the digital computer program I use as well as adding the butterflies.

You can use any format or style that you enjoy   as long as you follow  the current TioT's theme, we look forward to seeing what you create.

Monday, 9 May 2022

Adventures with the bird family.


Billy.... I know you can fly

but that is going to teach your sister  .. bad habits.

Another adventure of the bird family 

I will be linking to the theme Matilde

 has chosen for us this month ....Birds.....  over at Art Journal Journey.

I shared Billy learning to fly on my first  digital journal page,

 this time his sister is about to learn to fly  and she is asking  her mam if she can  fly to the rim of the  glass  and follow her brother.

I think the answer would be NO.

Thank you for calling in to see me  today and I hope you will join us at AJJ.

Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Use a Stencil.... at TioT's

 Use a Stencil
..... is  the new theme for the next two weeks over at....

I used a variety of stencils to make  the background
for this card. Distress inks for colouring
 with  a silhouette style  floral stamp for my main image.
 The sentiment strips were computer generated.

We hope you will join us at TioT's
 and look forward to seeing how
 you interpret this new theme.

Sunday, 1 May 2022

Birds for Art Journal Journey


May 1st and a  new theme begins today over at
Matilde is our host for this month and has chosen the theme ....
 please call over to the AJJ Blog,
 to find all the information and challenge rules rules ,
 also the links where you can visit Matilde and see the inspiration she has shared with us all.

Once again my journal page has been created in the digital computer programs I use [see sidebar].
Springtime and the blossoms can be seen  in the trees
 the young birds will soon  be all hatched and  getting ready to  leave the nests. 
I hear bids chattering in the woodland  and my garden and wonder what
 the mother birds will be  saying to encourage the young ones 
 when they are learning to fly.

Thank you for calling in to see me  and I hope you will join us at Art Journal Journey.

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

I can hear Music at TioT's

 I can hear Music.......

is the new challenge theme over at Try it on Tuesday.


I have created a digital journal page  for this theme

 using computer generated images  [see in my sidebar notes about   program and images used]

 on a sheet music background. 

 Little Ellie is having a lovely time,

 she  loves to make a noise and is lucky to have her drum kit and string instruments

 to choose from, I have a feeling that the drum kit like most kids would be her favourite.

The tune in her head and mine is an old song...

'Can you hear it? and I think her mum would like it as well.

 the version of this song that I like the best is by Kim Wilde  from the early  1980's

We hope you will join us and  share your favourite music with us there.

I will also be adding this page to the current theme

over at Art Journal Journey where the theme is...

Play it again Sam.

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Spring Colours........ at TioT's

Spring Colours....
is the theme for the next two weeks over at

I love to see the green shades as the grass begins to shoot away , everything looks so fresh and clean
 and then as well as our garden flowers we see the wild flowers
 showing the yellows of the dandelions , whites of the daisies, this list could be longer, but I'm sure we all have flower favourites,  then  soon  we hope to see the colourful butterflies.
So  this journal spread reflects the colours I like to see in the springtime.
book print scraps for the background with a watercolour wash  of green shades. 
I added the flowers and butterflies in the computer digital program I use. [notes in my sidebar].

I hope you will join us at TioT's and share with us your favourite spring colours.
Please pop over for all the information and see  what we are sharing with you there.

Friday, 1 April 2022

Play it again Sam..... at Art Journal Journey


The 1st of April and a new theme over at 

Art Journal Journey,

The topic Alison from Craftytrog's Arty Adventures  has chosen for us is.....

'Play it again Sam'

 asking us to think about our favourite films and songs.

You will find all the information details and our rules  HERE 

I really had to get thinking about this theme and eventually chose to use  a Beatles song...

All you need is love

 Written by John Lennon in the late 60's. a song that has stood the test of time.

This page was created in the digital program I use [notes in my sidebar]

 with computer generated images. 

We are looking forward to seeing how you interpret this theme

and hope you will share your favourite films and songs with   everyone there.

Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Say it with Flowers .....at TioT's

The new theme over at Try it on Tuesdays is....
Say it with Flowers.

Flowers are used for many occasions and in many ways,  we are looking forward  to seeing  how you interpret this theme for TioT's,. Please call over to see what we have all been making.

This is a photo of the hands on original  version of my page, a shaded yellow background with the little guy [a stamped image]  holding his bunch of sunflowers. before I got too carried away to add more digitally.
The words  read....
'I want you to know that someone cares'
I thought straight away to use  this quote  with
 some bright yellow flowers. 
 Flowers, cultivated or wild,
  given with love  show we care, they can brighten a dark day
 and give us hope for the future.

Stay safe and thank you for calling here today.

I will also link this page to Valeries theme at
 Art Journal Journey where the topic is.....Spring

Friday, 18 March 2022

Spring is in the air


Its been a while since my last post but I still have time to share another page for Valerie's theme

Spring over at Art Journal Journey

I have to admit to  re using   an older  page,  that had been work in progress and forgotten about for quite some time, but I did smile when I saw the duck trying to fly off   to perhaps  enjoy some spring weather.

All the additions were computer generated.

Thank you for taking time to call in, you are very welcome here and I hope you will join us at AJJ.

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Black, white and one colour.... at TioT's


The new theme over at Try it on Tuesdays begins today.....

'Black. White and one other colour.'

I created this first page  [black, white, purple]  using computer generated images.
I wanted to leave an area of white behind the black main  image I was using., easier for me to keep a ' white space'   ,
 this is a  style of crafting I am not comfortable with. I always want to add more .

However I will share with you a hands on page as well,
 with background stamping and colouring  using  shades
 of pink  inks 
 The main image was  stamped  in black.
Its not a good photo , the light wasn't cooperating today ,
 the camera was insisting it wanted to use the flash
this is the best photo of quite a few attempts.

We are looking forward to seeing  how you interpret this topic.
Please pop over to  to get all the information  and see what the TioT team have been creating 
for this theme.

Stay safe and thank you for calling in to see me today.

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Spring......at Art Journal Journey

 March and a new theme begins over at

 Art Journal Journey.

Valerie from Bastelmania is hosting this month 

and the theme she has chosen for us, is......


This was my starting place, a hands on journal page with a Brusho background and some fussy cut stamped flowers. Photo taken then  into the computer program I use  to  add some digital extras.

I don't know if my little rabbit is taking time to smell the spring flowers, or saying hello to the ladybirds and butterfly. I would like to think he is welcoming Spring and hoping to see more  sunshine as the days get longer and hopefully warmer.

We are looking forward to seeing how you all interpret the theme and hope you will join us at Art Journal Journey, where you will find all the details .

Sunday, 27 February 2022

What's your Style?

 'What's your style' has been the theme over at 
Art Journal Journey  for February.
Chosen for us by Bleubeard and Elizabeth.
This  subject in relation to crafting was something I hadn't thought about very much
 over the years.. Yes, I have tried many hands on craft projects and hobbies,
 they've  always played a big part in my life..... a good way to escape  from the real world,  have  some personal  time, recharge the batteries,  reflect a little, memories and plans all could  be thought about in those free  times. These days my crafting style seems to be digital  as well as creating journal pages.
Thank you Elizabeth and Bleubeard for making me think about style this past month and for the inspiration I've  seen from everyone this past month.
This journal page is relating to  fashion style,
  how we look and what we wear.
 I'm with the kids,  who  like to dress up and have fun , 
I don't think they have a care how they look, myself I prefer casual and comfortable.
Not so their elegant mothers who are dressed to impress. 
Thank you for calling in  here,
Stay safe.

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Add some texture

A new theme begins today over at 
Add some texture.

 This is how my journal page began
On the left is a  photo  showing a close up view of  some of the texture areas using modelling paste
around a stamped image that would eventually covered over.
On the right a photo of the hands on page with some added scraps and a few digital additions.

You will have guessed by now that the page was completed in the digital computer program I use
 [notes in my sidebar] A cleaner way of adding more texture and mistakes are more easier to manipulate.

Please pop over to see how the TioT gang interpreted the theme and get all the details
and we hope you will join us there.

I will also be linking with Bleubeard and Elizabeth's theme
over at Art Journal Journey... 'What's your Style'.

Tuesday, 8 February 2022

All Loved Up at.... TioT's

 'All Loved Up'.......

is the new theme for the next two weeks over at

 Try it on Tuesdays

If you have a dog and a cat as pets in your home
 I hope my page will make you smile.
Bonzo and Mimi want to share their love with you all
[when they are not having a scrap about who sits closest to the the warm fire]

We hope you will join us  at TioT's for this theme,
please call over to get all the details .

This was is  the journal page I used  as the starting  base for my take on the latest  theme. Background stencils and mop ups with  two fussy cut out stamped images [sorry  I cannot tell you who the maker is]  I used distress inks for colouring.

The words and hearts  were computer generated in the digital program I use.


My style of crafting these days usually finishes off with added computer details.

With a starting point that could include a variety of hands on crafting styles. 

I will also link my page to the theme What's Your Style ... over at Art Journal Journey

Thank you for calling in today

Stay safe and keep well.

Tuesday, 1 February 2022

What's your Style?...... at Art Journal Journey.

What's your Style?

Is the theme for February over at Art Journal Journey
Chosen for us by Bleubeard and Elizabeth
Please call over to see how they have introduced the theme to us all 
 and see the inspiration they have shared.

'My Style'......


Some of the photos of previous journal pages that I was thinking about when pondering  the subject of this months theme at Art Journal Journey, which I blended together to create the page.
There are pages with stamping, stencils, napkins. cut outs, material etc.

I used this quote  because
it seemed to tell me to be myself
creating this page, 
where I am today  on my 
crafting journey. 
How did my crafting begin........
Stamping came first, with inks, paints etc  and generally allowing myself to get messy, then stencils, even more fun  with sprays and textures.
 I tried die cutting but it wasn't for me although I am now enjoying using pop out die cut images.
Fussy cutting I find difficult with fingers that do not do as they are told.

Many years ago I Started making ATC's  joining an online group and swapping with folk who  I am still in touch with now. I also made cards  as I think most of us do.
Blogland introduced me to journaling and you could say I became hooked on this 
method of creating art.
Digital crafting using my own hands on work as well as computer generated images and programs,
has  allowed me to continue my crafting journey, especially though the difficult and sad  times that have occurred in my family  in the last couple of years.
If I feel like mess, out comes the paint, ink etc.. these days I am more likely to
  turn on the computer. 

We hope you will join us at Art Journal Journey this month and share 
 'Your Style' with us there.

Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Add a Quote at TioT's


A new challenge theme begins today over at

 Try it on Tuesdays.....

'Add a Quote'

Please call over to TioT's to get all the information and see we interpreted this theme.

My quote went onto a layered digital journal page.

I think my lady could be  reflecting on how time changes us,

  the way we may look and see others.

 We still feel the same inside but the way we appear changes as we get older.

I found the quote I used  on the internet but couldn't find a link to who may have said it.

'Time does not change people,

Time reveals the true face of people.'

I will also link this Journal Page to Art Journal Journey

where the theme chosen by Erika is... Lets Face it. 

Saturday, 22 January 2022

Behind the mask for AJJ.


Lets Face it  at Art Journal Journey

 is the theme chosen for us by Erika

I started my page with this group of fussy cut stamped images

and wondered what facial expressions they might have  if they were stood talking to each other..

In  our current times of  mask wearing  to protect each other from the virus so many of our features have been hidden from view.

I had some pop out faces and gave each girl a happy face 

and hoped they would enjoy being together talking about how they are looking forward to when they will be free of covering their faces.

Our restrictions are changing in the UK, time will tell if the right decisions have been made.

Stay safe everyone and thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, 11 January 2022

In with the new.... at TioT's


'In with the New'

is the first theme for 2022  over at

 Try it on Tuesdays

where you will find all the details  and can see  what we have been sharing with you there.

I have made this layered  card using one of my new stamps from All&Create.

The image was water coloured, and I used a puddle of green paint on another  stamp

to create  the leafy surround instead of ink.  I think I need more practise with this technique.

The butterflies and sentiment were digital additions.

So I am sharing a new stamp and a new  way of stamping an image with you today.

Thank you for calling  here and I hope you will join us at TioT's.

Sunday, 9 January 2022

I am Me for..... AJJ

' Lets Face it.'
A digital journal page for the theme Erika has chosen for us this month
The background of the page was paint, stencils and mop ups 
with the images added in the computer program I use[notes in the sidebar].

I am  Me........well I don't look like this,
 but we are all different and by looking at our faces and the faces of others.
 we immediately see how different we are.
Our facial expressions, a look, a glance, a grimace, a hard stare, a smile.
we show happiness and pain, anxiousness. fear joy, sadness.
 I think you can imagine how long this list could get.
So when you next look at someone , 
give a thought to what may be going on in this persons life that could be hidden 
 by the facial expression they show the world.
Thank you for calling in today you are always welcome here
 and I hope you are safe and keeping well.

Saturday, 1 January 2022

Lets Face it....... at Art Journal Journey


'Lets face it'

is our first theme of the year over at Art Journal Journey,

Erika is hosting this month and I hope you will pop over to see  her inspiration, read the 

information and background for the theme,

 that  she has shared with  us all.

I used a few digital face images for this page,  creating imaginary friends for Elsie  who  is

missing her school friends. Seeing the expressions on their faces

 I think they would  all be  happy in each others company.  

It is said that  every face has a story to tell and I'm sure these girls will have many as the  years go by.

We are looking forward to seeing your take on this new theme.

Happy New Year to you all.