Wednesday 30 May 2018

Fly away

Warm days really make me feel happy,
the birds are singing, the fields of crops are growing and the grass looks so green.
We were lucky this past weekend,we had heat and sun while we were away. many areas of the UK had thunderstorms and floods

This is how the page began, notice another torn napkin, there was a lot of green watercolour paint involved as well. The version of the page above was added to in the digital program I use while I was away,  as I didn't have  access to my stash.

On the left is how it looks in my journal. 
I added the stamped quote and a little background script. Just for fun I tried a hand drawn bird of my own to perch on the tree stump.

I have really enjoyed the theme set by Jo this month over at 
Flora and Fauna.

It is always a pleasure to join the folk over  at AJJ.
and I look forward  what the theme will be next month.

These are a few photos taken at the weekend.
These ones [above] are old and the pride and joy of their owners.
My family always go to gaze at them on display.

We had a laugh at the one perched on the ramp getting a good view if the field.

I'll leave you with a smile. We always get a booklet to let us know what will be happening over the weekend.
Always something for everyone including  a colouring page for the children .
 I won't complain about the poor quality of the paper or my lack of pencils, but I did have fun and my family had a good laugh.
Even the computer was acting up at the thought of altering this page.

Thank you for calling in today, you are always very welcome here.

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Elsie.....She's got the look ......that needed a glass of wine

 She's got the Look...... is the new challenge theme at
Try it on Tuesdays

We had fun with this theme and there are lots of wonderful inspiration pieces over at TioT's.
We hope you will join us there.

This is a digital/Hybrid card.
My own base layers then digital images added.
I find it really useful to make digital cards for friends who use  the internet.
As well as sending birthday wishes, it is good to just send as  a Random Act of Kindness
 to show you care about them.

 This is how Elsie looks in my digital journal, When I remember I try to keep a page as a reminder for myself, needless to say this is not often, as I get sidetracked and start creating something else in the digital programs
 I use [see my sidebar].

As Elsie is rather partial to a glass of red wine, I am combing my post with my Tuesday visit to see friends over at
Bleubeard and Elizabeths
 where T stands for Tuesday and  we are always made welcome with a drinks related post

Here is my cuppa and the photo I was about to play with in the computer,
it was far to early for wine.

I had read about and seen a technique on YTube
 that involved an inked piece of string, pressed between two pages or paper and pulled out as they were firmly held together.

I might have had a better result if the page had been plain white to begin with, but the one I used had already been blotted and smudged with the same colour shades and there was some colour left to use.

Anyway the page got its hybrid make over and  this is how it turned out

Another lady with a certain look, but I think she could be much happier with  her floral headwear than Elsie would have been..

As I added lots of flowers and  the butterfly I will also  pop over to add this page to
 Art Journal Journey

and Jo's theme of Flora and Fauna

If the weekend has gone to plan I will be travelling home today so I will be catching up with everyone   much later tonight.

I'll leave you with these photos taken in a garden center  we visited recently. Isn't this a wonderful family gathering.

Thank you for calling in here and I hope you are all having a good day.

Friday 25 May 2018

Diary Day week 21... Mrs Fox

Week 21
Mrs  Fox

I used a picture torn from an old calendar as my starting point
for this weeks diary.
It was another coloured page in the diary so I used white gesso to calm it down. Embossed stencils  were next. when they were dry I  used distress oxide and a TH stencil to bring the page together.

Its another Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and I am off  to our National Land Rover competitions with the family and the caravan, where we will meet up with friends who share the same interests.  So there will be noise and the sound of car engines for a few days. I will miss the peace and tranquility that seems to be surrounding Mrs Fox today.

I will be joining friends over at
Art Journal Journey
with this diary page  and Jo's super theme of
Flora and Fauna.

I hope you all have a  lovely weekend and thank you for calling in to see me here.

Wednesday 23 May 2018

I like to make stuff

I just  like to make stuff, how well I can relate to those words.

This page was created  while I was away, but with no internet  it was filed and forgotten until I was looking through my holiday photos.
The base is simply stencils, some torn sheet music paper, that was tucked in the pocket of my diary. All the rest are fussy cut pieces from a magazine. The leaves and mushrooms were from an article  in Daphne's Diary and had been made with felt.[ I can no longer remember who made them or who wrote the piece.]

I will join the folk over at 
and Jo's theme of Flora and Fauna.

Thank you for stopping by, you are always welcome here.

Monday 21 May 2018


This is a longer post so you may need to pull up a chair and grab a cuppa.
Which  brings me first of all,  to say hello to the folk over at 

 who could be calling in today as T stands for Tuesday
 and we are all made welcome with a drinks related post.

We have been having some lovely sunny days recently  and I have been enjoying  creating 
journal pages for Jo's theme at 
Flora and Fauna

I began with another paper tissue with these bright yellow flowers.  Next I stamped  onto the page the Paper Artsy flowers and the dragon fly.
These were coloured with pencils and because I am not a fan of too much  white space, I added a few stencils.

A few days ago I shared some photos in a post [here] from Nunnington Hall,    a few more  taken in the Vegetable garden

Scarecrows  guarding the young shoots

Look who we found hiding..... Peter Rabbit.
A lovely touch  and I'm sure children would love finding him in the garden.

We had a couple of stops on this visit , as we had spent quite a while looking around the gardens . The day was warm and sunny and it was also good to sit and watch the insects and birds in the wild meadow area of the gardens.
 First stop was a lunch break of a sausage roll
 with salad and pickle.

Then later a stop for a scone with strawberry jam and cream, before we went back to the caravan.
My beverage of choice..... no need to ask .....
was tea.

We did look around the house as well, lots of folk around,
 so photos not so good,
 but I did manage to get some in a few bedrooms.

This was set out as a Guest bedroom.

My last shares today are  a Birthday card that also fits the current theme
 over at

and a digital post card...

Thank you for stopping by today,
 your visit and comments are always really appreciated.

Saturday 19 May 2018

Listen ......what can you hear

Do you listen to birds singing and wonder what they may be saying?

The birds and flowers were fussy cut from an old magazine. 
The background is  coloured with water colour  paint,
 using a wipe to spread it around.  A little random leaf stamping  and a stencil and a few extra paint splashes and I decided to stop.
The words were added in the digital program I use 
 [notes in my side bar].
Another page for Jo's theme over at
Flora and Fauna

If I could have found some photos of peacocks as I  created this page I would have done so.
My opening words are relevant to the call and sounds this handsome bird made.
We were lucky to have to have a peacock
 visit the site each day.
It was used to people and walked about visiting the caravans.

Here he is  calling to see us....

We would watch him leaving to go home , he would hop onto the fence, drop on the other side then off he went.  I have yet to find out where his.....home .... was.

Thank you for calling in today, I hope you have a good day.

I will be watching TV  as will many folk  around the world.
Congratulations Harry and Megan on your Wedding Day.
may you be blessed with a long and happy life together.

Friday 18 May 2018

Diary Day .... down in the woods.

Diary Day ........Week 20 
I have a little woodland scene today for this weeks diary spread.
The page was shaded with distress inks. I then add my go to TH stencil of the flowers, some were embossed  and lightly smeared with gilding wax.

The animals were torn from this napkin..

I will also share this spread with the folk at
Art Journal Journey
and Jo's theme for the month of
Flora and Fauna.
Nunnington Hall in Yorkshire  is a National Trust House we visited last week.
I am sharing a few photos here as the gardens were quite magical with wild flower beds
 and early spring flowers blooming.

I will have more photos to share another day from  this trip to the Hall.
Thank you for calling in today, you are always very welcome here.

Thursday 17 May 2018

Mr Fox for AJJ

I am  enjoying  making collage journal pages and when I saw the paper I used for the background
 in a Daphne's Diary magazine I knew it would end up being used in my journal.
I will be joining the folk over at
Art Journal Journey

for  Jo's theme this month of
Flora and Fauna

On the left are a few photos  showing what I used.
Mr Fox was fussy cut from a colouring book..
I  meet with a group of friends at the library in the next village [the one we are doing our best to keep open]
 and we spend our time chatting and colouring. I usually take my own pencils but on this particular day I had to use the ones we keep there. So the blending isn't so good, I have learn't that trying to add more colour  later doesn't work on these type of book pages,   so I have left Mr Fox  as he looks in real life. 

Thank you for stopping by, you are always welcome here.

Tuesday 15 May 2018

Destinations at TioT's

 is the  theme  for the next two weeks at
Try it on Tuesdays.

Please pop over to TioT's to see what we have all been making
 and get all the details  for this theme.

I started   with a  mixed media canvas/burlap base, it already had  a  first layer. This   was  found in a bargain bin a while ago, bought it,  took it  home and it has sat there for months,
 as I decide what to do with it.
 I  added  a few more scraps of paper to the  base and still it sits in the craft room.
Anyway, I decided to use it as a base for my hybrid  piece  for the new TioT's  theme.
The  images you see are  digital additions.

There is a young girl in the background, dreaming of destinations she would like to visit.
I hope she believes that one day her wishes and dreams may come true.

Thank you for calling in to see me today you are always very welcome here.

 Digital information can
be found in my sidebar.

Monday 14 May 2018

Weeds are not always what they seem

Hello everyone who calls in to see me today.
After a few days with poor or no internet connection
 it is good to be back and able  to blog again and  begin with visiting friends over at
where each Tuesday we are always made welcome with a drinks related post..

I started by sharing a journal spread for
and Jo's theme of Flora and Fauna
The colour was spread on using a baby wipe, I borrowed some of my OH's colours [he takes watercolours and pencils away when we go off in the caravan]  to shade the weeds.
The ribbon was a bargain find in a Charity shop. The bubbles were  computer generated.

So what have I been up to.... there are  quite a number of photos I need to sort,
but, I will start with a visit to a Farm Shop in Malhamdale in Yorshire.
Folk in the UK may have seen a recent TV series  hosted by Tom Kerridge,
  filmed  at the Town End Farm shop.
 It was a competition to find the best Artisan Food producers

The first photo is the view  from the cafe  and sitting area,
below is the entrance.

A couple of photos inside, lots of delicious things to buy.

A cup of coffee for the OH and a breakfast sandwich,[ bacon, black pudding]
Tea for me and I chose the quiche, it was a huge portion as well.
We would certainly go back , should we be in the area again.

Thank you for calling in to see me today, 
you are always welcome here. and I will be stopping by to see you soon.

Friday 11 May 2018

Listen to the sounds of nature .....Diary week 19

Diary Day ....week 19

Have you ever just stood somewhere in the countryside and listened. the quietness is something special. But, after a while  start to hear, maybe a bird singing, a rustle of leaves in the hedgerow, a farmer with his tractor in the fields.
If we are lucky we may even see some of the wild life.
I am lucky to live close to open countryside. We have a local fox, the deer visit the wood and we have many feathered friends visit the garden.

I used pieces from a torn napkin  for my diary today, after coating the base with white gesso. I added  stencils as usual and a stamped  sentiment that I really  relate to.
'Seek stillness in your life
if only for a moment.

Thank you for calling in today,
 you are always welcome here.

This is a scheduled post as I wanted to keep sharing my diary on the same day each week.
I will add this page to Jo's theme of Flora and Fauna at
Art Journal Journey
when I can get an internet connection

Tuesday 8 May 2018

Share a moment

Share a moment ,

 First of all  hello to  friends at
where its T day and we are always made welcome with a drinks related post.
Caravan life gets us away into the countryside, but not everywhere is connected to the outside world, its a moving day today, so fingers crossed  I have an internet connection and  can  call in later.
My beverage of choice is always tea, but when a tasty cheese scone   was  calling in a cafe we visited the other day, how could I refuse....

 A bit about my hybrid  journal page, it   started off with sprinkles of green brusho powder,  one of my frequent go to items, it is so easy to use for a background.
Next up was the 'love' word stencil,  stamped  and fussy cut flowers. I used water colours for shading and a bit of sparkle in the flower center that is hard to see.  I  added more images  and the words  on my lap top  in the digital program I use.  It means I can still enjoy some cleaner style crafting, by taking  photos of unfinished  pages  away with me.

Thank you for calling in and I hope you all have a great day

I am adding a reminder for the current 
challenge theme....Stencils/die cuts or both
there is still another week for you to join in.