Monday 21 May 2018


This is a longer post so you may need to pull up a chair and grab a cuppa.
Which  brings me first of all,  to say hello to the folk over at 

 who could be calling in today as T stands for Tuesday
 and we are all made welcome with a drinks related post.

We have been having some lovely sunny days recently  and I have been enjoying  creating 
journal pages for Jo's theme at 
Flora and Fauna

I began with another paper tissue with these bright yellow flowers.  Next I stamped  onto the page the Paper Artsy flowers and the dragon fly.
These were coloured with pencils and because I am not a fan of too much  white space, I added a few stencils.

A few days ago I shared some photos in a post [here] from Nunnington Hall,    a few more  taken in the Vegetable garden

Scarecrows  guarding the young shoots

Look who we found hiding..... Peter Rabbit.
A lovely touch  and I'm sure children would love finding him in the garden.

We had a couple of stops on this visit , as we had spent quite a while looking around the gardens . The day was warm and sunny and it was also good to sit and watch the insects and birds in the wild meadow area of the gardens.
 First stop was a lunch break of a sausage roll
 with salad and pickle.

Then later a stop for a scone with strawberry jam and cream, before we went back to the caravan.
My beverage of choice..... no need to ask .....
was tea.

We did look around the house as well, lots of folk around,
 so photos not so good,
 but I did manage to get some in a few bedrooms.

This was set out as a Guest bedroom.

My last shares today are  a Birthday card that also fits the current theme
 over at

and a digital post card...

Thank you for stopping by today,
 your visit and comments are always really appreciated.


  1. When you say tissue paper, I assume you mean napkin tissue, Yvonne. As Deb once put it to me, she didn't realize that we're "paper napkin-deprived" in Mexico. lol. I need to stock up the next time we go to the States this fall. That's a gorgeous page and you blended the tissue in seamlessly!

    Peter Rabbit?! Oh my - how delightful - and not just to children.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  2. Wow, Yvonne. You have been on a ROLL this week. Most impressive art. I love the flowers and the dragonfly. You have a way with your napkins, that's for sure. It's a gorgeous page and quite fitting for Jo's theme Art Journal Journey. I love everything about it.

    What a fun veggie garden. If only mine looked 1/100th that good! I was impressed with the paths and walkways, and the cuter than scary Scarecrow people. Of course, the bunny was the hit and the icing on the garden cake.

    I also enjoyed seeing the inner sanctum of the house. It was beautiful and I was impressed by how well the maids room was kept. Looks like a typical room in a turn of the century home in the states, not a maid's room. The lady of the house had it good, too. The fireplace, an area to lounge and a writing desk, all were meant to keep the lady busy without having to do the mundane chores we do these days.

    I think your destinations are great. I love the digital postcard and the lovely card you created. Sheer beauties, both.

    And of course, now I'm hungry. Even the sausage roll looks wonderful, and the scones are lip smacking. I can taste them now. And of course, it was no secret you wanted tea for your drink this week. Thanks for sharing your art, your trip to Nunnington Hall, your meals, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  3. This is a great post. Lots of inspiring art, a garden and an interesting historical home. Yup, it all sounds good to me. Even the cup of tea. Hope you have a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  4. GORGEOUS. Simply beautiful and a happy post.xx[aussie aNNie blog]

  5. LOVE your page with the cheerful yellow flowers! Historical places are so fun to visit...even vicariously through others. :)
    Happy T day!

  6. I really love your journal page too-love the dragonfly. I don't like white either, when I was doing more quilting I stayed away from white-would rather see a soften color instead of white.
    what a fun garden, and I enjoyed the house photos-looks like 1800's era. and your food looks delicious-sounds like a really nice day.
    great art! hugs Kathy Happy T Day

  7. brilliant journal page! Love the napkin bits along with those PA stamps. I am ever so longing to visit England again- especially after watching the royal wedding, and seeing the new beautiful sights you've been to- including the food and your art inspirations! Perhaps one day.... happy T day!

  8. What a lovely lot of interesting pieces to see today. Your floral page is gorgeous, love the colours. Wonderful photos of Nuneaton again. How great to have Peter Rabbit there again. The bedrooms look good, too. And the destinations piece is fantastic. What a beautiful card! Have a happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  9. Great project Yvonne, all of them, love how the flowers on the napkins match those stamps and the other pieces are gorgeous too, great use of that Tim stamp and the photos look amazing!

  10. Your napkin journal page is a real delight, so full of the warmth the past few days have given us. love that you shared your visit with us all, I love visiting places of history and a well spotted Peter rabbit hee hee!! Love your Birthday Card and Digi Postcard too. Lots of lovely treats for us today Yvonne, Thank you for sharing and Happy T Day.
    Hugs Tracey xx

  11. Wualaa Yvonne !! What a so so gorgeous page !!! The flowers are wonderful, love the dragonfly!! it´so beautiful!
    Thank you v ery much for sharing all those lovely photographs, of the garden and the inner house!! I like very much Peter rabbit !! funny. the rooms are completely fabulous. The meals are good too, of course.
    I wish you a very nice day, big hugs, Caty

  12. Yvonne just LOVE your ArtJournal page! Aren't napkins wonderful? Sometimes i wish i could just buy one or two napkins instead of a whole package... Would you be interested in a small napkin exchange? It might be a fun way to get some new, different napkins??

    Look at Peter Rabbit!! Have you seen the recent movie? Its pretty good i think.. Hubs and i enjoyed it any way.. :) Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  13. What a fabulous page! I love the napkin flowers that you used and the way you married them with the stamped flowers and dragonfly - beautiful ๐Ÿ˜. Nunnington Hall is such a lovely place and it looks like you had wonderful weather to explore the gardens, I would have made a bee-line for Peter Rabbit, what fun! Your food looks yummy and your card and postcard for our Destinations theme are perfect too. Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey and sending you Happy T Day wishes! J ๐Ÿ˜Š x

  14. Your page is lovely. The flowers remind me of some brown-eyed Susans my mother had in her garden. The gardens are so pretty and I love the Peter Rabbit. Inside the house, I thought the maids' room looked more like a children's room. I love her ladyship's writing desk, and am so glad I don't have to take care of the canopy bed dust catchers. Lunch and scones look yummy. Have a Happy T Day

  15. I am always in awe how seamlessly you blend the napkin motifs to your compositions! Absolutely masterful! A fantastic page - another big THANK YOU dear Yvonne for an amazing entry linked to Jo's theme.
    You had such a beautiful trip - this gardens are magical and I have never seen such fashionable scarecrows- wow. And this Peter Rabbit is so lovely there! Also indoors was beautiful and interesting to see! Thank you for sharing ! The little collage of the yummie food you enjoyed makes me hungry and your both postcards are brilliant as well!
    You filled much art and interesting things into this post - I enjoyed all very much !
    Happy and hopefully sunny rest of the week for you! Here it is quite nice - not too hot- good weather, which hopefully lasts a bit longer now!
    Hugs and HAPPY T-DAY!

  16. I love your sunny page - the napkin goes so well with the stamps! Nunnington Hall does look fabulous! I love your cards - just treated myself to the bicycle set! Hugs, Chrisx

  17. Oh wow, the page ist very beautiful, wonderful made. The cards are also very nice.
    Great photos you also show.
    Greetings Carola

  18. Love your daisy page! and fun photos...always enjoy garden images, but the antique bedrooms are quite fascinating too! "Always take the scenic route"'s what I say when we get 'lost' or detoured on road trips! lol...happy T day!

  19. A lovely napkin/JoFy creation as is also that postcard! Those are cracking tattiebogles in the garden, I could do with one to keep all the pigeons at bay lol.

    Sally xx

  20. What beautiful (napkin) flowers. I wish we could buy napkins like that. I think Spain is as napkin-deprived as Mexico is.You certainly know how to make something of beauty out of a napkin.
    Thank you for showing us the bedrooms of the house you visited. I love that sort of thing.
    Your lunch looks lovely. My hubby will have the sausage roll and pickles and I will have the scone and cream thank you very much. Yes, my mouth waters!
    Aren't those scarecrows fun. And it is so sweet to meet Peter Rabbit among the carrots and greens.
    Wishing you Happy T-Day,.

  21. Lovely flowery tissue page! Your post reminds me of a movie I just recently saw, Miss Potter. It was delightful, as is your post. Happy Tea Day!

  22. I really love your digital postcard. I happen to have a thing for elephants. And your journal page is so bright reminding me of a meadow. Very peaceful setting.
    Your garden is amazing! I love the scarecrows and the beautiful lush green shoots poking through the ground. I hope you have a very bountiful crop this year, Yvonne!
    Strawberry jam and cream with a scone sounds so yummy!!!
    Happy Tea day,

  23. Another beautiful page. I saw 'Timeless' at your other blog and I really loved it!!!

  24. Love the combination of that napkin and the stamping, makes a lovely page. Great photos of Nunnington Hall, looks like an interesting day out.
    Love the card with the new TH stamps, and it's a great take on TioTs theme.
    Avril xx