Tuesday 29 October 2019

Colours of Autumn at TioT's 29 Oct

Colours of Autumn is the new theme over at 
Try it on Tuesdays
Please call over and see what we have all been making
and we hope you will join us there.

This is how my page began with autumn shades of watercolour paint and some random stamping.
I had hoped to collect some autumn leaves to dry out and add to the page, but things didn't go to plan.
However I do have  my computer and lots of digital pieces [notes in my sidebar]   that allows me to still create journal pages and enjoy crafting.
The bonus is I still have a nice background to use  sometime soon.

Thank you for calling in today, you are always very welcome here.

Tuesday musings.

Hello  everyone who calls in to see me today,
I begin to wonder where the days are all going as I never seem to have time  to spare.
However as its T Day and we meet over at
Bleubeard and Elizabeths with a drinks related post

It is also  a very special day for Bleubeard

I thought I would share my latest bargain, bought in a Charity Shop.
Now how could I walk past  this one.

I have also managed to make  a last page for Eileen 's theme at
Art Journal Journey

......Dreams or  Wishes.

I have always loved reading books, they are a way to escape and forget about what needs to be done.
Tomorrow will be another day and maybe I will catch up with the chores  then, however, if there was time to read another chapter of my book, or I was at an interesting part of the story.......
 I think the book would win.
I have just finished a book by Sue  Townsend called..... Number Ten..
She wrote the Adrian Mole stories.
I found this book in the same shop as my new mug.
It has many laugh out loud moments .  appealed to my sense of humour
 and my rather active imagination.

Thank you for stopping by,
however you spend your day,
I hope it will be a good one for you.

Friday 25 October 2019


Its nearly Halloween night and  the local witches and wizards are getting ready to have some Halloween fun............ but even for them everything doesn't always  go to plan.

My fun  nightmare dream for this page has Walter the wizard,
 shouting to Sybil as she flies off  to visit her mother.
 She forgot the cat and Henry who usually lives in the cellar has escaped.
Poor Walter, I think he may need help, or me to wake from the dream and let everything return to a little ordinary spookiness.

This is how the page began in my journal,
 an inky background,
some stamping with a fussy cut house.
All the additions were computer generated.[notes in the sidebar]

It looks quite calm for the time of the year and for sure needed a bit a  excitement , to liven the night a bit.

I will be linking this page to Eileen's theme Dreams and Wishes over at

Thank you for calling in to see me, however you spend your day I hope it will be a good one for you.

Tuesday 22 October 2019

Pocus Pocus, coffee needed today.

Hello everyone who calls in to see me today and to friends at Bleubeard and Elizabeths
where T stands for Tuesdays
 and  we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post.
I hope you were ready for the shock of me sharing a cup of coffee and not  tea,
which I  added to this page in the digital program I use
I used  a variety of Halloween stamps  and a die cut image before  I added the computer generated  images and words, covering my original stamped phrase  where the witch wants to put a spell on someone.

 If  I  saw these two outside my door , I would be making a brew of tea
I'm not surprised that the witch wanted a coffee.

How ever you spend your day
I hope it will be a good one for you.

I am adding  reminder for the current Try it on Tuesdays  theme....
Witches/wizards/Halloween, where there is still another week to join the fun.

Tuesday 15 October 2019

Its a scary theme at TioT's

is the new challenge theme at Try it on Tuesdays.

My page began with this super die cut,  which  Avril sent to me.
The page was simply watercoloured to begin with and was finished with extra images from the digital computer
 program I use.

I hope Wilma the witch realises she is scaring her cats
with that  spooky looking brew.

We hope you will join us and have some Halloween fun,

Monday 14 October 2019

Yuesday musings

Hello everyone who calls in in to see me today
and as its T Stands for Tuesdays over at Bleubeard and Elizabeths
I am including this photo of my journal page in progress......

The ever present mug of tea was close to hand as I started to add more colour to the stencil and random stamped background. The words were computer generated.

I hope Bleubeard and Squiggles like   this  magical moment  in my dream
I will be also be  adding the page to
 and Eileen's theme....Dreams and Wishes.

We have been picking the last of the apples from our garden

These eating apples have been    quite sweet this year, its such a shame  that computers cannot allow us to touch  smell or taste. Maybe that will happen in the future.

I have also been creating a tag for  the theme over at
Tag Tuesday...... Autumn.
The colours at this time of the year are favourites of mine.
Thank you for visiting me,
I hope you all have a good day

Friday 11 October 2019

Thoughts and Dreams

Can you remember your dreams?
Well. I think   I have them, but most times  what they were about would be a complete guess.
So I had fun with this page and let my imagination take over. A mop up paint background with  a bit of random stamping.
Some die cut images and ALL&Create flowers.
That fish must be dreaming of his true love.
The angel is directing her in his direction,
she likes happy endings.
The sea horse taking a drink from the flower bowl, to check its not  to salty .

Maybe Leggy  the young  octopus is having a nightmare and cannot find his friends..... wait a minute here comes

 Oli the elephant,
just in time to join him
 and have some  fun.

I will be linking to Art Journal Journey
and  Eileens' theme.......Dreams and Wishes.

Thank you for caalling in today, you are very welcome here.

Tuesday 8 October 2019

Mr Fox for AJJ and tea with friends on Tuesday.

Hello everyone calling in to see me today. 
I am still trying to catch up here in blogland after being away for a number  days.
If anyone knows where I could hire a fairy with a magic wand to do all my ironing, I could say  one of my recent dreams would come true.

While I was away from craft room  Eileen this months Hostess at 
Art Journal Journey  gave us the theme of Dreams or Wishes
The page is one of my own made backgrounds, the rest was computer generated

Mr Fox also would fit the current challenge  over at Try it on Tuesdays.....
Where there is still another week to join the theme ........Animal Magic.

So where I have been to  recently
Yorkshire, to see  some of the World Road race cycling  championships as well as have an end of the season caravan holiday.
Here are a few photos to share over at Bleubeard and Elizabeths
where  T stands for Tuesdays
 and we are made very welcome with a drinks related post

Not far from where we were staying is this Smokehouse with a very good small restaurant  that we like to visit. . The aroma of the smoking would  be enough to get me into their shop, but once inside, I don't think I would have the willpower not to visit the cafe. I always seem to choose a  smoked fish plate, with a salad side and bread.  My pot of tea was brewing  for when I had finished the cup
 of  tomato soup.
It has taken me a while to sort this post , the photos wouldn't load and the wording went its own way sometimes capitals  mixed in with lower case, so I will quit while it resembles something you could read.
However you spend your day I hope it will be a good one for you

Tuesday 1 October 2019

A box of treats

A box of treats arrived for me last Wednesday  from Valerie
which I won when she picked my name out of the hat for her blog give away

As well as the beautiful book of tags and art, there were napkins and a set of stamps, which I will enjoy using in the coming weeks.

Each page in the book was a joy to look at and so inspirational.

Did you notice I had my cuppa close by  as I took the photos to share on this post.
I will link with friends over at Bleaubeard and Elizabeths.

I don't have a good internet connection just now, we are having a few days away in Yorkshire Its rather wet, but it didn't stop the World  Road Cycling championships from going ahead and we were lucky to catch the last couple of days racing. Although I have to admit to watching Sunday's last race on TV in the caravan.

However you spend the day I hope you have a good one.
I will catch up with everyone soon.

Party Animals. for TioT's

Animal Magic.....
is the new theme over at Try it on Tuesdays
Please pop over for all the information and details.
We have enjoyed creating our DT pieces and look forward to seeing your take on this theme..

My page started off  in my journal,
here are a few photos of the stages....

Stamped and fussy cut animals, painted in bright colours. A brick wall stencil in my Ktaft paper journal was used as the background.
They looked like they were enjoying themselves and posed for a group photo.
I then let my imagination go and decided  to change things a bit in the digital program I use.

Lets Party, the animals said.
We need cake they said,
Invite  the neighbours round.
Turn up the  disco lights and music.
Lets have some fun.

Thank you for calling in today to see what I have been making,
I hope you all have a good day.