Tuesday 8 October 2019

Mr Fox for AJJ and tea with friends on Tuesday.

Hello everyone calling in to see me today. 
I am still trying to catch up here in blogland after being away for a number  days.
If anyone knows where I could hire a fairy with a magic wand to do all my ironing, I could say  one of my recent dreams would come true.

While I was away from craft room  Eileen this months Hostess at 
Art Journal Journey  gave us the theme of Dreams or Wishes
The page is one of my own made backgrounds, the rest was computer generated

Mr Fox also would fit the current challenge  over at Try it on Tuesdays.....
Where there is still another week to join the theme ........Animal Magic.

So where I have been to  recently
Yorkshire, to see  some of the World Road race cycling  championships as well as have an end of the season caravan holiday.
Here are a few photos to share over at Bleubeard and Elizabeths
where  T stands for Tuesdays
 and we are made very welcome with a drinks related post

Not far from where we were staying is this Smokehouse with a very good small restaurant  that we like to visit. . The aroma of the smoking would  be enough to get me into their shop, but once inside, I don't think I would have the willpower not to visit the cafe. I always seem to choose a  smoked fish plate, with a salad side and bread.  My pot of tea was brewing  for when I had finished the cup
 of  tomato soup.
It has taken me a while to sort this post , the photos wouldn't load and the wording went its own way sometimes capitals  mixed in with lower case, so I will quit while it resembles something you could read.
However you spend your day I hope it will be a good one for you


  1. Love your beautiful fox, he looks so sweet. And that looks a great place where you stayed, you got me at smoked fish, yummy! My favourite, always! Good to see you around again, hugs, Valerie

  2. Wow love this and the fox is gorgeous.x

  3. It is nice to get away. Here this is a good time to travel as all the summer people are gone, although we do have leaf peepers who come to see the foliage. I hope you had a good trip and the Smokehouse sounds like a choice I would make also. Have a great T day. Your fox art is great. It is perfect for the Animal Magic challenge. Foxes are perfect for fall art. Hugs-Erika

  4. Mr. Fox looks so magical, it's a beautiful page! Glad you had a lovely time on your travels, the restaurant looks fabulous and I wouldn't have any willpower either, I love smoked food and would more than happily join you for the smoked fish platter - yum 😉. Sending you happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  5. What a beautiful fox image and page Yvonne! Always lovely to get away but yes, then you come back and have much to cach up with...
    your meal looks so good! I have to go for blood work soon and have been fasting -so I can't wait to get it done so I can have my first cuppa and something to eat:) Happy T day!

  6. Love this fox and love what he/she it saying xx

  7. Sorry If I had a magic potion so the ironing did itself I would gladly share it with you as I hate ironing, I’ve been ironing our sons shirts since I’ve been here, awful, took me back to when both boys were at home and I would have fifteen shirts per week to iron!
    Your food looks really tasty and I love your fox, lovely colours.
    Happy T day, Jan x

  8. Thank you for sharing your wonderful daring fox with us at AJJ, Yvonne. When I read smokehouse, I expected BBQ ribs and smoked pork, etc. Your's looks like a different sort of menu. Maybe it's another one of those words that's used differently in the UK and US.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  9. The white teapot and tableware make such a pretty table :) The smoked fish plate sounds tasty. Happy T Tuesday!

  10. I love your fox too-well done! I love the aromas in smokehouses too-and a nice treat for sure Loved the teapot served at your table-very homey
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  11. OOhh lovely Art journal page Yvonne !! Love it all. I think you /I need a airdresser like this : http://domoticausuarios.es/lo-ultimo-para-el-hogar-digital-lg-styler-el-armario-que-plancha-la-ropa/------------- Magical for ironing! :) but a bit expensive, maybe we have to wait a little more before buying it.
    Happy T-day ! Your meal is delicious !
    I wish you a very nice Wednesday, and send biiig hugs,

  12. That fox is gorgeous. Too bad we didn't live closer. I enjoy ironing. Seriously, I find it very meditative. I rarely iron clothes now and mostly iron paper. 😺 I don't think I've ever had smoked fish, but it looks delicious. Happy T Day

  13. What a fantastic fox! I wish I could find you some extra time but I'm struggling to find enough myself! I love smoked fish (not salmon though) and cheese. It certainly looks to be an interesting place to visit! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  14. Mr. Fox is beautiful! I do not iron except every once in a while. I hang up clothes after tossing a few minutes in the dryer, and mostly they come out looking very nice. Just have to iron a few of hubby's shirts and a couple pair of my slax. Have a happy T Day!

  15. Mr. Fox looks gorgeous Yvonne , a fantastic page for the current AJJ topic! Thank you so much for joining in. Seems you had some great days out with fun and yummie food. I don't iron much. I do it similar like Sharon wrote.
    Happy day!

  16. A very handsome Mr Fox and a great choice of quote. Glad you had a nice time away and I wish I knew some fairies that could come and do my ironing too.
    Avril xx

  17. Funnily enough I have never hated ironing. I don't iron much nowadays as my clothes dry nicely on the rack. But for years i used to do the ironing in front of the tv during my favorite show.
    A smoke house! How I miss smoked fish! Here in Spain they don't seem to smoke anything. I would follow my nose too and I would be straight in there and ordering something yummy from the menu.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  18. Isn't that fox stunning, beautiful eyes Yvonne, a well match creation for both TioT & AJJ. I've been asking for the same Fairy for years but she/he appears to be very unique.. but if your do find one please send me the details my way.
    Hope you enjoyed your time away? Your lunch looked delicious. Creative Hugs Tracey xx

  19. A beautiful page Yvonne, Mr fox is fantastic. Have a lovely day.
    xxx Hazel

  20. I love your fox - he's definitely fantastic - such a beautiful page full of dreams. I think you're not the only one having trouble with blogger misbehaving from what I've heard. So far I've been okay (touch wood)... hope it settles down again soon.
    Alison x

  21. Your fox is gorgeous Yvonne!
    I haven't done any ironing for ages, although there is one of my son's shirts in the basket, and he moved out over two years ago! Hahaha
    Alison xx

  22. Fantastic artwork. I love this piece! Your tea and food looked good. Happy Belated T-Day!

  23. Mr Fox is F A N T A S T I C

    All the best Jan

  24. Who would have thought a pesky squirrel could have sidelined me for over three days. It sure sidelined ME. Otherwise I would have been here sooner.

    I'm also very sorry I'm late visiting. I got back online just in time to learn there was going to be a hard freeze tonight. I spent the entire day cutting back my herbs and getting the ones I could lift into the house. The others I covered tonight with sheets.

    I absolutely adore your fox. It is gorgeous and is a beautiful page uniquely perfect for Eileen's theme at Art Journal Journey. Thank you for being so supportive. I appreciate it.

    I'm so glad you were able to get away for a few days to attend the World Cycling. It sounds like something I might enjoy, too. I love races of all kinds. And that teapot is perfect for your T day entry, too. I don't drink my tea with milk, but I might try it one of these days, since I like to use it in my coffee. Your smokehouse smoked fish sounds wonderful. I remember I used to smoke salmon at Christmas each year. All my friends loved it when I gave it as a gift. So I can totally understand how the aroma must have been nearly overpowering. Thanks for sharing your art and your trip with us for T this week. I hope you are feeling well. Sorry, I only iron fabric and paper for art projects, not clothes!

  25. That's a sweet fox face on a pretty background. We don't smoke fish here normally, can't say as I ever had any other than sardines I think they are smoked. We bbq or grill, lol. xox