Sunday 31 July 2016

Garden of dreams......Last day for In my garden there AJJ

In my garden there is................. A garden of dreams.

My last post for  months theme of....
In my garden there is......
 at Art Journal Journey

I hope you have all found your garden of   dreams this month.
I would like to thank you all for the inspirational pages you added to AJJ.
I have loved visiting with you to see how you interpreted the theme.

Also a huge thank you to
  Valerie and Susi 
 for inviting me to be their
 Guest Hostess this past month.
I have enjoyed every day.

I  took a photo of this canvas base  to use as the  background and went off to create  a page  in my digital program.
It will be  printed out and added to my 8 x 8 inch journal.

The canvas is still waiting for further inspiration.
I used elements from Mischief circus kits and some of my own stored ones.

I nearly stopped at this stage [left] , but added the image of the children, sleeping and dreaming. .. I hope about playing in their garden.

Now for the rest of my photos from my visit to the garden center.
It seemed right to share them on this last day of
 my Garden Journal Journey.

Did you notice I had to censor one of them.
Now lovely as these may , I know that the marble style ones, wouldn't be at home in my garden.
But gardens are for us to enjoy and to add the things we like in them
I think I would choose the cheeky imp in the last photo

My last digital page on this theme, is a fun one, with a little story to go with it.

Cyril and Maddie,  are discussing with  their Head Gardener...... Billie,
 the merits of what to have in their garden to scare  birds from the fruit bushes.
Maddie wanted something smaller.  Cyril was happy with the beautiful marble statue. I wonder who won that argument.

Thank you for calling by to see me today, I  have enjoyed your company  and comments this past month

I do  hope like me.  you will join the folk at Art Journal Journey, next month .
They will be announcing a new theme tomorrow..

Saturday 30 July 2016

Mary for AJJ

In my garden there is ........ Mary

This theme over at Art Journal Journey ends tomorrow

I think you  have enjoyed this theme as much as I have.
  your interpretations have all been inspirational..

I did intend to take more photos, but got carried away,  enjoying the spraying of paint and adding random texture to this base page in my journal, the time flew past
The stamps used at this stage were Stampers Anonymous and Paper Artsy.

I had the nursery rhyme in my head as soon as I stamped up the winged girl image.

This hybrid page was finished with digital .
I hope this  Mary is happy in her garden.

Thank you for calling in to see me, your comments  are always appreciated.
I will be back tomorrow with my last post as Guest Hostess at AJJ

Friday 29 July 2016

The secret garden for AJJ

The Secret Garden was and still is a favourite book of mine.
This double page spread in my journal has a mopped up background, the yellow that was spilled all over my desk last week. Just right for the natural scene I had in mind . 

I used a variety of stencils and painted over the daisies  with acrylic paint and a red liner pen

These quotes from the book are from 
  what remains of a well used Graphics 45 paper pad.

There are only two more days till the current theme ends at
 Art Journal Journey 

In my garden there is...........

I don't have a secret garden but if I did. I hope it would appeal to Mary.    

Thursday 28 July 2016

The pond for AJJ

Not long now for me to be sharing these posts for
with you , where I have really enjoyed my time as Guest Hostess for the theme....
In my garden there is.
............ a pond.

This is the photo I used, as a base for this page. taken in my garden early June.
The greenhouse is just showing behind the path.

I have enjoyed altering photos of my own garden, to create  new looks.

I added the Banksy style stencil and heart shaped balloon.  I hope she doesn't fall in the water chasing it.

We did have a pond in our garden, but had to take it out when Meg was about 2 years old. [She is now in her 15th year]
We couldn't keep her out of it , she sat on it in winter when it was all iced over, got tangled in the nets we covered it with to keep the fish safe.
She chased the frogs and could never understand why they jumped out of her way.
The plus side was we gained a whole new raised  easier to maintain patio area and Meg, I'm sure has never forgotten there was once water here, when,  now in her old age, lies  enjoying the sunshine. in this much changed part of her garden.

Thank you for calling in to see me today,
I do enjoy your company in my garden

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Bird song for AJJ

 In my garden there is.......bird song
Early morning is the best time to hear the birds, but I have to say that sitting quietly and listening,
 we can hear them singing in the garden.

A page in my 8x8 journal for
Art Journal Journey

First stages, were to water colour the base, add some book script  and washi tape
After many tries  to get a a photo  of the page  actually looking square, I gave up

I splashed on more paint  and added some random stamping using  T.H.  Wildflower stamps
and distress inks

I love these squiggly birds , they were fussy cut  and also water coloured.

The last addition in my journal was to add some stencilling with paste for some texture.

But as you can see this page was altered  after the photos were taken , with some digital elements .[1st photo]

I wonder which version you prefer.

Thank you for your visit today, you are very welcome

Tuesday 26 July 2016

Garden antics. followed with a welcome cup of coffee

First a fun digital page  that had these three long nosed sniffers, trying to smell the flowers.
I hope the scent is stronger than the smell of the  tea they are about to drink.

The theme of,  ... In my garden there is....
at Art Journal Journey

has me in a Fantasy Garden mode  today,

Can you just imagine these two posh birds discussing
life,  and how to maintain their garden.

These pages were made using  my own photos  and  images from Mischief Circus.

Now, I am off to visit with friends  at
T stands for Tuesday

Its been an enjoyable  month for me at AJJ  and lots of cups of tea and coffee  have been drunk

fresh from the oven, Ginger and Cranberry scones

With a cup of coffee, the smell and you have my word for it,  was delicious.

With gardens on my mind this month
 I am sharing some photos with you, taken when we visited a garden center at the weekend.

We only went in for a packet of Coriander seeds
but I just had to take some photos .

I had a big smile on my face seeing these tin animals for sale,
Could you just imagine these in your garden?

Even a mini car

In the big glass houses, it brought to mind the words....
If you go down to the woods today.... be sure of a big surprise.

 A long post from me today, I hope you had a few smiles when you looked at these photos..

Happy Tea Day everyone
 and thank you for calling in to see me.

Monday 25 July 2016

An action plan for the bees for AJJ

In my  garden there is.....
An action plan  to save the bees

A journal spread for this monthe theme at

If you follow this link HERE
it will take you to the board to see all the inspirational pages
 that have been posted so far this month.

The pages were sprayed with paint as well as mop ups from other projects, then  stenciled .
Once again I reached for my free magazines,
where the main scene was fussy cut.
Some of the bees were added digitally after I had taken the photo.

Bees are attracted to bright colours, and I liked the 2nd point on the list
 to cut the grass less often.

Thank you for calling in to see me , your visits are always welcome.

Sunday 24 July 2016

Fairies in my Garden for AJJ

In my garden there are....Fairies
Well I can always wish and believe that this statement were true.
A hybrid page for ....
Art Journal Journey

This is the base of my page in the journal.
Lots of colour splats.
It was an Indigo Blu poppy image, which was first stamped onto tissue before sticking down and colouring.
I nearly gave up as it looked such a mess

. However, my answer was to add some digital additions and I think it was improved enough to share it with you today.

Thank you again for calling by.
 My month as a Guest Hostess at Art Journal Journey is rapidly coming to an end , so if you are thinking of joining us please do so, time is......' Marching On'.

Thank you for  taking the time to call in to see me today,
you are very welcome.

Saturday 23 July 2016

Friends in the garden for AJJ

In my garden there are................... .Friends
A mixed media journal page, for
Art Journal Journey 

I used stencils, stamps and splodges of colour on the background, which was a sheet of paper with a pre decorated bird in the corner.
. The main images are Paper Artsy stamps. Some texture using a stencil with clear paste,
 so I could colour over the top

After taking the photo, I added a goose and  rabbits, to show that all friends are welcome to visit their garden
 and mine as well.

Your comments and visits are always welcomed and I have very much appreciated  you calling to see what I have been making for this months theme at AJJ

Friday 22 July 2016

Feeling Peckish..... for AJJ

On this journal spread I have added Alice and Henry
 two of my favourite Quirky bird stamps.
A spray painted background.
The  other additions came from 'yes' that freebie garden  magazine again.
This time the article was all about shrubs,
 that produce berries the birds like to eat.
The daisy border was added digitally after I took the photo.

I hope Alice had made the right selection of berries for Henry's tea..

In my garden there is........lots of ..Berries.
If you follow this       link        you will be able to see the awesome  pages
 everyone has created so far for July . I am so enjoying seeing everyone's interpretation of my theme choice. 

Thank you for stopping by  to see  my Garden pages this month