Monday, 11 July 2016

Meg and the Pig for AJJ

Hi I'm Meg.

In my garden there is...................... A pig...

  Its   not a real pig, just this stone one that lives in the shrubbery.
It doesn't do much and won't pay ball or stick, it just sits there all day and does nothing.
I'd much rather chat to the one over the fence  on this journal page

First stages of my digital altering are here on the left.
Again elements from Mischief circus kits.

The original  base  is this cross stitch. piece  I stitched a good number of years ago. The photo was taken through glass and isn't as good as it is in real life.

Another page for July  over at
Art Journal Journey

where you will find lots of inspiration
for the theme

Thank you for calling by and for taking time to leave me a comment, they are always appreciated.


  1. This looks nice.....I love the one myself, a Border Collie....
    The cross stitch piece is lovely to start your digital thing.....I stitched a lot of things when I was young.....Don't cross stitch anymore..... do you??? But I love what you did with the original picture......
    Have a lovely day, xxx Plony

  2. Lovely oinker used, fab colours...

  3. A fabulous page, I love the image - it must have taken you a long time to do the cross stitch.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. What a fun piece, Meg looks quite surprised to find a pig in her garden! Thanks again for all your wonderful support for AJJ this month, you are a STAR!!! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Darling page, and love your cross stitch piece. Cute piggy in your garden too!

  6. Looovely page Yvonne. Great idea for the cross stitch to be the base.
    Hugs Flo xx

  7. Beautiful piece Yvonne. Love the cross stitch base idea, gives it a real natural texture. Meg is such a doll and I love your stone pig, nice!! hope you had a great weekend! hugs :)

  8. I'm glad your mom let you be a guest hostess today Meg. I think your story about the pig is cute. I know, stone pigs aren't as fun as balls that my mom throws for me, and my brother Pete loves to chase squirrels, but I don't quite get the hunt thing because like you, I think I have more herder in me. Biscuit hugs from Maddie- typed by mom Erika

  9. Brilliant use of that sweet cross stitch you made Yvonne!
    Lovely collage...
    it's not everyone that has a precious pig in their garden ;-)

  10. You never cease to amaze me with your imagination Yvonne, love your piggy over the fence and lovely Meg, great use if your cross stitch image too


  11. That's such a beautiful idea to use your own cross stitch piece for this page Yvonne! Lovely entry!!!
    Your stone pig looks super as well!
    Thanks a lot for another fabulous page for the theme!
    oxo Susi

  12. Sweet! That sounds like a great way to revisit a piece and theme you worked on in the past. Blessings!

  13. Love the stone pig in the garden and also the wonderful page

    Love Chrissie xx

  14. An adorable page, Yvonne! The cross stitch background is a very creative idea.
    Mar xx

  15. Wow, this is again a nice page. You always have great ideas.
    Greets Carola

  16. LOVE how Meg is talking to the pig. Great conversation, I'm sure. Much better than talking to a carved stone.

  17. A very clever and fun design Yvonne, love Meg and the pig looking at each other. Brilliant xxx

  18. How fabulous to have a pig in your garden, he looks very inquisative peeking out of the shubbery, I love it! What a great idea using your cross stich, it's adorable. J :-)

  19. Love your page Yvonne and am jealous of your stone pig, he's gorgeous!
    Val x