Friday 15 July 2016

Food for the birds for AJJ

With a lot of my pages for AJJ this month,  featuring birds, which I love to see in the garden,
I just had to share this small piece from  article I found in a free gardening magazine.

I think its late to plant out for this year, but its a few ideas for next year, especially if you have space to spare. 
We have lots of shrubs that produce berries for the birds, but as yet it is too early for photos.

I used my own stored images and photos to create this page

Another digital page for

In my garden there is.....
'Food for the birds '.
Where we have reached the middle of the month of my time as their guest hostess for July
its been a great journey so far and I have enjoyed visiting  folk
 to see their interpretations of the theme.

Thank you for stopping by to see me today,


  1. Great page and wonderful ideas. My huge sunflower is now finished, so it's on the balcony for the birds to help themselves, and it keeps them happy! Thanks for another great page for AJJ, hugs, Valerie

  2. I think its great to plant for the birds. Yesterday I had a cool experience. A parent hawk was teaching its baby to fly and hunt over the field next to my yard. It was a new experience for me. Of course it kept all the other birds away. Love you piece today and I love how you recycled from a freebie. Happy Friday. Hugs-Erika

  3. Lovely page and great info re plants for birds!
    Val x

  4. That is awesome dear Yvonne! I love it!
    Happy start of the weekend ♥♥♥
    another fab idea for AJJ - Thank you very much !

  5. Lovely and inspiring Yvonne with some great info!
    I certainly am inspired by your garden theme this month = Thank you ♥
    Parts of our garden have gone a little 'wild' over the years but I must say that the birds and other wildlife are enjoying it. I was so relieved a couple of years ago when I read that it's OK to not deadhead everything at the end of summer because you're leaving seedheads for the birds :-) too away some guilt.
    Happy Friday oxo

  6. Beautiful page and thank you for the tips. The birds are busy eating our strawberries at the moment and we buy some for us to eat

    Love Chrissie x

  7. Lovely page Yvonne! Beautiful images of flowers and trees.
    I love your beautiful and inspiring work this month!!!
    Mar xx

  8. What a wonderful piece! It's great how you make your beautiful art very informative as well. Wishing you a Happy Weekend! J :-)

  9. Lovely page, Yvonne. Birds and garden match so well together.
    Have a happy weekend xx

  10. It's ironic that I live in the Sunflower State and can't grow a decent sunflower. Your page is wonderful. I wish I had some of these in my flower bed. I should look for some of these next year. Your idea is a great one. Of course, I feed the birds with my blackberries and tiny tomatoes. Your birds look content and don't seem to be concerned about that gorgeous cat, either. Lovely, lovely entry.

  11. Fabulous page again it..xx{aNNie}

  12. Love your pretty garden scene and how the seed article is on an easel. Lovely page!

  13. Beautiful piece Yvonne!! I saved a copy of that little panel, this is great information for next year when I stock up on plants! sending hugs :)

  14. Another lovely page with wonderful imagery and information Yvonne - love it!
    We leave the Lavender heads, Aquilegia. Japanese Anenome and Ice Plants especially for the Gold Finches
    over the winter months and other small birds enjoy them too.
    We have our other bird food delivered by the sack load! (glad I'm not the poor delivery man)
    Gill xx

  15. Wonderful page. Great mix of elements.
    Hugs Flo xx

  16. I do love this and the great advice! At the moment the blackbirds are helping themselves to the blackcurrants - there would never be enough for a pie so we let them have the lot! Hugs, Chrisx