Tuesday 27 August 2019

Tuesday musings......its Coffee today...

Hello everyone calling in to see me today.
Its T day over at Bleubeard and Elizabeths 
where we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post.
Now I hope I haven't given you all a shock....its NOT tea in my cup.
Today I had a change and made myself an instant , Flat White coffee.

The garden is showing signs that autumn will soon be here.  The blackberries are ripening in the hedge and the birds are having a feast on them. I'm sure they watch them getting plump and eat early in the morning before I get up.

The eating apples are also getting ready to eat, another week or so  and they will need to be picked.
My friend called in today and took a  bag of the cooking apples home for her freezer .
I share as many as I can  as besides freezing a lot I don't store them in any other way and we have limited space to store them straight from the tree.

My craft room still is in its usual messy state, but I did manage to  have an  hour in there yesterday, before my energy levels dropped .. Thank you for all your kind wishes these past few weeks about my health issues.  I am still having tests, the current tablets seem to be working as they should,  I could do with feeling a bit more active. It seems to take me quite a while to get my day started and once it gets to mid afternoon, thats it, 'tomorrow  is another day'.

I  am still using up journal pages that    are or .have been    'work in progress'   This looks like it was  water colour mop ups and some stamping. I thought the die cut pop out looked fun and went with the quote I wanted to use.
It now will be a page for Art Journal Journey and Gill's theme of Anything with eyes

However you spend your day, I hope it will be a good one for you.


Saturday 24 August 2019

set yourself free

Another hybrid journal page for Gill's theme..... Anything with eyes

The background is another mop up Brusho page.
A variety of stamps had to be involved for this collage page  as I wanted to try out another un-inked face image.
The quote on this stamp read
 I am 99% angel
but Oh that 1%.
I think she does have a cheery glint in her eyes
and she could easily get up to mischief.
The other quote is Frida Kahlo and was added digitally. I was also able to cover up the purple shades in the corner, this was me grabbing the wrong colour brusho pot thinking I was going to add more lemon to the page.

Thank you for calling in, I hope you all have a good weekend.

Tuesday 20 August 2019

T day musings

Hello friends, Its Tuesday and its T day over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's, where we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post.
My cup of tea was close by as usual, next to a journal page I have been working on for Gill's theme.... Anything with eyes
 This is how it turned out,  I shocked myself at leaving quite a big empty  space.
The words read......
You are a sea of light.
Open your eyes..
See yourself.

I will leave what you think about this quote up to  you.

How often do we ever take a good look at ourselves and  the things around us.
Well as I wrote this post .... I saw the clutter and mess that is my craft room and thought...
It is  my mess....
Its my happy place.....
One day I just might decide to to have a good tidy up...
but tomorrow is always another day.

I have also managed to make a hybrid  tag  for Tag Tuesday where the theme is Anything Goes
The original is on the left, stamped images, washi tape and scraps.
It was altered in the digital program I use. I don't think  the little animal can believe what he sees..... fish is not what he expected to see in the meadow.

However you spend today I hope you have a good one.

In my garden there is.... at TioT's..

In my garden there is........
flowers, insects and butterflies.

This is my journal page for the new theme over at TRy it on Tuesdays
In my garden there is....

We wonder what  will be in your garden, and hope you will have fun with this theme.
A few  shades of yellow watercolour for the background and a large flower stencil, followed by a variety of stamps . I love to see the insects visiting the flowers, but keep a good distance from the biting variety. Butterflies are always so pretty to see.

Please pop over to TioT's for all the information and to see how the DT interpreted the theme.

Thank you for calling in today, you are always very welcome here.

Tuesday 13 August 2019

T day musings

Hello to everyone who calls in , I hope you are having a great day.
This is another one of my journal pages, started in the normal messy way, then finished in the digital computer program I use.

Paint, stencils and stamps were used and this is how it actually looks,

However as its T day over at
Bleubeard and Elizabeths, no excuse was needed to have a play...... it goes with out saying the cup of tea was close by.

My lady is deep in thought stirring her tea, I wonder what she could be dreaming about.
She must be thinking about  somewhere peaceful, a beautiful garden  where the only noise would be the buzzing of the insects and may be the fluttering noise of butterfly wings.
Well I wish I was there, its still raining here and cold. Its hard to  recall how hot its been recently.
Sight is a wonderful gift and one to be treasured.
What we see for real, what we think we see could look totally different to someone else.

I will be linking this page  with...

Moo Mania and More    .....the theme is Butterflies
and adding a reminder for the Try it on Tuesdays theme....Wish you were here.
I will also link to Gill's theme..... Anything with eyes    at Art Journal Journey, if the folk over there don't  think I have strayed to far from the theme.
our eyes may be closed but we can still see things in our .......    ' minds eye'.'

Thank you for stopping by, you are always welcome here

Sunday 11 August 2019

Let your eyes speak.

A  page for Gill's theme... Anything with Eyes,   over at
Its a water colour background, I used a variety of stamps and a die cut   woman.with big green eyes. The quote was computer generated.
I managed a couple of hours in my craft room this afternoon.
Its a lot cooler here and it was pouring down with rain outside. 
I still have a few unfinished pages, I have made a note to myself to try to complete some, before
starting a new one.  Now that is a laugh,
 especially if some new stamps I ordered recently arrive  in the post.. 
Thank you for calling in you are always very welcome here.

Tuesday 6 August 2019

Wish you were here

Wish you were here.........
is the new theme over at Try it on Tuesdays.

I think many of us have dream or actual destinations that we would like to visit if we could.
It is many years since we visited Paris,  still the memories are very special to us.
It is one of my original inky journal backgrounds.
 All the other detail has been added digitally. [notes in my sidebar].
The girls are sharing a wonderful variety of inspiration pages, I hope you will pop over for the details and join us there.

Tuesday T day musings.

It is a while since we had a cat in the family, but they like our dogs used to sit in the garden watching for what seemed  like hours .  The dogs usually fell asleep, but the cat stayed focussed. How she never got stung by a bee we will never know. 

This is another hybrid page. 
Starting off with a stamped and colored image.
Slashes of paint came next and then it was left on the craftroom  desk..
Photos were duly taken  and I was able to  complete the page in the digital program I use.
Our cat did look  like this one, she was called Tiger.

One of the family memories about her was her first visit to the Vets 

. What a darling they said as we took her out of the basket. 
What is she called?   they asked
Tiger we said.
Why? they asked
They believed us when she bit the vet's finger as her gave her  an injection.
Oh... did we all laugh, including the Vet.

I will be linking my Cat  journal page to Gill's theme of.....Anything with eyes.over at
  Art Journal Journey

I have been sorting through photos of pages in progress on the computer recently.
With my brew of choice close by....
So I will say hello to friends over at Bleaubeard and Elizabeths where we are always make very welcome on Tuesdays with a drinks related post

This is how this digital page turned out,
the dogs got their bowl of fresh water and the owners a welcome coffee after a long walk.

Last week I showed you my very abundant apple trees
this weeks garden visit  is to the Greenhouse, where we have a vine that usually shares leaves and no fruit. Imagine the surprise when we saw these on the vine
We have some grapes,
They will be sour and  not grow juicy enough to make  anything with, but, we can dream.
They do their job and shade the the greenhouse from the sun that we have been
 lucky enough to have recently.

I will end this post with a  digital tag for the theme..... Summer Fun
 over at
  Tag Tuesday
I hope this little lad is enjoying playing in his boat.

Thank you for calling in, and however you spend your day
I hope you have a good one.

Friday 2 August 2019

Eyes... the mirrors of the soul.

The theme for August hosted by Gill.... over at
Art Journal Journey is......Anything with eyes

I decided to use  this stencil background in my journal  which  I had stamped and coloured an image. I cannot remember what I thought I would add next  The solution, for now was to add some digital images and  finish it off in the digital computer program I use. These hybrid mixed pages may be appearing a  few  times in the coming  days on my blog ,  It is allowing me to get creative again . Digital   isn't my preferred style but  it is a good way to complete the half finished and just started pages in my journal that seem to be gathering dust just now in my craft room.

Thank you for stopping by, you are always welcome here.