Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Tuesday musings......its Coffee today...

Hello everyone calling in to see me today.
Its T day over at Bleubeard and Elizabeths 
where we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post.
Now I hope I haven't given you all a shock....its NOT tea in my cup.
Today I had a change and made myself an instant , Flat White coffee.

The garden is showing signs that autumn will soon be here.  The blackberries are ripening in the hedge and the birds are having a feast on them. I'm sure they watch them getting plump and eat early in the morning before I get up.

The eating apples are also getting ready to eat, another week or so  and they will need to be picked.
My friend called in today and took a  bag of the cooking apples home for her freezer .
I share as many as I can  as besides freezing a lot I don't store them in any other way and we have limited space to store them straight from the tree.

My craft room still is in its usual messy state, but I did manage to  have an  hour in there yesterday, before my energy levels dropped .. Thank you for all your kind wishes these past few weeks about my health issues.  I am still having tests, the current tablets seem to be working as they should,  I could do with feeling a bit more active. It seems to take me quite a while to get my day started and once it gets to mid afternoon, thats it, 'tomorrow  is another day'.

I  am still using up journal pages that    are or .have been    'work in progress'   This looks like it was  water colour mop ups and some stamping. I thought the die cut pop out looked fun and went with the quote I wanted to use.
It now will be a page for Art Journal Journey and Gill's theme of Anything with eyes

However you spend your day, I hope it will be a good one for you.



  1. Fabulous page and love that owl..glorious colours...enjoy your coffee/tea. xx

  2. LOVE that gorgeous, colourful owl, so gorgeous! And good to see you drinking coffee, wow! Those apples sound delicious. You can't buy cooking apples anywhere here, I do miss them. Have a great week and happy T Da, hugs, Valerie

  3. Beautiful page,love fresh picked fruit-hoping you will feel better soon Happy T hugs Kathy

  4. You've been battling this all summer Yvonne. Not a good way to spend the nice weather, but our bodies do what they want, don't they? I have some random blackberry growth around my property and I take little snacks when I am outside. Oh they are so good. And your apples look great also. That owl page is fabulous. Love the warm colors and that funny look. Hope its a happy T day and the test results come back with good or treatable results. Happy T day. Erika

  5. I wish you felt better, dear Yvonne. I also hope the doctors get you well SOON. I'm very concerned, dear.

    Lovely to see your garden and the fruits of your labor. The birds got to all my blackberries before I could get a SINGLE ONE. Yes, I was a bit upset by it. Yours looks like you will have at least a few blackberries to munch on. I'm not a big apple fan, so I didn't even realize there were cooking and eating apples. Now I know why some taste like mush when I eat them.

    Your white coffee looks exactly like I drink mine. Of course, mine is probably more fattening than yours since I use half and half, which I understand you call single cream. I would love to drink some of that coffee to see what it is like. I don't believe we get that here. Thanks for sharing and educating me on this for T this Tuesday.

    Finally, what can I say. Your owl is unbelievably gorgeous. I love the background and the way you positioned the owl on the page. This is an adorable journal entry fitting for Gill's theme at Art Journal Journey.

  6. I hope you get back to feeling better and those energy levels get up to par real soon. How wonderful to have the fruits in your garden- and with enough to share too:) Love your journal page- the owl is so cute. Happy T day!

  7. Sorry to hear that you still have some health issues Yvonne. If your heat is anything like ours here, I'm guessing thats not helping energy levels either...
    I must admit I'm not a blackberry person but the apples sure look good.
    That page was a great find and didn't that turn into something beautiful - the owl image is fun. Love the background colours and stamped imagery - nice quote too. Thanks so much for joining in again at AJJ - much appreciated :)
    Wishing you better days and good health soon.
    Gill xx

  8. I absolutely love that owl and the background on your journal page.
    I can relate with the feeling of tomorrow is another day. I feel like that most days after noon although I don't have health issues to prompt that response. I just get tired from all the morning activity. Someday's it is a struggle to get anything done. Glad to hear that your medication seems to be working. Hopefully your energy will come back soon.
    Happy Tea Day,

  9. I love blackberries and have fond memories of picking them in the backyard when I was growing up. Blackberry jam, blackberry cobbler, blackberries by the handful ;) They are pricey at the grocery, but I buy them anyway. Yummmm! I'm sorry about the continuing health issues but a glad the meds work as expected. I hope you find something to improve your energy level. Happy T Tuesday!

  10. Wonderful post! Your garden looks amazing with all those apples and blackberries - yum 😁. I'm loving your owl page too, the stamps look fantastic with your colourful owl and little bird - perfect! I do hope that you feel better soon, sending you healing thoughts and wishes! Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  11. Your fruits had me drooling and then I saw your art journal page...wow! Love it!
    Happy T day!

  12. Oh, your garden fruits are already amazing! What a fantastic page, I am in awe of it. Simply terrific, the quite soft textures you achieved. Masterful!
    Thank you beyond belief for supporting AJJ again dear Yvonne.
    Susi xxx

  13. so so cute!! cheers with a coffee ♥ xox

  14. Your cup is very pretty although I have no clue what white coffee is flat or otherwise. The blackberries and apples are so pretty. Your journal page is awesome. I really love the owl with that quote.

  15. Your garden fruits look great. I like your owl art piece. I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Happy T-Day! (Sorry for being late.)

  16. What a fun piece of art. Feels very fall like to me. Out season is behind yours. We have apples on our 2 trees but they are nowhere near ripe.

  17. Great owl journal page! I like the owl and the colors. Happy week!

  18. Your berries and apples look very inviting, Yvonne. I empathize with your struggle for more energy. I'm just getting over a 5-month battle with giardia and am feeling my "old" energetic self again. I hope this happens for you soon.

    Fabulous page!!!

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  19. So nice of you to share your abundance with others!
    And your art too!

  20. I'm sorry to hear you are feeling poorly and without energy. I do hope you will soon feel your good old self again. But I also know that these things take time, and that is something we are not always willing to include in the treatment.
    Your apples are looking delish. I wish we could get decent cooking apples here. We can buy lovely sweet eating apples, but I like my apples tart.
    Your blackberries are indeed nice and plump. They need rain and it seems in spite of the heatwave, that is what they got.
    Your project is fabulous. I just love that colourful owl!
    I am very late in commenting. I do apologise.
    Oh I forgot to say that the metal grids on our windows and doors are pure tradition. Our crime rate is very low. The gates on the carport will have panels on them to shield the car from the hot sun. In summer the car gets so hot, it takes a few minutes of running with the airco before i can get in it. Besides it's not good for the paintwork and the seals around the windows plus the tires will dry out.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  21. Yvonne, your page is absolutely gorgeous. Love the owl and colors. And that fruit! Yum!! So sorry you are still not 100% feeling well. I will keep you in my prayers, xoxox

  22. It seems early to be starting Autumn but you are right, the apples are ready with more coming and the plums are just about finished.
    Your very colourful owl looks as if he could do with a good sleep and he certainly has the eyes for the theme.
    I've been off-line for a good few weeks and have just enjoyed reading the many posts you have created since last I was here. I hope you are feeling a bit better every day and getting your energy back.

  23. What a nice page. I like it very much.
    Greetings Carola

  24. Absolutely Gorgeous Art journal page Yvonne !! I loove it, the owl is Amazing. The background is just Wonderful, with happy autumn colours. love apples. Wish you are well, and a happy weekend.
    Enjoy and big hugssss,

  25. Simply GORGEOUS page, Yvonne! Kisses, my friend. I am back from vacation.

  26. Love this owl page, it's fantastic :)