Tuesday 30 May 2017

Tea with the birds

Hello everyone who calls in to see me today.
Its T day over at
where we are all made welcome with a drinks related post.

So on the left is a shot of the work surface and the journal I was working in.
The swan as you can see was on  a napkin, four swans on one napkin is  super from a crafters point of view and if you've found them  at a bargain price it  even better value.
 My newer stencils were also having an outing.

A better photo of the page which is A4 size and looks squarish in the
previous photo.
I used Brusho powders and stencil paste for the background.

There it is on the left , with some of the images I wanted to add.[digital notes in my sidebar].
 I was on about my third cuppa by now as I had to wait for the inks and stencil paste to dry out.

I hope you all have a lovely day today and thank you for calling in to see me.

I may be late adding this at Elizabeth, as we will be travelling home  after the Land Rover rally
and this post had been scheduled.

I am adding a reminder here for the current  challenge over at Try it on Tuesdays
Feathered Friends.... there is still another week for you to join us there.

Saturday 27 May 2017

A tag and a page

A  hybrid tag   with digital  additions.
The  only craft supplies I have away with me this time is the Laptop computer.
I took a photo of a tag I cut out of a piece of corrugated  card, to use as a starting point.
String is always in the useful bag in the caravan together with screwdrivers etc.

At Tag Tuesday  the current theme is..... Anything Goes
Internet willing  I will connect with the folk at tag Tuesday,

This is the page, including the tag that I went on to create for Art Journal Journey
for Gills theme of Elegance and Grunge.

Now I will say a huge thank you for calling in these past days
and thank  Elizabeth and Valerie for linking me T day and Tag Tuesday.

We are still on our travels  and are now with the folks at the Land Rover Rally,
our son  has managed to get me a link to catch up on emails.
My internet has been working on a less than snails pace.
It took me a number of attempts to write this post.
I was determined to get this post completed so I could join Gill for the last time this month at AJJ

I will be back home next week and will sit with a huge cuppa and catch up with properly everyone.

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Feathered friends at TioT's.

Feathered Friends
 is the new challenge theme over at Try it on Tuesdays.
The girls are sharing a fantastic variety of projects, please pop over to take a look.
We hope you will come and join us.

Its a digital card from me today. 
I can get inky messy layers with clean hands using this type of crafting and even change the colour if I didn't like it first time.

Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are very welcome here.

Diary pages

Hello everyone and   Hi, to all the T day  folk. who call in from
 Bleubeard and Elizabeths
where we are all made most welcome with a drinks related post.

I have never been good a keeping a daily  diary, but after getting to know folk who do so, 
I decided that I would make my own daily diary and even if it was just a one  word entry,
 I would keep it up to date.
You saw the first three months pages I made earlier this year...here
The one above for April is appropriate to share with you on T day,
as its all about the Mad Hatters tea party.

This is  for May, and I will even be taking it away in the caravan so I can keep it up to date.

I found a few more snippets and added them to June's store pocket.

Now saying that this is for June, makes me realise that we are now nearly  half way through the year.
A scary thought.............

Happy T day and thank you for calling in to see me today.

Saturday 20 May 2017

Joy... for Tag Tuesday

Its an  'Anything Goes' theme 
this time at
This  tag was made entirely in my computer program.
My chosen mode of crafting when I am away from home.
I am still able to add a number of background layers and have fun and that's what crafting is all about.

After today I may not be able to visit in a regular basis, internet and caravans have yet to get perfectly united, but,  things are moving on  and I never know till I actually try to connect.
So I have scheduled this and  a few posts in the hope I will be able to visit and add my pieces into the blogs I made them for.

Thank you for stopping by, you are always welcome here.

Thursday 18 May 2017

Paint your dream

A grungy, hybrid,  digital page today.
 There are  a few layers of paint on my journal page, the photo taken, then a lot of the images
 have  been added  in the digital program I use..
But as you can see the paint had a will of its own  and I even managed  to paint the wires that hold the book together.
I will join the folk at
for Gills theme of  Elegance and Grunge.
I hope the flower will fit the elegant part of the theme, the rest is just grungy mess.

Thank you for calling in today.
You are most welcome and your comments are always appreciated.

Monday 15 May 2017

Fun days.... In and Out and always a cuppa close by.

Hello everyone who calls in to see me today.
this is quite a long post so I hope you are sitting comfortably with a cuppa close by...
First of all a journal page. made for Gills' theme Elegance and Grunge over at
  Art Journal Journey

Its a hybrid page which began looking like this.......

I used wax crayons and loads of water to blend then and still couldn't get a smooth looking base, but grungy is fun and  coloured fingers is a fashion statement for crafters.
 I then added some stencils, some with paste some just inked. A bit of gilding wax highlighted the stencil words.
Then it was off to the computer to add some extra images.

I will now say hello to the T gang, where over at
Bleubeard and Elizabeths
we are all made welcome with a drinks related post
Its an overload of photos today as we went for another visit to Beamish last week,
this time to visit the 1940's farm
So   lets begin

Getting close to the farmyard, hens  and ducks enjoying the sunshine beside the pond.

The hens were wandering everywhere. however the star of the morning was seeing the new born lambs in one of the sheds. This one was just minutes old. [photo top right].

A look around the barns and here was an old machine marked out as scrap to be used for the war effort fund raising

Doesn't the sun shining make a huge difference to a day out. Every thing looks so clean. This is no coincidence at Beamish, as the volunteers and staff keep it looking so good. 

Inside now and as it was cleaning day a few parts did't have easy access, but I think you get an impression of the rooms from the few shots I managed to get.
Even though they were cleaning the staff were wearing costumes appropriate for the  times. We spoke to the chap who had just finished black leading the stove and he said he had been  working on it for more than two hours. It was gleaming.

I have just to end with a photos of the cafe and the delicious lunch that we had.
The interesting thing in here was the information on Rationing. The children had a special menu where they could spend not money but coupon points, the meal had a points value and they couldn't go over it.
 [ the parents had to pay in real money]

We chose  a Beamish Rarebit, closely related to what we in the UK know as Welsh Rarebit.
here is a recipe link if you are interested

This was the childrens menu board.
A good idea we thought to help children value the food they can readily get these days.

Thank you for staying with me this long, your visit  as always is realy appreciated.
Happy T day.

Is anyone having problems with scheduled posts,
I have had a couple  of mine  show up on the  dashboard
 that were not meant to  be published until later this month,
Fortunately there was no connection to the whole post.

Sunday 14 May 2017


I have made a digital ATC for a new challenge blog

Digitally Made Challenges.
The first theme is Anything Goes
Please pop over to see them and join in if you can.

I ended up making two ATC's
so I am adding a reminder for 
the theme is Little things mean a Lot
These ATC's were  made in my digital program, measured on the  longest side with a centimeter ruler.

 When I print them out I will stick them back to back
 to send off to a crafty penfriend.
Now to a bit of stamping

These two  cats  have a stencil background with  a stamped image.
Both pieces left over from making a tag a while ago.
So continuing my playtime I turned one in to a hybrid tag.

My computer does  have a place in my crafting time these days,
but before taking the photo I added a bit more dark ink shades and added a left over piece of embossed card to the base.
Last of all some digital additions, which now makes this a hybrid tag.

I do not think the cat is happy meeting a wizard
 on his night time prowl around the neighborhood.
I wonder who got the biggest fright
Who will win this argument? , I'm with the cat.

Thank you for calling in to see me, your comments are always appreciated.

Digital information can
be found in my sidebar.

Saturday 13 May 2017

Grunge and flowers

A hybrid journal page for Art Journal Journey
where Gill's 
super theme for the month is...
Elegance and Grunge

I'm not sure I can say this is elegant.... well maybe the flower...
but it is for sure has a lot of inky  grungy. 
I used a couple of my new TH mini stencils
 on top of a mop up page.
The bottom post card had to be covered , to  hide  a very dark splodge of water colour paint. I had tried to wash it out brushing  with plain water, but.... you guessed...it didn't work on the card surface and was starting to leave a hole.
The other additions and the words were added
 in my digital program.

We have been taking advantage of some brighter weather this week. Going off again to Beamish,
 I will share the photos in a later post.
Back in our own garden we have an array of spring  colours.

The Rhododendron is in full bloom

Lots of Bluebells, giving colour under the trees and shrubs.

The Lilac with its heady aroma
 next to  the Acer, which is shades the patio  in the summer.

Last the Apple Blossom and a visitor, collecting an afternoon snack..

Thank you for calling in today.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thursday 11 May 2017

Solitude and reflections.

Its a digital page from me today for
and the lovely theme Gill has chose for us this month.....
Elegance and Grunge.. 
I started off using a  page from an old French book that I found in a Charity shop,
Not on the shelves,  but in a box on the floor beside the counter....
It had no cover and  pages missing. Unsalable the staff said, its destined to be thrown away, 
 but to me it was the find of the day. I happily put a donation in their box.
 I added more layers and the image in my digital program  [notes in my sidebar].

Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are most welcome here.

Tuesday 9 May 2017

Little things mean a lot....at TioT's

The new challenge theme today at
is  .... ''Little  Things Mean a Lot''.

The challenge is to make something that measures no more than 4 inches square [10.16cms]
It doesn't have to be square but it must fit into the square shape.
The team have made some fantastic inspiration pieces, so please pop over for all the details 
as see what they made.
We have also   added to our Rules and Guidelines at TioT's.
Please check to see if the change  effects you in any way.

I decided to alter my perspex cup stand, 

Here it is, if you wonder about the colours on it , there were inks added as tints  in its former life and I tried many things including nail varnish remover to get them off.
So I gave up and decided they would add to my shading efforts. I also wanted to use a small piece of this pretty napkin as well.

As you can see these are the  sides  I made to decorate  the stand., along side the ruler.

I used embossed card and shaded this with blue distress ink and a little sprayed watercolour. paint.

The stamped images came from  a Dina Wakley set.

Here you see the reverse side in place,
Now I have a cup mat that is quite nice to look at from both sides.

Thank you for calling in today, you are most welcome here

If you have called in to share a cuppa today, please scroll down to my earlier post.

Monday 8 May 2017

Holiday memories

Hello everyone who calls in to see me today.
My journal page is for
  Art Journal Journey
and Gill's super theme of  Elegance and Grunge

I have been using some lovely serviettes recently as a base layer on some journal pages.
This one I used here,  had me remembering holidays in France and smelling the perfume of the lavender plants
The background is water coloured and has  some stencil additions, before being finished off in my digital program.

This brings me to say  Hi to the folk who may call in to share  a drinks related post today
where at
 Bleubeard and Elizabeths.
T Stands for Tuesday

A few photos from last week when we were staying near Skipton

The Black Horse..... Skipton

A couple of photos inside showing  a little of the stone fire  and the wooden paneling.
It was market day the place was full of folk. No one chose to sit outside,
 it was sunny but freezing cold.
We chose to have the a jumbo fish finger for lunch as the aroma from the kitchens was 
mouth watering and as we looked around, that was what most folk had ordered.
The cups were huge and I had to use both hands to lift the tea cup,
We are back home again and  caught up with the chores and I am pleased to say 
my cups are a much better size to handle.
Happy T day everyone
Thank you all for calling in to see me today, you are all very welcome here.

Friday 5 May 2017

Today is a Great Day

Today I have had  another inky day, to create a bright  Grungy background
 so I can go to join the folk again over at 
where Gill has chosen this months theme.... Elegance and Grunge.

The base of the page was sprinkled with   brusho  powers and sprayed with water, for me a quick way to get an instant grungy, messy  look.
The left side, across the corner of the page  is a napkin,  with this large ladybird. I added extra torn off pieces to add some interest .
Now came the hybrid extras,
the word quote and flower are digital additions.

Thank you for calling in to see me, you are very welcome
 and your comments are always appreciated.

For digital information
please see notes in my side bar.

Wednesday 3 May 2017

A tag and a Journal Page.

 the new theme which Chrissie is hosting  is....... Faces.
Being away last week, meant that  there are  many chores to be done around the house.... but....
I needed a little time to to get a bit inky again this afternoon.
The background of the tag is daubed with inks  then stencilled.
The stamp I think may be a Wendy Vecci.
After taking the photo I noticed I had made a right mess on the bow  with glue, 
no worries into the computer program and I added a few leaves and a flower.
Messy mistake covered up.

I also made a digital journal page for the new theme that Gill
has chosen for this month at Art Journal Journey
Elegance and Grunge

I think this may fit both those words with the lovely ladies
 and the messy torn pages and papers for the background.

Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are always welcome here. 

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Transported back in time.

Hello T day friends and everyone who calls in to see me today.
You are all very welcome.

First of all I am sharing another hybrid page,  and a reminder for the
current challenge theme at Try it on Tuesdays.....Transport
The base layer was made with stamps and stencils, then I added one of the photos
from our outing before adding a few digital additions.[information in my side bar]

Just before Easter we went  to the Beamish Living museum again ...
it was for the Vintage transport  weekend.
So I have lots of photos to share today

These vehicles we saw driving around at various time of the day. The noise they made made me appreciate our modern cars
An array of old bicycles including some old motorcycles
It was a fantastic delivery bike with its large baskets.

Grand old cars, all highly polished and  cosseted like old family members.

We both loved the steam engines and it would be very hard to describe the smells, but  they were memorable.

The old station was quiet today

The last two photos were of the butchers delivery van.
I was pleased to see that the rabbits and birds on display  weren't the real thing.

Now as its T Day over at
 Bleubeard and Elizabeths

and we are all made very welcome with a drinks related post. I have added a collage of my photos and what we had for a snack that day.
Its another sausage sandwich for me and a cup of tea, which we ate  in one of the rather old fashioned cafe's on the site. I thought I had another photo of the inside of this one, but  it must have been deleted from my camera.
I have to say the sit down was very welcome and the little silver teapot was refreshed with hot water so I could have a second cup.

  I am sharing one last photo collage, to end up in the present day.
This past  week we have been away  in the caravan, I have a lot of  blog visiting
and catching up to do.
Staying at  one of our  favourite destinations,  not Grassington as we thought,
 it was getting a make over.
This we found when we arrived and were re located to Strid Wood beside Bolton Abbey
To add to my cycle loving family's  joy,
 the Tour de Yorkshire
 race passed right by the site and one of out son's came to join us for the weekend

This was the third/last day  of the race, those guys sure are fit
 as the hills go straight up in parts of that area.

Thank you all for calling in today and I hope you have a Happy T day.