Monday, 8 May 2017

Holiday memories

Hello everyone who calls in to see me today.
My journal page is for
  Art Journal Journey
and Gill's super theme of  Elegance and Grunge

I have been using some lovely serviettes recently as a base layer on some journal pages.
This one I used here,  had me remembering holidays in France and smelling the perfume of the lavender plants
The background is water coloured and has  some stencil additions, before being finished off in my digital program.

This brings me to say  Hi to the folk who may call in to share  a drinks related post today
where at
 Bleubeard and Elizabeths.
T Stands for Tuesday

A few photos from last week when we were staying near Skipton

The Black Horse..... Skipton

A couple of photos inside showing  a little of the stone fire  and the wooden paneling.
It was market day the place was full of folk. No one chose to sit outside,
 it was sunny but freezing cold.
We chose to have the a jumbo fish finger for lunch as the aroma from the kitchens was 
mouth watering and as we looked around, that was what most folk had ordered.
The cups were huge and I had to use both hands to lift the tea cup,
We are back home again and  caught up with the chores and I am pleased to say 
my cups are a much better size to handle.
Happy T day everyone
Thank you all for calling in to see me today, you are all very welcome here.


  1. Someday I want to go to France and see the purple fields of blooming lavender. Love your page. It's gorgeous. Now that's an awesome cup of tea. Looks like it would be warm in a cool night. Hope all is well Yvonne and happy tea day. Hugs erika

  2. gorgeous pretty page. Love it. I also drink gallons of tea lol. I think I must be a record holder. The kettle is never off here. x

  3. Oh yes, once one visits France the memories linger on and on...
    beautiful art, and oh how I love that atmosphere and food and fireplace at The Black Horse.
    Happy T day!

  4. France is on my list of places I want to visit before I die, and your lovely field of lavender confirms it. Your AJJ entry is wonderful.

    For having such a dark name, the Black Horse is filled with beautiful and colorful flowers. The beauty of the place and the smell of that fried fish and fries (chips) must have been overwhelming. I was really surprised at the size of that cup of tea. I probably would have asked for a straw to drink it down far enough that I could hold it. You did far better, though.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely AJJ art and your trip to Skipton and the Black Horse, along with your fish and huge cup of tea with us for T this Tuesday. And thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog.

  5. Wonderful journal page with the lavender, I am hoping my balcony lavender will bloom again this year. That giant fish finger looks fantastic, yummy! I lie cups that size filled with coffee! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. Sweet smell of lavender, a lovely sense of peace. Lovey page.x ♥[aNNie]

  7. Your page is wonderful Yvonne - I bought cheap serviettes with lavender last week, but they are not so well to use I figured out already. This fish finger looks tempting! Great you had nice days ! Thank you for another fantastic page for Art Journey Journey!
    Happy T-Day !
    oxo Susi

  8. i immediately got that lavender smell in my nose... awesome post! and the fish finger would be my choice for today´s lunch.
    happy t-day!

  9. Very beautiful page and great serviettes Yvonne.

    Happy T Day to you. Love the look of the place in Skipton and we are going there in June so will look out for it.

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx

  10. Your page is beautiful, love the serviettes - still to see lavender fields in France but remember being taken to some in East Anglia as a child.
    Skipton is a lovely place, we are lucky that we can get there easily from the caravan - don't think we have been to the Black Horse so could be a good place to go next time -the jumbo fish finger looks yummy! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  11. Oh my, your page is so beautiful, it has a lovely delicate feel about it with the elegant background and pretty lavender! The pub in Skipton looks wonderful, I'd probably have a pint though ... lol! Your fish and chips looks scummy 😊 . Wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😀

  12. Lovely lavender page, and yes, they do smell wonderful. Love that big stone fireplace in the restaurant, and the fish looks good too.

  13. Your page is really gorgeous Yvonne - thank you - very elegant with a soft grungy background and I can almost smell that lovely lavender.
    That PH looks very inviting - I've never been to Skipton but I'm thinking there are several arty/craft shops there and wondering if you had some extra treats maybe :)
    Gill xx

  14. I love lavender... i can just imagine what it must have been like to walk around in that perfumed air... Lovely ArtJournal Page Yvonne...and The Black Horse looks wonderful and the food too... Its always a good thing when the food tastes as good as it Happy T day hugs! deb

  15. I can just smell the lavender from your beautiful page. Love how the entrance to the pub is decorated. Fish fingers. Makes me think of a line from Doctor Who. Do fish have fingers? :-D They look yummy. I can see why people would rather have stayed inside than brave the cold outside. The fireplace looks very welcoming and the inside of the pub very cozy. Happy T Day

  16. What a lovely journal page with the lavender. I have lavender on my patio and it smells so divine.
    The Black Horse looks like a great place. I love that big fireplace.
    I must admit that I like big cup. We do have large cups thwt we call a tea bucket, lol.
    Happy Tday,
    Ps postcrossing ( is sending a postcard to anywhere in the world, to a randomly selected address from the 500000 participants. Then someone else (not the person you have sent your card to) sends you a card. It doesnt cost anything to become a member and your address is only given to the person sending you a card. I have been doing this for 8 years and I love receiving cards from all over the world.

  17. Love your journal page!!! Those are some mighty big cups for sure. It does look like you had a good time. Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. So far we haven't lost anymore caterpillars ...time will tell. It's about 10 days until it's time for butterflies to start appearing ..if they do :-/

  18. Beautiful digital page...the lavender is so pretty and definitely deserves a place in your art! Lovely photos too, the food looks scrumptious and you are right, that cup is huge! Happy T Day!

  19. The Black Horse looks like my kind of place. Looks welcoming and cozy, the food looks great, and I'd love to sit at an outdoor table and enjoy the people-watching :)

    Happy Late T Day