Tuesday 31 December 2019

Lets Party

Its Tuesday and its T day over at

Its also New Years Eve
 and I hope  you are having a very happy day.

I wish you all
 Good Health and Happiness for the coming year.

On the left is how my hands on part of the page began,
with lots of colour, splodges, colouring in ,  stamps and a few stencils.

I added the glasses, bottle and the invitation  to 'party'
in the digital computer program I use.

The   dining table has had its use this past week and not just laid  for the meal times. Even Santa called back for a closer look. at what had been in a rather heavy box.

My family have always enjoyed cycling.
The eldest is going to be refurbishing and making wheels and this is  a  stand that he will need for the job. .
I'm pleased to say he took it home with him at the weekend and it will be homed in his garage,

His cuppa of choice was coffee.

Thank you for stopping by and a very Happy 2020 to you all.

This journal page is my last entry for  my theme Words and Numbers
Thank you  to everyone who joined us there, I have so enjoyed visiting your blogs
 and seeing your inspirational art
I hope you will call in tomorrow  to say hello and welcome  our new host for January.

Sunday 29 December 2019

Let every day count.

Its nearing the end of   the year and my theme choice for December  of....
.....Words and Numbers

We are so happy to see all the fabulous  journal pages everyone has shared with us there and
 I really appreciate all the support you have given  to me.

My page began as a mop up of green paint, some stencils, then  digital stamps and computer generated words and numbers.

Its been a busy time of the year and if I made New Year Resolutions.
one would be.... Make each day count.
I often say tomorrow is another day and wish for more time in my days.
However  I will  let each day count for me, be thankful when the new day dawns
 and treasure each moment.

Thank you for calling in, you are very welcome here.

Thursday 26 December 2019


Its nearing the end of my month's
   theme choice over at

Words and Numbers.
There has been so many inspirational entries and ideas on how to interpret the theme.
I thank each and everyone who has joined us so far during  this busy month of the year.
There is still a few more days left of December, so I made the time this morning to complete this page. The stencil background was waiting for more additions. This time the messy hands on variety not digital.  Stencil words,  a few stamped images and some extra colour.
I occasionally get asked about the maker of the stamps/stencils, now I have a confession,
 I don't store packaging. I keep the stamps on the acetate sheets .
and this makes it harder to say who made them.
Some of these are ALL&Create. 
You will gather from this I am not a tidy crafter .
creating my journal pages is all about how I feel , and what I will use,  at that particular time.
If I start with a plan. it will usually go wrong.
Craft is my escape route

Thank you for stopping by.
However you spend your day 
I hope it will be a good one for you..

 I am adding a link here to the 

where the D.T. showcased many photos
  of of the talented and inspiring folk who support the challenges there

Tuesday 24 December 2019

Its Christmas Eve

One more day  to wait , the friends are  patiently watching and being good,
  hoping  Santa  won't forget them, its  his busy night of the year
Its also T day over at Bleubeard and Elizabeths,
I hope  you are all having a good day

I had a bit of last minute present wrapping to do this morning

No fancy wrapping paper for this gift, just some plain brown paper that I know will be recycled for future use. My cuppa was close by,  I did bring a cookie to the desk, but ate it  before \i took the photo,  well I didn't want to get crumbs in the package did I.
This chore finished I wanted to get a photo of  the beautiful  hand made cards I have had this year, but the weather decided  it was not to happen  today. The grey skies got darker and the electric light cast shadows, maybe another day will be lighter.

Happy Christmas everyone.
I hope you all have a  lovely  holiday

Thank you for all the comments you leave for me here,
I always appreciate you stopping by.

I will also  add my journal page  to the theme at
Art Journal Journey......  Words and Numbers

Saturday 21 December 2019

How many days to wait now ?..

How many days to wait now?......
WE are being good and helping  our mums
There is an excitement in the air, these friends cannot wait for Santa to call 
Only 4 more bed times and  it will be the 25th.

I used my stamped numbers/letters background again[Art by Marline]  and another die cut clock.
The rest of the page was created using digital images[see my sidebar]

As this page is all about numbers  I will be linking to Art Journal Journey and  theme I chose for this month   Words and Numbers.

Thank you for calling in today, I  do appreciate your comments.

Friday 20 December 2019

Winter has arrived.

We may not have snow where I live,
 but it is so cold and frosty in the mornings .
The pavements looked like glass  earlier,  where the frost had thawed a little,
then froze over again.
Sorry I wasn't   brave enough to go out and get a photo, I'll stayed inside cosy and warm.

I  have created a winter page for Art Journal Journey
and my theme of Words and Numbers
A stamped  and mop up background , with  lots of words. before adding some digital images.
Winter has  arrived, but I'm pleased its frost and not snow.

This is one  example  of  a few Christmas  cards  I made using the  same stamp  I used for my mixed hybrid page.

Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are very welcome here

Tuesday 17 December 2019

Tea for 3

Hello everyone calling in today.
Its T day over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's

where we are always made to feel very welcome with a drinks related post

These three fiends are about to have a cuppa  
 its started snowing and two of them need to get warm .
Frosty will pass on the hot drink in case he melts, he prefers his tea with ice in it.

They  made a large pot of tea 
so I poured myself a mug

and went off for an hour in my craft room .

As you can see its a mainly a digital journal  page,
a layered scenic background, with some added images [notes in my sidebar].
I think Santa would also  enjoy a warming cuppa when he calls .

I will also link the page to my theme at Art Journal Journey
Words and Numbers

However you spend your day
I hope it will be a good one for you

Sunday 15 December 2019

Counting the days

Many of our children will now be counting down the days until the school holidays begin.
In the UK it is usually a two week holiday at this time of the year and if they are young it will be time to enjoy themselves with no homework. No Mathematics to work on
 and no spelling tests on the weeks chosen words.
So this was my thoughts when I was making this page for the current
 theme  Words and Numbers.

On the left is a photo of the stamped  base page.
As you will see this is what I used as the starting point of my hybrid digital page.

If I did my own count down to the 25th
I would be hoping for a couple of extra days to prepare. 

I hope you are all having a good day and thank you for taking time to call in here.

Saturday 14 December 2019

Winter Days

I have been having a clean crafting session today on the computer in the digital program I use.

 I made these tags  for Joan's  theme.....
White Christmas
 over at 

I used similar images for the  layers  and to create the winter snowy scene.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you  are having a good day.

Thursday 12 December 2019


In the  rush and bustle of Christmas preparations, I wanted to have some messy fun creating a page for my theme.....Words and Numbers

I had a base layer in my journal created with mop up paints and stencils/ I added some fussy cut images of the girl , dog and bird.
The words were added in the digital program I use.

I imagined a conversation between the dog and the bird. 
Thinking of how animals must talk/communicate  with  each other
 the sounds, barks,  tweets etc.  they use,  must be words to them. 
Anyway Flossie was having a good time while her  dog had a chat to a friend.  Words are an amazing way to express our feelings .
"Whoop-whoop"  Flossie was having fun. today and so was I.

Thank you for calling in, you are always very welcome here.

Tuesday 10 December 2019

Coffee on T day.

Hello everyone calling in today, its 
 where  we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post.
I have lined up a few festive mugs and will be making tea or coffee the choice is yours.
I just had to create a journal page as well

On the left is how the page began. a smooshed background,
[for me this means rubbing my page over an inky mess on my work surface] sprayed with water until every bit is used up and not wasted, then a I stamped the numbers.  Another die cut clock and a picture of a cake stand ,  I let the computer and me take over adding additions. 
I always seem to promote tea on Tuesdays,so today, its a big hug in a mug for everyone who prefers coffee.

It has been a busy few days, but I finally managed to finish writing my Christmas cards, so my next task today  will be a visit to the post. office. No doubt there will be a queue of folk,  where normally you meet perhaps one other person.

As my page includes some numbers and words I will be adding my it to.....
and my December theme of Words and Numbers
Life does happen  and things get on top of us, its good to step back a little, take a deep breath and pour yourself a reviving cup of  coffee or tea.  Take a fresh look and count the positive things.
Tomorrow is always  another day.

Have a good day everyone.

Christmas is Coming at TioT's

Christmas is Coming
is the last theme for this year at Try it on Tuesdays
We hope you will find a little time to join us there
 and pop over to see what the girls have been making.

I  am sharing this traditional Christmas card,  the stamp is an old one, but it is a favourite of mine. I embossed the image and simply layered the card.  Getting a good photo was another issue.
It was a shiny kraft card base and oh did it  not want its photo taken, even the green satin ribbon has an un-natural shine. Still it is winter and  we seem to be using the electric lights most of the day.

Thank you for calling in, I hope you all have a good day today.

Saturday 7 December 2019

Impossible things

Another page for this months theme at Art Journal Journey

Words and Numbers

The page began with a mop up of blue watercolour paint,
 you guessed it a spill on my work table. I have a few pages  with shades of blue now to use.
I used an All&Create stamp, lots of numbers and measurements for the theme.
The next stage after taking a photo was to take it into the digital program I use and add the image of the girl and some wording.

I was thinking of all the things I had to do today when I  got up, needless to say the vast majority of them are still pending and the hour I promised myself in the craft room
 spread to lunch time. 

Now I will go  and tackle some of the things on my list

Thank you for calling in I hope you are having a lovely day.

Wednesday 4 December 2019

Every Day Counts

The 4th of December already  and we are counting  the days to the 25th where  in many homes where Christmas is celebrated .     All the more reason to plan what needs to be done each day.
I wish I could say I did that,  but  I don't. One day at a time is my mantra these days.
Will I make each day count?......... yes
Will I get everything done that I planned.........no
Will I take time out in my craft room if I can ...........yes.
Have I enough time ..........no

So how we plan our days and what we can fit into our time will have 
 different meaning for each one of us.
  Enjoy each day and make it count.

Today I created a hybrid journal page for my theme ....
Words and Numbers

I thought about the number of days left until Christmas day and wrote a list of things I had to do.

Thank you for calling in, I really appreciate the comments you leave for me.

Tuesday 3 December 2019

Tuesday musing .

Hello everyone who calls in today, its
 Tuesday and it T day over at Bleubeard and Elizabeths,

where we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post
I  am sharing a hybrid page today

Yesterday wasn't a good light for photos here but I wanted to share with you the hands on messy beginnings and the clean digital finishing of  the page.
Above on the left you can see some of the number   stencil I used with the  painted background,   and a  die cut clock, which I covered with silver wax.
  After a good rummage I had  found my lost jar  of gilding wax. which had gone very hard. It was either throw it out[never an option for me, there has to be a solution] So with nothing to loose I took the lid off and gave it a few seconds whirl in the microwave.  
  Yes, it worked or maybe I was just lucky.

At this stage it was over to the computer, with the mug of tea not  a  posh one like  you see on the journal page I was creating
 or this one I had  in a cafe a few weeks ago.
 I had to use both hands to pick it up it was so heavy.

I will also  be linking the page with Art Journal Journey where I am hosting this months
 theme of Words and Numbers. Lots of numbers in the background, how could we tell the time without them. 

However you spend your day I hope it will be a good one for you

Monday 2 December 2019

Art..... a small word.

I think that words must  influence me quite a lot, especially when I am  am about to settle down for an afternoon in my craft room. Today my word of choice is.... art......

In this craft space I can give myself the freedom to try new things,
many  experiments don't work, but its good to try.
I cannot draw freehand, but I love stamps and computer generated images.
Colour  is also high on my list of priorities. to use in my journals,  as is getting messy
 and having paint everywhere

What is she  rambling on about you might  ask...
 think for  a moment...... these are all....... words..
and that is my theme choice of
Words and Numbers
 for this month over at Art Journal Journey.
So without realising it words were involved in the creating of my page,  in a number of ways.

 In my thinking, out loud, on some of the stamps I used,
 as well as my notes as I write this blog post

The background is  stencils , oxide inks and . a selection of stamped images with the words included.
The washi tape colours cheered me up as it is so frosty outside my window today.
Thank you for stopping by    you are very welcome here.

Sunday 1 December 2019

Words and Numbers at Art Journal Journey

I am so happy to be the  Hostess  for December.... the last month of the year, over at

The theme I have chosen is...

Word and Numbers

They play an important part in our daily lives without us realising it.,
We talk, read, write,
 count, calculate etc.
Perhaps you have  a lucky number ,    a word that means a lot to you.
 or a sentiment/quote   you have found inspiring.
 I  hope you will have fun this month with words and numbers.
I am looking forward to visiting   folk to see  how you interpret the theme.

I also have some  news  , Bleubeard and Elizabeth have asked me to join them
 as a  co-administrator  for  Art Journal Journey.
AJJ is  the inspirational  blog that first introduced me  to Journals,.
  I value the friendships I have made there, since my own art  journal journey began,
 so my answer was easy to give.

Thank you for calling in to see me today,
you are always very welcome here.
However you spend your day, I hope it will be a good one for you.