Friday, 20 December 2019

Winter has arrived.

We may not have snow where I live,
 but it is so cold and frosty in the mornings .
The pavements looked like glass  earlier,  where the frost had thawed a little,
then froze over again.
Sorry I wasn't   brave enough to go out and get a photo, I'll stayed inside cosy and warm.

I  have created a winter page for Art Journal Journey
and my theme of Words and Numbers
A stamped  and mop up background , with  lots of words. before adding some digital images.
Winter has  arrived, but I'm pleased its frost and not snow.

This is one  example  of  a few Christmas  cards  I made using the  same stamp  I used for my mixed hybrid page.

Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are very welcome here


  1. Beautiful wintry page and digital canvas.
    We haven't got snow here in Southern coast of Finland. It's rainy and dull.
    A weatherman has forecast colder in near future. I wish snow.
    Happy Holiday season to you and yours xx

  2. what a beautiful winter stamp with sweet proud deer! Fabulous!!!!
    Greetings elke

  3. This is a great digital stamp. I like it in blue. It makes it feel so wintery and cold. We are just a tad bit warmer this morning - at 12 degrees C, but the wind has died down so it isn't quite so bad. Brr. I guess the card feels like me outside world. I don't like the cold so much but I do love this digital stamp. It also makes a wonderful card. I hope you have a great start to your weekend and stay warm. Hugs-Erika

  4. beautiful piece and card we finally warmed up enough that I could scrape ice to make a path up to the mail box and road. we will be warm for a week now-which is nice

  5. Fab makes Yvonne!
    The Digital stamp is lovely!

  6. Lovely designs here sure is not wintery here but your post is gorgeous.xx

  7. I absolutely adore that stamp you used. Is it digital? It's gorgeous and I even LOVE the Christmas card you made from it. That buck is awesome. This was a fun hybrid and a great example of your theme to share with us at Art Journal Journey, dear friend.

    1. Yes It is a stamp Elizabeth.
      Its clear stamp by the Two jays Stamp Co and was named simply Winter Collage.

  8. No snow here, either (yay), only white roofs of ice.
    A couple of years ago in winter I broke my foot and everyone assumed it was outside on the icy pavement. Ha. Guess. Lille carpet drifting it was.
    I always forget btw.
    I have a younger cousin, Yvette, and her sister is a year older than me, her name is... Yvonne.
    They live in Switzerland. They had loooong blonde hair and used it for fighting, ouch!
    (And I haven´t seen them in 30+ years).
    Have a great day, hugs, Iris (thanks to them I got my earrings!)

  9. Very nice, love the dear head, I do not envy you with all the ice. I am such a wuss as is normal around here. One time many years ago in my 20's, I lived in Houston and there came an ice storm. I was young and stupid and thought I can drive this no problemo. That's when I learned it not me, it's the other drivers, lol. Still amazed I wasn't hit by slippin and slidin idiots. xoxo