Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Lets Party

Its Tuesday and its T day over at

Its also New Years Eve
 and I hope  you are having a very happy day.

I wish you all
 Good Health and Happiness for the coming year.

On the left is how my hands on part of the page began,
with lots of colour, splodges, colouring in ,  stamps and a few stencils.

I added the glasses, bottle and the invitation  to 'party'
in the digital computer program I use.

The   dining table has had its use this past week and not just laid  for the meal times. Even Santa called back for a closer look. at what had been in a rather heavy box.

My family have always enjoyed cycling.
The eldest is going to be refurbishing and making wheels and this is  a  stand that he will need for the job. .
I'm pleased to say he took it home with him at the weekend and it will be homed in his garage,

His cuppa of choice was coffee.

Thank you for stopping by and a very Happy 2020 to you all.

This journal page is my last entry for  my theme Words and Numbers
Thank you  to everyone who joined us there, I have so enjoyed visiting your blogs
 and seeing your inspirational art
I hope you will call in tomorrow  to say hello and welcome  our new host for January.


  1. What a lovely bright post, just love this and happy new year, again.xx

  2. Great post Yvonne. LOVE your lovely journal page. That's a great present for our eldest, I hope he will have fun repairing his wheels with it. Happy New Year 2020 to you and yours, hugs, Valerie

  3. I love your journal page-and I agree with Valerie a perfect present for your eldest and I love the Santa
    Happy T and Happy New Year's Eve Hugs Kathy

  4. Yvonne, this is a fabulous beautiful journal! I wish you and family a happy new year with lots of health and love
    hugs Elke

  5. What a colorful and cheery way to close out your month hosting Art Journal Journey. It's also a perfect way to close out the year and the decade. The "messy" part of your art is so well colored and shaded. It is beautiful. The digital part has me toasting a glass of virtual champagne with you to bring in the new year. This is glorious. Thanks for making this the perfect journal entry for both Art Journal Journey and T this Tuesday, dear friend.

    I always say use the right tols for the job, and it appears your son knows exactly what he needs to refurbish and build bicycle wheels. Santa can be proud and I was glad to see a cup of coffee on your table for a change (grin). I'd like to wish you a very joyous, healthy, safe, and love filled New Year's eve and a great T Tuesday.

  6. Lovely artwork and photo. I like that Santa. Happy T-Day and Happy New Year!

  7. Fly free, I love that!
    And good health, to you, too! Such a rare good.
    What a clever "toy", I know some cycle-enthousiasts who´d love this, too!
    Happy T-Day and a very happy, great, heathly 2020 to you!

  8. Your journal page is delightful! Happy T day!

  9. Fabulous party page with all the lovely colours and images - perfect 😁. The little bird is adorable! I bet it's nice to have your table back ...lol 😉. Wishing you a happy T Day and all the very best for 2020, may it be filled with peace, love and happiness! Hugs, Jo x

  10. Cycling is a growing trend, and his skills will be appreciated :) Happy New Year's Eve to you and yours, and Happy T Tuesday!

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  12. Fan party page. Happy New Year!
    Hugs, Marjut

  13. Lovely happy page, Yvonne. I especially like the hands on cluster you createdd on the left side.

    I've never seen a contraption like that, Yvonne! So now you have me wondering how people refurbish and make wheels. I thought it was all done by machines.

    Happy T-day and wishhing you and yours a wonderful Happy New Year! Eileen xx

  14. Happy belated T day and Happy New Year Yvonne. I love your latest page, even without the digital addition. It is so festive and also fun. Perfect for both T day and the new year holiday. And that is a really interesting piece. I wish you son luck with his wheel making. That is a really creative and interesting activity. I just watched a show last night on making bikes which was actually quite interesting. I didn't know anything at all about bike making and now I know a tiny bit. I hope you have a fabulous start to 2020 and T day was a good day. Hugs-Erika

  15. Bold, bright and brilliant - what a burst of colourful energy to take us into the new year. I'm glad to hear you've got your dining table back, and I hope your son finds his stand very useful.
    Alison x

  16. That is a great party page! Cheers!
    The wheel holder is quite a unique thing and I am glad you shared this with us.
    Happy New Year and
    A belated Happy T-Day,

  17. What a brilliant page! I love that Santa was looking after you son's present! Apologies for not making many Journal pages for your theme - we were, and still are, just a little bit busy! Hugs, Chrisx