Tuesday 25 April 2017


is the theme for the  next two weeks over at
  Try it on Tuesdays.

The girls are sharing some fantastic ideas, so please pop over for the details
 and we hope you will join us.

This time I have made a Birthday card, husbands birthday will be soon and a couple of our male friends will be celebrating theirs. So one down two to go
 and they will have to be different to this one..
I used G45 papers, that I have had for years. 
Some die cuts that I managed to make look rusty with a distress embossing powder.
The stamp   is an old one and long parted company with any labels it might have had  when new.
Vintage photo distress ink was the only additional shading I used.

Thank you for calling in today to see what I have been making,
 your comments are always appreciated.

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Etal and Ford in the Springtime

Hello  everyone  from
  Bleubeard and Elizabeths
and friends who visit me here, you are all very welcome.

I did get my photographs sorted through from the Easter weekend, there were about 80.
Don't worry,
 I won't be sharing that many, however I have collaged a few to give you an idea of the lovely countryside we have here in Northumberland..

The next village was Ford

The long walk took us to the church and Ford Castle.
Pretty houses and inset figure  and his friends were guarding the tea rooms.
Which weren't open when we passed by.

This old church was lovely and had a fantastic view of the countryside from the church yard.

In case you wonder about the boat, and no water to be seen,  so did we. I think it may have been for sale as this was the car parking place for the antiques shop, which was just down the lane. .

Here is a link to the Website of the estates,
if you would like more information on the area and the history.

Now for a welcome cuppa

And a messy inky session.....

The latest tea mug came with the cute little sheep soft toy as an alternative to a Chocolate egg.
I am happy to give this one a home.

This is the page I had a good time making.
Inky and stencils for the background.
This sweet lamb  is a napkin, which came with my prize a few weeks ago from Valerie.
Finished off with a few computer additions, butterflies, music and words.
Phew......... that's it for today.
Happy T day everyone.

I will visit as soon as I can, internet willing.

Sunday 23 April 2017


My hybrid page today for
 and Hazel's theme of a  Magical Mystery Tour ,
 is taking me to a place where all is calm and tranquil. 
The sort of place you could sit,  dream and let the world glide by.
Like nature just let things run their course and take each precious moment as it comes.
Again the page began with one of my base layers  and  additional images all came from Oscraps kits.

My next few posts will be scheduled , hopefully I will have an internet connection.
. If not I will catch up  with you all soon.

Thank you for stopping by today, your visit it always appreciated.

Friday 21 April 2017

Heritage tags

  is the theme at  Tag Tuesday
When I read the post Wilma had chosen the theme because their post went live on
 World Heritage Day.
My first thought was of a city in the next county to ours  Durham
This  Tag is  showing  Durham Cathedral [This is a link if you would like more information].
It is a digital tag with internet searched  photos.

This tag was made with bits and pieces always to be found lurking in my craft room.
Stickers, papers, die cuts  the photo is a  TH found relative  etc.

I thought I would tell you my thoughts behind this tag.
We were away with friends and family on Easter Sunday .
The parents  arranged an egg  hunt for the children and we saw them searching and gathering eggs , having fun,  their laughter was quite infectious. It was good to see some of the old pastimes being still used by
 today's modern families. 
What even made this more special was that after the search, they counted their eggs and......................
then shared them, so every one had  a fair share of the eggs.... Magical moments.

Thank you for calling in today, you are most welcome here.

Thursday 20 April 2017

Let your hands decide.....

 is this weeks theme  for The Three Muses Challenge

I have a hybrid journal page, using  my own base layers and digital additions[notes in my sidebar].

I will also be joining in over at Art Journal Journey
where Hazel is asking us to take a Magical Mystery Tour this month.

If you could hold the world in your hands....
Where would you go?

Thank you for calling in today you are most welcome here.

Tuesday 18 April 2017

Share some love and a piece of cake......

Its the second week for the current Try it on Tuesdays challenge
to Add a Quote.

I have had a bit of a play again  making the hybrid page 
you can see  at the start of the post.

The actual colours  are seen  on the left and below is the page that is hand made in my journal.

I   did start off  thinking to make  a card, fussy cutting flowers etc, but when it was all stuck down. I thought the quote was quite meaningful  me me and my family.

Here it is in all its inkiness  with splodges of colour,
I have it propped up on a shelf in my craft room.
 An idea I got from Jo at Lets Art Journal  after reading one of her posts.

So now I am sharing some love and  a restoring cuppa with friends  at.....

Bleubeard and Elizabeth's 

 were we are always made very  welcome, to share a drinks related post.

Friday was a stay home day, and I think we both ate too much.,but we knew we needed to relax before heading off to meet with friends and family.
You will have to take my word for it, this carrot cake with butter frosting and walnuts was delicious.
You know I would share it with you if I could.

It was a  busy weekend and an unexpected stay in the north of Northumberland in the caravan with our sons at a Landrover event. It was freezing cold at night,
 so pleased the caravan has a good heating system

I have lots of photos of the area, but as yet they are still to be sorted out
This one is the ruins of Etal Castle which was about 4 miles from where we stayed.

Happy T day everyone
and thank you for calling in to see me today

Saturday 15 April 2017

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thursday 13 April 2017

April Showers

This week the theme for the Three Muses Challenge is
April Showers.

Another hybrid page, on the left is my page before it had digital additions.
A splashed and sprayed base,  random stamping of some rather large rain drops and Mr Umbrella man  sheltering some pretty spring flowers with his umbrella.

I will go over and join in at Art Journal Journey as well where this months theme is ...
.A Magical Mystery Tour.

We should never let a bit of rain stop us from going out.  My mystery trip would be to see  the effects of rain.  especially in the evenings,. The  surface water lying  on the ground and in puddles seems to glow, shimmer and perhaps sparkle as the light catches it,  from the street lamps or cars. or even the moonlight when you live in the countryside.

On the right is the digital page I made last night, again the rain drop look huge, I have't fathomed out how to get a smaller light shower effect as yet. I will keep trying. 

Thank you for calling in to see me , you are most welcome and your comments are always appreciated.

Tuesday 11 April 2017

Add a Quote at TioT's

The new challenge theme over at Try it on Tuesdays is.....
Add a Quote.
Please pop over for all the details and see what the team have been making
and we hope you will come and join us.

I started off wanting to use this 5 x 7 inch canvas board, that I had experimented on with my new Oxide inks,
 some sparkling washi tape, and a collection of flowers I  had grouped together.
At the stage on the left the flowers  hadn't been stuck down.
Then I hit the wall and just didn't have any idea what to add next. It sat on my desk for days, I had found the quote I wanted to use . The only option was to turn it into a hybrid page and complete the piece in my digital program.
Now I need to figure a way to get a similar result on the canvas.

Thank you for calling in to see me,
 you are always welcome here.

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Digital information,
please see notes in my sidebar.

Monday 10 April 2017

Take a moment and share a cuppa

Hello everyone who calls in to see me today.
My journal page is going off to
where the current theme is... Magical Mystery Tour.

Its a hybrid page, with a water coloured background,  the scenery in the foreground is a table napkin. The rest of the images  are digital [information is in my side bar.]
My mystery tour today has taken me back in time , especially at this time of year, with new lambs to be seen and the new wild flowers blooming in the hedgerows. But as its Easter time. I remember most of all looking for eggs in my grandparents garden,
they were mainly painted  hard boiled eggs, but maybe if we were lucky it would be a chocolate one.

Now I will say hello to friends from

 who have called in  to share a cuppa, everyone is welcomed
 and made to feel at home and share a drinks related post.
I am adding a message for Elizabeth here,
I have only been able to leave you a message  once in the past days and that was a struggle,
Your posts are inspirational and its great to see your wonderful recycling ideas.

Signs of spring in the garden today  and at last some flowers to be seen under the trees beside the fence.

We even got some new pansy plants  into the containers near the house. It was good to see  some colour and not just  brown soil.

Today's cuppa goes along side a very tasty hot cross bun. 
Notice my napkin tucked under the plate... Yep its the same as the  one I used for my journal page at the top of the post.

The mug just had to go in my basket  when I was shopping for groceries this week. I  had walked past it a couple of times on past shopping trips,   the will power to say don't pick one up...  didn't happen this time

Happy T Day everyone and thank you for stopping by.

Sunday 9 April 2017

A dream trip

A hybrid page from me today to share over at
where Hazel this months hostess  would like us to take a 
Magical Mystery Tour.

I used a  mop up page and stamped  some wild flower images using some oxide inks left on my craft mat from another project. I was really surprised how much colour was still left to use. The silhouette lady was stamped onto tissue, as she didn't stamp to well first time onto the watercolour paper journal I used.

My trip today is  to a world where odd things happen..... a mechanical dog on two  wheels  and a flying airship that would take me on  a magical trip that would allow me to follow my dreams.
So what was my dream last night...........?
Now that would be telling....
  it was my mystery journey.

Thank you for calling in to see me today. You are always very welcome.

Please see my side bar for
 information about the digital additions.

Wednesday 5 April 2017


I have had some fun this evening using my digital program to create this page.
I did start off with  a photo of one of my base layers, but that is well covered with
  layers and  added digital  images.
There are a couple of themes  I had in mind for this page ....

Botanical for this weeks Take a Word Challenge


  Art Journal Journey
where the theme chosen by Hazel this month is ....
Magical Mystery Tour

So  after the layers of splodges and paint were added
and a jam jar for some flowers
 I got thinking about butterflies visiting my garden.

So my magical  Mystery is....  to look through the eyes of a butterfly and wonder what they see and smell.
 We know they are attracted to certain flowers etc. Do they get the same thrill we do when we see our flowers blooming and  showing themselves. Now that's something  to ponder over.

Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are always very welcome here.

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Tuesday 4 April 2017

Sing and be happy

I have made this  tag for the new challenge theme over at 
Things with wings

An opportunity to have a play with a couple of the new Oxide inks that everyone has been talking about recently.
This is one of my first results and I think I like the chalky colours , but I,  for sure need more practice.
The tag was layered with a few scraps, material, lace  and some computer generated words, to cover  the original words on the stamp which looked blurred on my  image..
I want her to sing because she looks  a bit sad to me, doesn't she realise she can fly away and enjoy herself.

Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are always welcome here.

Sausage sandwiches and a trip back in time.

Hello everyone who calls in  to see me today.
Its T Stands for Tuesdays over at
where we are all made very welcome with a drinks related post.

I am sharing more photos with you from one of our recent  trips to Beamish,
to be exact this Co-Operative society store.

I do have memories of this type of store,  they sold
absolutely everything, food,  knicker elastic. shoes, hammers. pans   etc.....
 you name it they sold it.
It was a days outing as we didn't live close to a large store 
If  we were lucky  we were taken to the Cafe.
 which is  situated on the top floor in this particular store , 
 for an  ice cream,  while Gran had a cup of tea and a natter to her friends.
Thinking back I do wonder  how her friends  always managed to  be there at the same time,
as we didn't have a car back then,  we would walk part of the way to  a  bus stop, but always a bus ride on the way back , because the shopping was to heavy to carry all the way home.

Here are some of the photos I took inside the store.....

The counter selling pots and pans to name a few items... in the  Hardware part of the store

A photo of the grocery counter, close to the cooking pots

Wash tubs and bath tubs.

Dressmaking and clothing in the Drapery Department

There was something to see in every nook and cranny.
So after the shopping we just had to go up the stairs to the Cafe/Tea room

The entrance  to the cafe, self service and plenty of choice

Plastic table cloths, were on many tables.
The food served was what you would call old fashioned, but that was part of the charm.
The photo here was of the cold sandwich section,
no one we saw went there.
I didn't get a photo of the hot meal section, the queue was to  long and the delicious smells were making us hungry.

Now we could have had a a simple sandwich or a large  pie and two vegetable dinner, but we opted to go back   in time and have a sausage and onion gravy sandwich.  Not much to look at,  but I had to take a couple of bites before I took the photo to tell you it tasted delicious and brought many childhood memories flooding back.

This poster was on the wall behind my seat.
 which was an old church pew.

Thank you for calling in today
and I hope you have a Happy T Day.

Monday 3 April 2017

My dream garden

Hazel is this months hostess at 
and the super new theme for the month is Magical Mystery Tour.

After a weekend trying to tame some of our garden
 I decided that my magical tour today would take me to my dream garden.. Over the years we have visited many gardens including many in France.  If a fairy would come and wave her wand for me,  I would love just a tiny part of mine, to resemble this one I was able to create in my digital program. ..

I am also adding a reminder that the current theme at Try it on Tuesdays is Botanical.
with still another week for everyone to join in.

Thank you for calling in to see me today you are most welcome here.

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