Friday 29 May 2020

Flowers in her hair

A last page for Mia's theme..... Flowers
 this month at Art Journal Journey
We have been so happy to see all the fantastic entries everyone has shared with us for the theme and for Mia's inspirational pages.
This hybrid page started with a mop up paint and stencil base, which I then
added images to in the digital program I use.

I still haven't been able to catch up with you all, the lap top finally gave up
 and spat all its toys out the pram. I have lost quite a bit of digital art work,
 I'll get our sons to have a look at it for me when they are allowed to visit me properly
 and come inside the house.
 So I am catching  snippets of time  on the main desk top computer
 when hubby is settled for  a snooze.
The email system still isn't working properly, but I do shout thank you that I can still get the internet.

However you spend your day,
I hope it will be a good one for you.

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Tuesday musings

Hello everyone calling in to see me on T Day.
The weekly gathering over at
where we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post.
After struggling for a few weeks on my grumpy  old laptop computer, 
the poor old thing has decided to pack its bag 
and go completely walk about.
I will coax it along gently over the next few days to try and get the photos I have prepared there, then   it will have to be stored away a family heirloom.

It has taken me 40 minutes  to upload this photo of my cuppa .

Add to my party , the internet issues I am having
 especially with emails not being sent or received
It would be good   to escape the house for  a while.
I think this week,  lock down
 and having a poorly husband has really got to me.
We have muddled along, tried to keep ourselves occupied
Our sons brought  this technical lego Land rover kit over
 for my hubby to  make up, it has taken  a number of weeks
 to finish, as he couldn't sit or concentrate  for long,
  it  has springs and lots of other attributes that took  a lot of making,
 far to technical for me.  For sure an adult toy not a little ones toy.

I  crept upstairs to finish this post on the main household computer, the lap top   has  some more photos it doesn't want to let me get to,
 to  show you what I have been up to recently.
 [ a few journal pages and a tag are waiting to be shared]

I apologize in advance that it will take me a while to visit you all.
However you spend the day I hope it will be a good one for you.
Stay safe and keep well.

Cut it out....... at TioT's

Cut it out
is the new  challenge theme over at Try it on Tuesdays.
Have some fun,  you can use fussy cut images as I did with this cat and dog or use a die cut images.
Please pop over for all the details and see what we have been making.

On the left are a few photos 
of the stages in my journal before I decided to stop messing stick down the animals and declare that I liked the  version with the friends sheltering under an umbrella
A few photos later and I could add the computer generated words, once again the words were moved around  before I was happy with the final version .

Thank you foe calling in I hope you have a good and safe day.

Tuesday 19 May 2020

T day.... coffee! and roses for AJJ

Its Tuesday and its T day
where we are always made very welcome   each Tuesday with a drinks related post.

Just to give a few of you a shock my choice of drink for this post is a......
with a frothy milky topping.

All this brew needed was the kettle of boiling water
and for me to open the packet and give it a stir. in the mug.
Not my usual brew of tea, but I did enjoy having this for a change.

My hands on  crafting time is still  limited, , although I do try to get some base layers started in my journals.

The first page  involved stencils and oxide inks.
All the images were added in the digital program I use.

A second base layer  with the same stencil


There was a lot of ink left on the stencil so  I sprayed it with water
 and managed to get the pale softer background.
So another hybrid page created......
this one I will link up to Mia's theme.......Flowers

Thank you for stopping by
However you spend your day, I hope it will be a good one for you.

Friday 15 May 2020

Meet Miss Rose

Miss Rose is calling in to add some colour to your world and 
bring you a friendly hug to brighten your day.

This is how she looks in my journal.
 A stencil background, she came  from a die cut block book [StudioLight]

After posing for her photo, the extra flowers. words and stitched frame were added in the digital program I use.
Sorry I cannot attribute the quote.
I had it written down with a few others that caught my eye in recent weeks while surfing the net.

I will be linking to Mia's theme of..... Flowers .....
She would also fit the theme of Lovely Ladies at

Thank you for calling in today.
Stay safe and keep well.

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Lovely Ladies...... at TioT's

Lovely Ladies......
is the new theme at Try it on Tuesdays.
WE hope you will join us there, please pop over to see how  the TioT's gang  interpreted the theme and to get all the details.

My page began with a splashed 
mop up background and I added the fun gals. These were die cut pop outs from a [ StudioLight paper pad.]
This lovely trio love hats and couldn't decide which one to wear , so I pilled a few up in case they change their mind at the last minute before they go out.

Thank you for calling in today.
However you spend your day stay safe and well.

If you called in for T day, please scroll down to my earlier post

Tuesday is ..T day and a flower for AJJ.

Its Tuesday and its time to visit Bleubeard and Elizabeth for....
T stands for Tuesdays
 and we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post.
After a number of days seeming to all spread into one and nothing being completed,
 I have a couple  journal pages to share today.
First of all  the tea was placed close by, before I started  writing the post.
This first one had a stencil and stamped background, but was finished off
with some digital images.  Alice and her friends brought their own teapot, but if it wasn't so cold here I would really enjoy one of those ice cream cones.

These  past few days, it seemed like winter was returning, so I have created another journal page for Mia's theme..... Flowers

The words gave me permission to create, so I changed the colours slightly  in the digital program I use.
Even the bumble bee has lost his yellow bands, which I have to admit don't look yellow in the original photo.

Thank you for calling in  today.
Stay safe and keep well.

Thursday 7 May 2020

Make each day count.

'Make each day Count'.
This has got to be one of my favourite  word additions  to a journal page just now.

Another red water coloured flower page for Mia's theme over at 

A smudged and splashed background was the starting point
. and a stamp [StudioLight]
 that came with its own background random stamping.

After I'd stamped the flower and words  I added more splodges.   I took the photo and went off to play
 in the computer program I use.
Where   I added the thready looking flower group
 on the left of the page.

Thank you for calling in today.
Stay safe and keep well.

Tuesday 5 May 2020

Tuesdays musings.

Meet a local red  squirrel
Our eldest son came across this wood carving  when he was out  for a walk the other day, so he took me these  photos and sent its location  and it turns out that its not far from where we live.
When our restrictions are lifted I may give him a visit myself.
Not much is happening craft wise  for me, I  just don't seem to have the motivation,
although I do have a few journal pages in various stages of completion.
I wake with good intentions and  the next thing I  know its time to make dinner.

However I did remember to take a photo of the Soda bread I made this morning,
The tea as always, was on the bench and I did have a slice of warm bread and butter to help it down.

I will be calling over to Bleubeard and Elizabeth's  where each Tuesday we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post.

Fast forward a few hours yesterday and I finished a journal page.........
which had to wait till this morning to get a photo.

I had  used a stencil for the background  and there was a few mop up areas as well..
Its a  Studiolight  stamp of the flower, which I stamped again and fussy cut.
 after I had used water colours for the shading.
I will be  linking  this to Mia's theme at
Art Journal Journey........Flowers

Thank you for calling in and however you spend your day....
Stay safe and keep well.

Friday 1 May 2020 Art Journal Journey

A new month and a new theme at

This month our hostess is
Mia   from   Craftartista 
 the theme she has chosen for us is.......
Flowers can brighten the day. cheer us up when we feel sad, make us feel happy
 just seeing them growing outside or in our homes.
My journal page was made using a variety of stamps, a stencil background   and water colours to paint the flowers.

Flowers don't need to be placed in an special container, they would  make me happy in any shape, be it milk bottle, jam jar, glass or posh china vase.

I'm sure we will all enjoy this theme  and I hope you will join us at Art Journal Journey.
Thank you for calling in today.
Keep safe and well.