Tuesday 25 January 2022

Add a Quote at TioT's


A new challenge theme begins today over at

 Try it on Tuesdays.....

'Add a Quote'

Please call over to TioT's to get all the information and see we interpreted this theme.

My quote went onto a layered digital journal page.

I think my lady could be  reflecting on how time changes us,

  the way we may look and see others.

 We still feel the same inside but the way we appear changes as we get older.

I found the quote I used  on the internet but couldn't find a link to who may have said it.

'Time does not change people,

Time reveals the true face of people.'

I will also link this Journal Page to Art Journal Journey

where the theme chosen by Erika is... Lets Face it. 

Saturday 22 January 2022

Behind the mask for AJJ.


Lets Face it  at Art Journal Journey

 is the theme chosen for us by Erika

I started my page with this group of fussy cut stamped images

and wondered what facial expressions they might have  if they were stood talking to each other..

In  our current times of  mask wearing  to protect each other from the virus so many of our features have been hidden from view.

I had some pop out faces and gave each girl a happy face 

and hoped they would enjoy being together talking about how they are looking forward to when they will be free of covering their faces.

Our restrictions are changing in the UK, time will tell if the right decisions have been made.

Stay safe everyone and thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday 11 January 2022

In with the new.... at TioT's


'In with the New'

is the first theme for 2022  over at

 Try it on Tuesdays

where you will find all the details  and can see  what we have been sharing with you there.

I have made this layered  card using one of my new stamps from All&Create.

The image was water coloured, and I used a puddle of green paint on another  stamp

to create  the leafy surround instead of ink.  I think I need more practise with this technique.

The butterflies and sentiment were digital additions.

So I am sharing a new stamp and a new  way of stamping an image with you today.

Thank you for calling  here and I hope you will join us at TioT's.

Sunday 9 January 2022

I am Me for..... AJJ

' Lets Face it.'
A digital journal page for the theme Erika has chosen for us this month
The background of the page was paint, stencils and mop ups 
with the images added in the computer program I use[notes in the sidebar].

I am  Me........well I don't look like this,
 but we are all different and by looking at our faces and the faces of others.
 we immediately see how different we are.
Our facial expressions, a look, a glance, a grimace, a hard stare, a smile.
we show happiness and pain, anxiousness. fear joy, sadness.
 I think you can imagine how long this list could get.
So when you next look at someone , 
give a thought to what may be going on in this persons life that could be hidden 
 by the facial expression they show the world.
Thank you for calling in today you are always welcome here
 and I hope you are safe and keeping well.

Saturday 1 January 2022

Lets Face it....... at Art Journal Journey


'Lets face it'

is our first theme of the year over at Art Journal Journey,

Erika is hosting this month and I hope you will pop over to see  her inspiration, read the 

information and background for the theme,

 that  she has shared with  us all.

I used a few digital face images for this page,  creating imaginary friends for Elsie  who  is

missing her school friends. Seeing the expressions on their faces

 I think they would  all be  happy in each others company.  

It is said that  every face has a story to tell and I'm sure these girls will have many as the  years go by.

We are looking forward to seeing your take on this new theme.

Happy New Year to you all.