Sunday 9 January 2022

I am Me for..... AJJ

' Lets Face it.'
A digital journal page for the theme Erika has chosen for us this month
The background of the page was paint, stencils and mop ups 
with the images added in the computer program I use[notes in the sidebar].

I am  Me........well I don't look like this,
 but we are all different and by looking at our faces and the faces of others.
 we immediately see how different we are.
Our facial expressions, a look, a glance, a grimace, a hard stare, a smile.
we show happiness and pain, anxiousness. fear joy, sadness.
 I think you can imagine how long this list could get.
So when you next look at someone , 
give a thought to what may be going on in this persons life that could be hidden 
 by the facial expression they show the world.
Thank you for calling in today you are always welcome here
 and I hope you are safe and keeping well.


  1. I simply adore this Yvonne - it sums up perfectly how I feel about myself. x

  2. Can't art and I love what you wrote, so true! Stay safe, hugs, Valerie

  3. A beautiful page Yvonne! I love everything about it!

  4. I love the "hidden faces in this page. I know they aren't really hidden, just not as bold as the big one. And the sentiment is perfect too. Sometimes you wonder why you are who you are, but that sentiment clears it all up. This is a beautiful piece Yvonne. Thanks for sharing at at AJJ. It is much appreciated too. Hugs-Erika

  5. Very impressive and beautiful page.
    You have created expression of faces very well and as well you say it in your words.
    Happy and safe week ahead xx

  6. A fabulous page, love the depth you've created and the words you used fit perfectly with your theme.
    Avril xx

  7. Fabulous page Yvonne and your use of words are so true

    Joan x

  8. I've had no internet or phone since last Monday, but stopped by to let you know how much I love this digital entry for Erika's theme at AJJ. It is so well done with some of the faces in the background, You really ARE you, dear and this is a great affirmation.

  9. What a truly wonderful page Yvonne. Others sometimes see an expression and think they know how we are feeling - your quote says it all. Take care, hugs, Chrisx

  10. I have always been fascinated by faces and it is a wonder I have not been approached by someone for staring at them in the past. There is so much beauty in a face and, as you say, each one tells a story. Have you ever seen a very good pencil drawing of an old old person, with all the lines and marks of age on it. To me that is so beautiful and I only wish I had the talent to do something like that.
    Saying that I must say I love your composition here. I love the delicate colouring, the way you have made the background and then brought in the faces. So very delicate but so thought provoking too.
    An excellent journal page for Erika's theme at AJJ. Love this Yvonne.
    Hugs, Neet xx (going back to look at it again)

  11. Such a beautiful page! It has a pretty winter vibe about it and I love how you layered the Digi images together - amazing ๐Ÿ˜. Take care and Happy January! Hugs Jo x