Tuesday 12 December 2023

Santa Clause is coming to town..... at TioT's.


 Our last theme of the year over at Try it on Tuesdays is...
Santa Clause is Coming to Town.

Its a busy time of the year for families who celebrate this festive season,
we hope you will join us and share your ideas and makes for this theme.

I have taken an easy option  altering a tag digitally  that  I created about 5 years ago.

This time Santa has a gift in his hand to place in  one of the Christmas Stockings.
Why did I use an old tag, well the answer  are the happy memories 
that this tag gave me when I saw it again. 

Tuesday 28 November 2023

A Traditional Christmas at TioT's


At Try it on Tuesdays the new challenge theme is....

A Traditional Christmas.

I have chosen to create a digital Christmas card,

 with postage charges being so high in the U .K. I think many of us

  will be sending wishes  to friends and extended family this way in the coming years.

Once again I have used a snowy scene,

 we always hoped for snow at Christmas as children, even a few flakes on the ground, caused excitement and the hope that we could go out to play a while , when we were feeding  the birds who were waiting on the fence in the garden.

Please call over to see how we interpreted this theme,

 we are looking forward to calling in your blogs to see what you have been creating.

Tuesday 14 November 2023

Baby its cold outside........ at TioT's

Baby its Cold Outside...
 is the new theme for the next two weeks over at
A digital journal page again from me, a cold,  winter scene,
magical days for children to play in the snow,
 they never seem to feel the cold as much as we adults do.
These two youngsters have seen the bird perched on the mail box,
 I think they may be trying to make friends
 and hope they have found some  foliage with berries that it might  like to eat.

W are looking forward to seeing how you interpret this new challenge
and hope you will join us at TioT's.
 Please pop over for all the details and see our interpretations
of the theme.

Tuesday 31 October 2023

Sparkle all the way .....at TioT's


'Sparkle all the Way'....

is our challenge theme for the next two weeks over at
Please call over to see how we interpreted this topic,   we are 
looking forward to seeing what you have been creating.

I have made another digital page,
 with  this  little one dreaming that she could be dancing
 in the moon light with the stars all twinkling around her.
Isn't imagination a wonderful thing no matter how old you are.
[Notes about my digital pages can be found in my sidebar.]
Thank you for calling in here, 
your visit is very much appreciated.

Tuesday 17 October 2023

Halloween .......... at TioT's

Its time to share our latest theme  of....

 ' Halloween'

 over at   try it on Tuesdays

A digital journal page from me to celebrate  Halloween, the new theme at TioT's

These two young ones are all dressed up

 and off out to join in the Trick or Treat fun,

 even Blackie their cat wanted to join them.

We hope you will join us, please pop over to TioT's to get all the information

 and see what we have all made for this  new challenge theme.

Tuesday 3 October 2023

Autumn .... at TioT's


Our theme for the next two weeks over at

Try it on Tuesdays.......is


I chose to  focus on my favourite autumnal colours the rusty red and brown shades

and create this digital scrapbook page. Out walking in the local woodland the leaves crunch

and we can still occasionally hear the owl though not as much as during the summer.

You can interpret the theme  

in  any style, mediums etc that  you  enjoy using.

We hope you will join us  at TioT's, call over to find all the information

 and see how we interpreted the theme

Tuesday 19 September 2023

Going Round in Circles.... at TioT's


'Going Round in Circles'

is the new theme at Try it on Tuesdays.

I am sharing two  digital Birthday  cards that I made with this theme in mind.

I tried to leave a bit of white  on the card using shades of the same colour

for  the images etc.

We hope you will join us over at TioT's, where you will find all the information

and see our ideas for  this challenge .

 We are looking forward to seeing your interpretations .

Tuesday 5 September 2023

Fantasy.... at TioT's


'Fantasy' ..
is the theme for the next Two weeks over at

For this  digital page I decided to hold a  fantasy dance party,
 even the pots and pans joined in the dancing.
They all look like they are having a good time.
All the images came from the digital programs I use [notes in my sidebar]
Please pop over to TioT's to get all the details and 
 see how we interpreted this fun  challenge
 and we hope you will share your fantasies with us there.

Tuesday 22 August 2023

Lets go Outside..... at TioT's


Lets go Outside.....
is the new theme over at
My digital journal page is all about the feelings of peace and tranquillity
 that that the country side gives to me,
 when I am beside the river
 or walking in the small wood and the fields beside my home on my way to the riverside.
Early in the day there is a silence broken by birdsong,
 later,  perhaps rowers practising for  future races and families enjoying a walk.
Please pop over  and see the way the everyone at TioT's has 
been inspired by the theme, all so different,
 we look forward to seeing how you interpret this theme.

Tuesday 8 August 2023

Sing a Song...... at TioT's

Sing  a song 

is the challenge for the next two weeks over at

Try it on Tuesdays

 "We are Family.....

I got all my sisters with me".....

is the song  sung by Sister Sledge

that inspired me to create this digital journal page.

I have to admit I have used this song in the past as a  prompt for myself, needless to say it is a favourite song for me from a good few years ago.   My  cousin two weeks my senior   declares she is my older sister ,we even think alike about many issues.

We hope you will join us at

  Try it on Tuesdays.

pop over and see how we all interpreted the  new theme

and share your favourite songs with us there.

Tuesday 25 July 2023

Pretty papers


The new new challenge over at Try it on Tuesdays is...

 Pretty Papers

I have added a few pictures of the papers I selected from my stored files, to create this digital card. I layered them up a few times to see  how I wanted to use them.

. A bonus for me with digital layers is that there is no need to stick anything down  and its so easy to move layers  with a click on the computer mouse.

  In the computer program [ notes in my sidebar]  I use.

 If needed,   I could have   even changed  the colours   so the papers would all compliment each other.

To my card  I added a digital floral image and a Birthday greeting.

Thank you for calling in to see me here today.

 Please  pop over and join us at TioT's

and see the pieces the team have created and shared  for this new theme.

We are looking forward to seeing how you use your pretty papers.

Tuesday 11 July 2023

Use 3 Colours....... at TioT's.


'Use Three Colours'
is the new theme for the next two weeks over at

. Please pop over for all the information and  see  our Three Colour choices. 

I am still creating digital cards as these days I find it difficult to hold things 
like ink pads without loosing my grip and letting them drop onto the  card,
they have a nasty habit of falling onto the images I am  using, ink side down.
So digital is much cleaner and  safer for me just now.

I  do use photos of  my saved
 useable mop ups etc.
  Many of us. I'm sure 
 will have a pile of  these somewhere
 in our craft space,
 like this  stencil background.
 Hence my colour choice
  of shades of yellow and green 
with a splash of red.

Thank you for calling in to see me, 
I hope  you will join us at TioT's 
and share  your three colours choices  there.

Tuesday 27 June 2023

Summer Blooms.......... at TioT's


Summer Blooms....

is the new challenge theme over at Try it on Tuesdays

A digital Birthday card from me for  today,

 this theme really appeals to me as I love to see  summer flowers, they always look so bright and colourful. This theme could be interpreted in many ways other than flowers. This was my take on it using digital images of flowers. 

We hope you will join us  and share your ideas, remember  you can use any materials,

mediums, styles etc as long as you use the theme.

Tuesday 13 June 2023

Listen to the birds......... for TioT's


Birds and/or Feathers....
is the new challenge  for us over at
I have created a journal page in the digital program I use with....
' Birds',   as my focus  and of course birds have feathers
 so I am  covering both parts of the challenge theme..
The page began with a photo taken of a hands on background page

This was an embossed page, coloured with distress ink, as you can  see I was able to 
alter it to an oblong shape and change the shades slightly before adding the images....
to create the page for my digital journal.

Please pop over to see  the ways the folk over at TioT's 
interpreted this theme and get all the challenge information......
we look forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday 30 May 2023

Make it Masculine.......... at TioT's


Make it Masculine ......

is the new theme over at Try it on Tuesdays

I have  created a digital journal page as I had  a bit of a back story  in my mind.

Dad decided to take his son Angus out for a day trip

 in the families much loved old mini car.

  [it only gets out of the garage on warm sunny days never in wet weather]..

They explored  and ended up down a narrow country lane,

 as they were deciding where to go next    the bird family turned up and asked for a lift .

Mother got a lecture about not damaging the paintwork on the car roof,

while the youngsters hurried to get on board.

I think dad will have  made a sharp get away in case any more family turned up.

A bit of a silly story but I know from experience and my family,   that men

can treasure old cars.

We hope you will share your take on this theme with us at TioT's

Please pop over to see what we made to share with you.

Tuesday 16 May 2023

Keep it Simple.... at TioT's


A new challenge theme over begins over  at
Try it on Tuesdays today.....

Keep it Simple..

I have to admit that this was not an easy theme for me
 as I decided to leave a lot of white space on this digital card.
 If I had been able to use inks etc [ I have trouble  gripping and holding things these days]
   I would have been in real trouble keeping this card simple as I just love  inky backgrounds.

WE hope you will share your interpretations of our theme
and join  us at Try it on Tuesdays

Tuesday 2 May 2023

Use a Stencil....... at. TioT's


A new theme  ... Use a .Stencil  begins today at

After the first  inking  and using of   the stencil image,  it was   sprayed with water to get a second impression  to fill up a bit of white space in the corner. Photo of the page taken , it was then 
added  into  the computer generated program I use [notes in my side bar]. 
 to create  these two fun digital cards for friends,
 I know the quotes will appeal to and  make them smile.

This is  second fun card I made with the same stencil background

WE hope you will join us at TioT's and show us how you  interpret this new theme, please call over to see what the DT have been  creating  are  to share with you there. 

Tuesday 18 April 2023

Rainbow Colours at TioT's.


'Rainbow Colours'..
is the  theme for the next two weeks over at
I 've made a colourful journal page giving these two friends
 permission to paint  their playroom walls and not to worry if they got paint  on the  floor.
I think they really enjoyed themselves once they realised they
 were not going to be in trouble for using so many colours. 
  as adults we  would think this looked a real ..... MESS
 but to the children it would  have been freedom
 to experiment with paint and colour.
I started with a mop up page added sponged on dabs of paint then added the figures
 and words from the digital computer program I use.

We hope you will join us at TioT's and have fun using colours.

Tuesday 4 April 2023

Hello Spring.... at TioT's


Hello Spring....
is the new challenge theme over at
I decided to make this any occasion card using springtime colours.
 A stamped fussy cut  image which if you take a quick glance
 could be a an open daffodil flower. 
Its  on a brusho coloured background page,
 which has been waiting for many months to be used in some way.
 I'm sure we all have many papers like this.
We look forward to seeing you you interpret this Spring  theme  ,
which depending on what part of our world you live in 
could look totally different to mine  here in the U.K.

Tuesday 21 March 2023

Oh so Sweet...... at TioT's


Oh so Sweet..

is the new challenge theme over at

 Try it on Tuesdays

we hope you will join us

 and  look forward to seeing how you interpret this theme... you can see our idea's there.

Maybe you will think of  cute animals  or  scenes,  sweets, cakes etc.


I chose to create a digital page and   scene,

[ notes in my sidebar of the programs etc I use]

 Two children excited to be going  to school together ,

  maybe a little scared ,

 the clock wasn't helping as it was showing the wrong time,

 but  so sweet that that they are holding hands and  looking   after each other.

Thank you for calling in to see me  and

however you spend your day I hope it will be a good one for you.


Tuesday 7 March 2023

Its all gone Green....... at TioT's

 The colour green or recycle .....

 is the new theme for the next two weeks over at
 Try it on

On the left is the original page I used  and altered for this theme.
 You will guess this was  all changed using my computer. The background had been a hands on mop up page.
Changes to  shades of green with no mess involved.

We hope you will join us at TioT's and we look forward to seeing how you interpret the theme.
 You can  get all the information and see what we made  here.
 We also have some  news to share with you

Apologies for being late sharing this page, but my computer had a big update a few days ago and its like learning to use it all over again.

Tuesday 21 February 2023

Lets get Messy

 A new theme over at Try it on Tuesdays 

and some exciting news.

We are welcoming Pia and Viv to the team.

 Please pop over to say hello and follow the links to their Blogs.

As always you will be able to see how we interpreted the new  theme and we look forward to seeing your versions of the topic.

Lets get Messy......

In the past a messy page would most likely  have been  binned, whether it was a hands on version with spilt paints and mop ups or a digital page gone wrong.  Now I keep them to use,  some like this one  as a background for my digital   images

On the left is a photo of how my messy background began.

A mop up  page on kraft card, added using computer programs [notes in my sidebar] into a digital journal .

 It looked dull, so I added some digital splodges of white, I thought the colourful bird images , brightened it up. 

I hope this illustrates that you can get messy in many ways when it comes to crafting. 

Its all about how comfortable you feel with what you created,

 its your mess and if others should like what you made that would be a bonus.

Hope you enjoy the theme and I look forward to seeing your messy creations.

Tuesday 7 February 2023

All you need is Love ...... at TioT's


'All you Need is Love'......

is the new challenge theme over at
we hope you will have fun and enjoy  this new  topic and
look forward to calling in to see what you have been making.
You can get all the information
and see how the DT interpreted the theme .

I made a Valentines card, digital images  and one one of my own messy backgrounds.
Thank you for calling in to see me today
 and I hope  you will share  your projects
 and  cards   with us at TioT's.

Tuesday 24 January 2023

Winter Blues .... at TioT's


'  Winter Blues'..... is the new theme over at  

I decided to create a couple of   anytime or occasion digital cards  for this theme. 
A card sent for no particular reason, just to say that  you care about the person 
and hope that in  some way it would  brighten their day and chase the blues away.
I used a variety of blue shades and some  images   from the programs
 I use on my computer [notes in my sidebar] 
 including a background that turned out looking like a dull winter blue grey coloured sky.
We hope you will  have fun interpreting this theme,  we  did ,
 please call over to see what we  made and join us at TioT's.

Tuesday 10 January 2023

In with the new..... at TioT's


'In with the new'

is the  first theme for the New Year over at ......

Try it on Tuesdays.

My digital journal page is not created with new images but ,

  I created it with new ideas and  goals in mind.

 These past months my crafting mojo has been well out of action.

My blog neglected as well as  my visits to see what friends have been making.

I cannot promise this will change  quickly

 but I do hope I can keep my

New Year's resolution to visit.  I might  just get to read the posts .

The crafting may be digital, this will depend on how the old hands behave themselves.

I wish you all a very 

Happy and Healthy  New Year

and hope  you will join us over at TioT's.