Sunday 30 July 2017

Cats for AJJ and Moo Mania

I saw that the new theme over at
 Moo Mania and More...... is
This was such a coincidence as I was thinking about using some Paper Artsy stamps that hadn't seen ink for a while, that might go with this  new one of a cat.

So here is a simple tag,  with pre- printed  paper background and coloured with ink pens.

But as July is just about to end, I wanted to create one last page for

Summer Love theme at.....

Tiger, my spotty cat loves spending her Summer Holidays in the company of good friends.
They love the  hot summer nights when they can stay out late and enjoy being together.
Similar to us humans I think, Don't you?

I have used the tag you can see  at the top, to make this hybrid page.
Tiger has invited Bleubeard and Squiggles over for  a visit.
I hope they enjoy themselves.
I, for sure have enjoyed making my journal pages this month for their human Mom's AJJ theme. 

Thank you for calling in to see me today, You are always welcome here.

Friday 28 July 2017

Share the love of Summer Laughter

 Share the love of Summer Laughter
Friends who you love to spend time with and   enjoy their company on  a perfect summers day.
These were my thoughts when I made this page

The base started off  when I accidently dropped an ink pad on the blank page. I have used old nearly dried out pads this way before, but  decided to give it a go for real with some juicy pads . The laughing trio of girls are from a Jane Davenport tissue and the word sentiment a stamp .
I used the same colours to stamp up the wild flowers.

I am happy with my original page, but many of you know I like to play with my photos in the digital program as well.
A few more digital  inky layer on the top photo

I added  summer flowers  as I;m sure the girls would  enjoy seeing them as well.

I will share this page over at 

where I have really enjoyed creating pages this month for 
theme of Summer Love.
I may even find time to join in one last time over the weekend.

Thank you for calling in to see me today,
I always appreciate you stopping by.

Thursday 27 July 2017

What are my favourite colours

My Favourite Colour Combination 
is the new theme over at Tag Tuesday

I enjoyed making this tag and used two Oxide inks as my colour choices.

Chrissie is hosting this theme and it wasn't at all easy to pick out  what I like best.
Choosing colours for me can depend on many the sun shining..... is it dull  I happy....... what am I making  ....... etc.
So for this tag I chose to go blue and green, for me, two colours of summer.

I used a coat of white gesso as a base.
Blended on the two colours, then spritzed  the tag with water. After drying  I stamped  some flowers and script.. The same colours were used on the die cuts.

The butterflies were digital additions.

Thank you for calling in to see me today,  you are most welcome here.

Wednesday 26 July 2017

Summer mornings.

Digital  journal pages today to share over at

where there is still a few more days for me to join  in with Bleubeard and Elizabeth's
 fantastic theme of Summer Love.

This first one had me thinking of a misty summer morning ,
 when the sun is trying is best to break through the haze.
 We live close to the River Tyne and often the valley is hidden by mists and low clouds ,
a scene perhaps we take for granted as we know it doesn't last for long.

My hazy summer sunshine has moved a few hundred miles
 and taken me on a trip to Paris for this next page.
Its many years since I visited this city, but it was summer time and I loved the trip.

Thank you for calling in today to see me, your visit is always appreciated.

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Tuesday 25 July 2017

Cats and Tea

Hello friends who call in to see me today.
First of all I am sharing another hybrid journal page for

where our lovely T day  hosts Bleubeard and Elizabeth   are also hosting this months theme of Summertime love.
I got my inspiration  for this when I saw our neighbours cat, lying on our patio
 in the summer  sunshine on Sunday  morning.  It never came anywhere near our garden when we had our Meg, but I think it is feeling safe now  and we didn't mind it calling in. 

Most of my pages seem to be starting off the same way these days. With a fussy cut piece from a colouring page and a napkin.
Followed by extra shading and then some  digital additions.
I think I may be getting into a rut, but I have so many pretty napkins and lots of coloured pages to use, I am on a mission to get them into a journal.

Now to grab a cuppa and visit with the folk at
Bleubeard and Elizabethswhere T stands for Tuesday 

and we are always made to feel very welcome
 and share a drinks related post

On the subject of cats I think Elizabeth, Bleubeard and Squiggles might have enjoyed visiting  this
workshop we found whilst
we were in Yorkshire

--The Cat Pottery

The outdoor cats were enjoying the sunshine.

I spent ages looking around the pottery garden, which was situated behind the owners home.

They were cat lovers in real life as well and  you could tell,  each cat was named.
Yes they were displaying a price if you wanted to take one home, but it was their business. Some however were not for sale and when I asked it was because it was there special one off piece to remember a family cat.

Now for some of the indoor cats.

These were cast metal and to tactile to the touch.

Some of the china cats on the right, it was hard to get a good photo of these ones.
This is  a small metal cat  that I fell in love with,  we have renamed her Tiger.
after a cat we had many years ago. She used to sit on  a chair or  the garden wall,  in this same position and pounce on the dog we had at the time, as he  walked past.

Where is the cuppa you may be wondering,
I should have had a cup the size of this one that  we saw holding plants in a Garden center we visited recently.

But as you can see the tea was as usual. placed close to hand beside the computer as I was sorting through  these cat photos.
I have been working on holiday photos for the past two hours and  I still have loads to sort  out, but not today.

I will leave you with this selection of photos. The owner of the pottery suggested we walk to the bottom of the village take a right turn..... we did and this is the scene that met us. A  beautiful waterfall in an  equally lovely location.

Happy Tea day Everyone

Sunday 23 July 2017

Summer is colourful

Can you imagine a summer without colour?..........I can't
What if  the summer  flowers we love had no colour at all...
I think colour can brighten anyone's day, don't you.
This is a hybrid, mixed media page for

great theme is Summer Love.

On the left is how this page began. The first layers are a colourful background , a layer of checked tissue in the top corner. A fussy cut lady from the same paper stack..
Some Washie tape and scraps of a printed ribbon.
 I used some Jane Davenport items I purchased on holiday.
 However this didn't stop me from altering it in my digital program  as you can see in  my first photo.

Thank you for stopping by, I  hope you are loving  summer like  I am..

Friday 21 July 2017

Walking Boot?

Another hybrid page today that started off with a colouring in page.
It was my own base layer  for a journal page. 
I added some digital layers for the background, Removed quite a bit of the white  background digitally then added leaves and the words.

Sun flowers for me always seem to signify hot summer days. Maybe a walk in the country side and enjoy looking at the wonderful scenery.

But... what do you wear on your feet I wonder.

For me these days, its comfortable walking sandals
 or boots. I  do notice what other folk  wear and over the years have seen some rather out of place  footwear.
Flip flops on at hilly walk,
Wellies on a hot summer day,
High heels on a beach,
to name a few.
The folk all seemed to be enjoying the walks, so as long as they were comfortable, that was  all that mattered.

I will be joining the folk at Art Journal Journey
where Bleubeard and  Elizabeth's  theme is Summer Love..

This page luckily,  fits the theme for this week at the 
So I will pop over and join in there as well.

Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are most welcome here.

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Thursday 20 July 2017

Share some Sunshine today for AJJ

Well I have been reunited with my messy craft room. 
The fairies didn't come in and tidy up while we were away, nor did they help with the ironing that was to do this morning. Well we can all dream.
This hybrid page is for 

 theme is  .....Summer Love

I started by using  a couple of napkins, one with the dog and the other flowers.
I added some colouring and a stencil of the sun , rays and left it to dry out.

I didn't notice that while sticking down the dog I had lost part of his snout .
Well as its summer and butterflies in the meadows I was able to add a few and let one land on the tip of his nose.

I used the computer to add the words.

I will be adding the same quote  to my journal and  I know I have a butterfly lurking
 somewhere in my mess that will land itself on Oscar's nose.
Sunshine is what summer is all about for many, lets share a little with our friends today.

Thank you for calling in today, you are most welcome and I
 always appreciate your comments.

Tuesday 18 July 2017

Let it Shine at TioT's

Let it Shine......
is the new challenge theme over at Try it on Tuesdays.
 There is no ideas prompts,  just the theme and there are some fantastic examples from the girls.

Now,  I hope those of you who know me well, won't get a shock when they see
 a Christmas style card in July, here on my blog.  
The idea was a shock to me as well as I am usually so behind making them.

On the left is a photo of the card  with its first digital  layers and images.
I had meant to count the number of layers I added but, its easy to forget when  looking through my files for the things I wanted to use. 
Matting and layering  even with digital cards adds to their finished look and I am able to coordinate the colours in the Digital program I use.

Thank you for calling in today, 
your visit is very much appreciated.

For digital information, please
see notes in my sidebar.

Monday 17 July 2017 pots and journals.

Hello friends who call in to share a cuppa today.
make us all welcome each Tuesday  on  their blog
when we share a drinks related post.
Today,  at T. stands for Tuesday its their  4th Anniversary , many congratulations,
it is a warm and friendly blog to visit and everyone is made to feel at home.

Last week I shared some photos taken when we visited Settle of the many plant pot art that was around the town. Here are a few more......

Outside the toy shop.
The rocket was ready for take off.
The tractor had all the children wishing they could take a ride.

The dog was patiently waiting  for his owner to come out and take him for a walk.

The spider, gave me quite a fright when I saw it on the wall of this house.

A bee and the pirate, were just happy to be out in the sunshine.

The newly married couple were off on their honeymoon.
I was amazed at all the art we saw and the imagination and care that was put into making it a wonderful day out for the visitors to the town.

I have been making a couple of digital pages that also include flower pots, not nearly as exciting as the ones in my photos.  I will share them over at
Art Journal Journey
where Bluebeard and Elizabeth are hosting this months theme
Summertime Love

 Gardens can give us so much pleasure especially in the summer time.
We can sit in the sun or shade or even long into the evening.   How the colours change as the darkness falls can be magical. It is one of life's joys to be at one with nature.

My last photo is to share with you a little piece of my Sunday afternoon treat  and my cuppa.
We had been out all morning  and for lunch, but managed to get back to the caravan in time to watch most of the Men's  Wimbledon Tennis final,
where Roger Federer won in the final, creating a new record  number of wins at this venue.
My treat was strawberries and gingerbread  and I was very good, no cream.

This is my last post from this caravan trip,  I have even been lucky this time to get internet reception.
We are travelling home Tuesday morning, so it will be later when I get to visit you all.
 Thank you for calling in to see me .
Happy T day everyone.

Sunday 16 July 2017


is the theme at Tag Tuesday,
I was in no doubt that this means to me........ comfort food 
and in particular cakes would come near the top of my list every time.
However, to many is not good, but it is okay  to indulge now and again. 
So this is my digital tag for the theme, information can be found in my side bar.
Thank you for calling in to see me, you are most welcome here.

Saturday 15 July 2017

All you need is........icecream

A digital journal page for Art Journal Journey
where Bleubeard and Elizabeth are hosting this months Summertime  Love theme.

So why ice cream and where did this idea come from......

We have just been out to shop for  the weekend and visit a Farm shop close to our new caravan location,
 which is near Richmond.
Fridge restocked so time to have a cuppa and a read of a new magazine.  It is poring down with rain today, so I am able to play on the laptop. Well just until the tennis and cycling begins,  then we will be using it to watch  the sport, as we have no TV reception. Isn't technology wonderful.

 One of the pages had these ice cream cones
 and a pull out booklet. 
Bingo the idea of ice creams on hot summer days and how it was always a childhood treat popped into my head.

This is the leaflet I picked up and no you are not seeing thing, there were camels in the field.

Meet Doris and Delilah, the rain wasn't bothering them.
It isn't bothering us, we are back in caravan.

Thank you for calling in to see me today, I hope you are having a good weekend.

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Wednesday 12 July 2017

We love summer holidays

Can you remember what it felt like when  school holidays came around 
 and we knew we had about 6 weeks freedom to enjoy our summer holidays.
The sun always seemed to shine back then  and we were happy that every day was a play day.
Now these two kids really  look happy playing,
 the things I most remember were staying with my grandparents in their country bungalow.
The sun always seemed to shine I helped my grandfather around the garden and  read lots of books.  
I wonder what you loved about the summer.

So this is how my hybrid/mixed media  page began.
Guess what.... a colouring in page came first.
I do have many of these pages  to use, as these days I only take my lap top in the hope we get internet reception and some pencils and inks., when we go off in the caravan

I fussy cut out the heart and flowers before we came away and stuck it to this journal page which I  had  added  a paper napkin with hearts ,  a little random word stamping, stencils and shading with oxide inks.
A photo taken and it was good to use.

I will be sharing this page  over to
  Art Journal Journey,

Where Bleubeard and Elizabeth
are hosting this months theme of.....
Summertime Love.

I will also call in and join the folk at
Take a word 
where the theme this week is........Hearts.

Now a reminder that there is still nearly a week
to join in at Try it on Tuesday's , where the current
the theme is   TAGS .
I have created this digital tag as I am so inspired with the lovely rural scenery
close by to where we are staying.

Thank you for calling in to see me today, your visit is always appreciated.

Tuesday 11 July 2017

Flower Pots

Hello friends who call in to see me today.

I am having  a  cuppa over  at
 where we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post.

 I am sharing some photos of a visit we made to Settle.
on Saturday
. They were holding a Flowerpot Festival

The couple on the road side caught our attention and we ended up visiting Settle 
 as our day's destination.

Most of the shops  seemed to be involved .
These two were a treat to look in side as well.

Jack had his soldiers stood to attention as visitors passed by.

Minnie and Mickie, were just happy to see folk  going into their shop.
The tin man propped up in  the  shade of  a tree, had no intention of chasing the dragons it was so hot.

These two , just wanted to fly off and cool down.

Use your imagination, but I was told that the one on the left is a mermaid, she was even sporting a bikini top.  Phyllis just wanted to sell her pies.

Even the top of the old telephone kiosks had flowerpot creations on them.

The cow was exhausted in the heat. Harry and his friend were just thankful for a seat close by, they wouldn't have wanted to use their magic with so many muggles around.

By now we had reached the Market square and really needed some refreshment.
This Cafe/Take out had a big queue and the most delicious aroma's the make the mouth water.
There was seating outside, too many folk to get a photo.
I chose a hot  sandwich filled with fresh cooked  bacon rashers ,
 oozing  Camembert cheese  and cranberry relish .
Guess what was in the take away drink...... tea....of course.

This was the view from where we were sitting.

This group were outside a wool and materials shop.
all the folk stopped quite a while to see this family outing.

I will share some more flowerpot photos  soon.
As I have still quite a few still to unload from my camera and get sorted out..
Thank you for calling in to see me today.
Happy T day everyone.