Tuesday 11 July 2017

Flower Pots

Hello friends who call in to see me today.

I am having  a  cuppa over  at
 where we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post.

 I am sharing some photos of a visit we made to Settle.
on Saturday
. They were holding a Flowerpot Festival

The couple on the road side caught our attention and we ended up visiting Settle 
 as our day's destination.

Most of the shops  seemed to be involved .
These two were a treat to look in side as well.

Jack had his soldiers stood to attention as visitors passed by.

Minnie and Mickie, were just happy to see folk  going into their shop.
The tin man propped up in  the  shade of  a tree, had no intention of chasing the dragons it was so hot.

These two , just wanted to fly off and cool down.

Use your imagination, but I was told that the one on the left is a mermaid, she was even sporting a bikini top.  Phyllis just wanted to sell her pies.

Even the top of the old telephone kiosks had flowerpot creations on them.

The cow was exhausted in the heat. Harry and his friend were just thankful for a seat close by, they wouldn't have wanted to use their magic with so many muggles around.

By now we had reached the Market square and really needed some refreshment.
This Cafe/Take out had a big queue and the most delicious aroma's the make the mouth water.
There was seating outside, too many folk to get a photo.
I chose a hot  sandwich filled with fresh cooked  bacon rashers ,
 oozing  Camembert cheese  and cranberry relish .
Guess what was in the take away drink...... tea....of course.

This was the view from where we were sitting.

This group were outside a wool and materials shop.
all the folk stopped quite a while to see this family outing.

I will share some more flowerpot photos  soon.
As I have still quite a few still to unload from my camera and get sorted out..
Thank you for calling in to see me today.
Happy T day everyone.


  1. LOVE the pics, thanks for sharing these wonderful pleasures.xx

  2. These are incredible flower pot art. Each one is very unique and all are so very different. What impressed me was the range of imagination people came up with while creating these flower pot people. I can't wait to see more of these beauties.

    Your sandwich looks great, even for this vegetarian. And of course, I know it was tea in your cup. Thanks for sharing these wonderful and totally unique flower pots and tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  3. Oh this is such a wonderful post Yvonne and really made me smile.
    Naked man café? ha ha lots of great inspiration for someone looking to reinvent their garden like me :)
    Thanks for sharing all your fabulous photos.
    Hope your weather nice for you when you're out and about..
    have a great day.... Gill xx

  4. what a fun post:)
    happy t-day!

  5. Love the flower pots and what people have made of them, lovely post today, so much to see and enjoy! Happy T Day, hug, Valerie

  6. Wonderfil photos- such fun flower pot art!
    Happy T-Day dear Yvonne!

  7. such a wonderful post love the flower pots great enjoy

  8. what a wonderful visit to Settle to see the flowerpot festival! I love the creative characters. Wonder why the cafe was named as such...:) Looks like you had the perfect weather. Happy T day!

  9. How fun! I love the flowerpot creations especially the soldiers. I've bookmarked your page to get ideas for my Zensical garden. Have a happy T Day!

  10. Who knew there was such a thing as flowerpot days but man oh man, they sure came up with some clever ideas. It looks like a lot of fun. That could be a great AJJ page of flowerpot creations for summer too. Your lunch looks yummy, and I am glad you shared. Its a fun view on a dark rainy morning. Happy T day Yvonne. Hugs-Erika

  11. I love the flowerpot sculptures. Such a variety! Happy T Tuesday :)

  12. That's a fabulously fun flowerpot festival! I loved seeing all the different creations people had made, they are amazing 😀. There seems to be such a lovely community feel about the town too. Excellent sandwich choice, it looks so delicious and it's a good job I've had my lunch or I'd be off to cook some bacon... lol 😉. Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊

  13. So many cute adorable things can be made with flowerpots don't you think Yvonne? I've been tempted myself to try a few things... Now you've given me some more ideas.. Hubby would say i don't need any more projects!! lol .. Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  14. A Flowerpot Festival? I never heard of anything like that. How unique and what charming decorations people came up with. I love Minnie & Mickey, as well as the angels and the characters on the phone kiosks! The flowerpot family with dog, of course, is wonderful!

    Happy T-Day, Yvonne! Hugs, Eileen

  15. Fabulous photos Yvonne, and it's lovely to see so many folks taking part - just loved Micky and Minnie.
    Bacon sandwich sounds yummy. Glad to see you had nice weather too.
    Avril xx

  16. Happy T day Yvonne..hope it was a good one

    Nice to see something special at a Settle and the wonderful cafe.

    Love Chrissie xx

  17. A flower pot festival sounds like a wonderful creative idea, and the all the potty characters are great fun. Thank you for sharing the photos.
    Jean x

  18. Thank you very much Yvonne for sharing those so beautiful photographs of this fabulous festival ! Imagination has no limits!! Enjoy this happy time! Big hugs, Caty

  19. Loved seeing all the flower pots, what a fun visit. I think I like the elephant on top of the phone booth the best.

  20. Oh! What creative ways to display flower pots ♥ Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog. Lady's visit to the vet went very well with no parasites or diseases ♥♥♥♥

  21. The Flowerpot Festival looks a really fun place to visit! A lovely post Yvonne!
    Mar xx

  22. Oh! How wonderful the Flowerpot festival looks! We love Settle…and the Naked Man cafe! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  23. Oh wow, that looks like such a fun town to visit. From the name of the pub to all the flowerpot creations, it has a unique vibe. What a great place for tea!

  24. A flower pot festival sounds like so much fun. what clever creations you saw.
    Happy T Day!

  25. How delightful to go and see the flowerpot festival. Many villages hold one. Where we used to go in Devon, there was a flowerpot festival every year. I always enjoyed it immensely.
    The naked man café? You got me all excited there! But a bacon sarnie is not to be sniffed at either. At my age, I suppose I'd rather have a bacon sarnie!
    Happy (belated) T-Day,