Thursday 20 July 2017

Share some Sunshine today for AJJ

Well I have been reunited with my messy craft room. 
The fairies didn't come in and tidy up while we were away, nor did they help with the ironing that was to do this morning. Well we can all dream.
This hybrid page is for 

 theme is  .....Summer Love

I started by using  a couple of napkins, one with the dog and the other flowers.
I added some colouring and a stencil of the sun , rays and left it to dry out.

I didn't notice that while sticking down the dog I had lost part of his snout .
Well as its summer and butterflies in the meadows I was able to add a few and let one land on the tip of his nose.

I used the computer to add the words.

I will be adding the same quote  to my journal and  I know I have a butterfly lurking
 somewhere in my mess that will land itself on Oscar's nose.
Sunshine is what summer is all about for many, lets share a little with our friends today.

Thank you for calling in today, you are most welcome and I
 always appreciate your comments.


  1. Gorgeous page Yvonne, reminds me of how my dog used to chase butterflies and was always so disappointed when they were faster than she was! Sorry the fairies didn't come, did you leave them the key under the mat? Have a nice day, hugs, Valerie

  2. What a nice sommerzeitjournal and great as you did it and with the dog tip did not notice that it was missing and what else on it did. I love the butterflys with Dog!
    Happy Day

  3. Wonderful page, great composition!

  4. Love the journal page, great lay out and colors! Have a wonderful rest of the week! xo Cheetarah
    Contemplations of a Kitty

  5. So beautiful Yvonne with a wonderful quote. I have photographed the serviette so you sent to me as I can't bring myself to use them for crafting yet. Just live looking at them so far

    Ironing fairies never visit me either

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. This is a wonderful page, Yvonne. I adore how you managed to repair the broken napkin by using a butterfly on the darling dog's nose. It is genius thinking and a great way to repair the problem.

    So glad to see you have returned. Sorry the fairies didn't clean up for you, but then you wouldn't have the joy of creating as you clean. Thanks beyond belief for sharing this with Art Journal Journey today.

  7. This is a wonderful hybrid page - I even like specially here the part you did made by hand! SUPER!
    Those fairies are just lazy - lazy summer fairies - here as well ---we have to do all the hard work ourselves- not nice! My daughter helped me with the windows yesterday - so she was my substitution for fairies - an exceptional situation that she helps me....Thank you very much for all your wonderful support for Elizabeth's Summertime-Love theme!
    This is much appreciated !
    Happy weekend Yvonne!
    oxo Susi

  8. Lovely page Yvonne, great composition x

  9. Fabulous page Yvonne, love what you did with those napkins, - such a lovely summery page! Oh and if those fairies do come round, can you send them over my way once they are done?

  10. Hi Yvonne, the Page ist beautiful. Wonderful summery!
    Greetings Carola

  11. Oh I'd like some fairies too, although my hubby does the ironing so does that make him a fairy ... lol 😁. Your dog is adorable with the butterfly on his nose, that was such a great save. The butterfly meadow is so beautiful and the quote is fantastic, hope you don't mind if I'm write it into my quote book 😁. Enjoy the rest of your week and have a lovely weekend! J 😊

  12. So..the fairies went on their holidays and didn't sort out your craft rude!! Good to see your fabulous page! How clever of you to use the butterfly to disguise the mishap! Great quote too! Hugs, Chrisx

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  13. That's a cool napkin and it made a fantastic page. Too bad the cleaning fairies didn't come by you house, but they never come by mine either. :) Hope you has dome good times being away. Hug-Erika

  14. This is such a sweet and adorable page. The napkins you use are amazing, wish we had some pretty ones like that here. The butterfly looks perfect on the dogs nose, and lovely quote.

  15. A really lovely page, Yvonne! Fantastic composition with these pretty flowers, adorable dog and all those little butterflies and insects around it. Great quote too.
    Mar xx

  16. wow,a really beautiful page,i love the sweet dog and pink flowers on your page.
    wishing you a happy weekend dear meggy :-)

    hugs jenny

  17. Beautiful page and love the gorgeous dog and butterfly.xx [aNNie]

  18. A beautiful summer page! The dog is cute with the butterfly on his nose, that was such a great idea! Wonderful quote!
    Happy day! Rike x

  19. That ´ a so wonderful page Yvonne !! I love Oscar and its butterflies!! I need fairies too !!! Love this page !!! I wish you a very nice weekend, big hugs.

  20. A lovely summer page and Oscar is adorable, no wnonder the butterflies like him.
    Avril xx

  21. This page just makes me happy! I love the dog surrounded by the flowers - he looks happy too - and I love how you solved the tiny bit of missing snout. Altogether delightful.
    Alison x