Tuesday 31 March 2020

The beauty of natute for TioT's

The Beauty of Nature....
is the new challenge theme over at Try it on Tuesdays

There are many ways to interpret this theme, flowers, birds, animals etc.
 Please pop over to TioT's and see how the team interpreted this theme.

This is how my page began .... a stamped image  and lots of blue colour shades.I added the extra blue birds in the digital program I use.

You may ask why I chose blue  for my page and there wouldn't be a sensible answer.
I was feeling a bit low , then I looked out the window and saw the blue sky and even heard the birds singing in the garden.

A short time  later  I inked up the stamp again and used water colour paints  to create this card topper.
I'm still not sure which version  I prefer,  but I do know that I like to use stamped images,  each time I can get a different result  to use..

Thank you for calling in today
stay safe and well

Tea and paint

The last day of March and my last entry for Eileen's theme   'Green' at 

Would the rooster eat those macaroons,
 well no chance here,  as I;m sure  they would go nicely with a cuppa.
Which leads me to saying hello to friends over at
Each Tuesday we are made very welcome to join the gathering with a drinks related post

 So cuppa close by and a few stencils,
 all I had to do was find the green inks and paint, I didn't use the dotty page you can see in this photo, 
besides the few digital additions today, was going to be a green day.

It was also bread making day
An oven Cob bread loaf  was today's make in the kitchen,
even flour is now hard to find in our stores. 

The days seem to be longer and I have to admit I cannot seem to settle
  and concentrate  as much as usual.
 I miss our sons calling in, when they  bring our  groceries,
 they put the bag in the porch , close the door and phone us to say hello. 
We can then see them through the window and have a conversation
Its a stressful and worrying time for us all,  in our world and no one is safe. 
Our Prime Minister and Price Charles, both have tested positive to the virus  in the last week.
We have to be strong and follow the rules that have been set out for us by 
our governments and Health authorities.

Take care of yourselves my friends , stay safe and well.

Saturday 28 March 2020

A hug

Hold me tight

One hug
 even  a virtual hug across the miles is  treasured these days.
 So many of us are  are having to stay home 
 with no contact with our loved ones and friends.
It could be easy to feel Isolated and alone.

However it is a time to be thankful for the  internet where we can keep in touch and connect with our Blog friends all over the world.  also our telephones
where we can talk and communicate with our families and friends.
Modern technical  knowledge at its best

The first version of my page I altered in the digital program I use and turned it ' Green'
so I could sneak  another entry into Eileen's.....Green  theme over at
Art Journal Journey

I used a new Jane Davenport stamp on a mop up page that had a bit of random stamping as well

This is how the page actually looks in my journal,
no words added as I think the image shows the love and trust they shared .

However you spend you day, I hope it will be a good one for you.
 Stay well and safe and look after yourselves.

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Cut and Paste

Staying home......
Isolation ....a  decision many of us have not had to make for ourselves.
currently in the UK we all  have to stay home, unless working in necessary occupations.
. Both our sons  now   work from their own homes in the next village. 
 Last week the youngest came over and borrowed
my office style craft desk as  these days the dining room table is my craft-place,
 We had a last hug and from now they will leave  anything we need in the porch
 and give us a wave  through the window.
  This is allowed as we cannot get out for ourselves.
Food deliveries from the stores  have a long wait time,,
 an order I placed two weeks ago will hopefully  be delivered tomorrow, 
 thank goodness for freezers and items we may have been able to store  in our larders.

I will try not to feel low about the situation and  like so many others cope as best we can.
One plus is that  I can keep in touch with internet friends and of course still get some crafting time when hubby is resting.
This page is simply a background using stencils and some die cuts.
T day friends if you call in have  a laugh about reference to coffee, but I couldn't not use that one..
 it made me smile

Here is the photo of  my tea cup, so I can call in to Bleaubeard and Elizabeth's
for the T day gathering.

Stay safe and well  everyone
Happy T day wishes.

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Cookies for tea

Cookies for tea.
 one for Alex the tiger, one for Teddy and one for me.
There's even a spare one for  later.
Hello T day friends I was determined to  try to call in at
 Bleubeard and Elizabeths for T day this week.

Its good to have internet friends and crafting, especially in the current times, when daily we get information from our Governments about the restrictions that are going  to be part of our lives for  quite a time into the future. Keeping us all safe is a priority but I feel so saddened for the folk who  will be isolated for weeks and it could be us soon.
 My crafting times are limited these days as I look after my poorly husband. But I do try to do a little while he is resting.

Here is my cuppa close by as usual, with the laptop open in the digital program I use to  add extra images  to  my own pages.

My son brought one of my   stacks  down into the corner so I can have a few more things to hand.

I had coloured this page a few evenings ago, something I do need a bit more practise doing.

Thank you for calling in today, your visit is always appreciated 
 and I hope you all stay safe and well.

I will also link my page to Eileen's theme at
The theme is ....Green
My gal is wearing the green ,
 with a big green hat, so she can go celebrate St Patrick's Day with her friends.

Where would you like to live?...... Home sweet home'....... for TioT's

Where would you like to live? /Home Sweet home
This is the new theme over at Try it on Tuesdays.
We hope you will join us and have fun, please pop over to the TioT's blog
 to see how we interpreted this theme
We are also welcoming Mia and Helen two very talented and inspiring  ladies to our design team

Elsie loves going home, it is her happy place, where she feels safe and loved.

I fussy cut the images of the house and the girl.
Used a mop up background and shaded in the pathway.
The trees, sun  and words were digital additions.

In these troubling times as the virus is spreading across the world. Please  take care of yourselves and your loved ones and  spare a thought for the folk who are by themselves and may need help.

Thank you for calling in today, your visit is always appreciated.

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Its all about Green

An old technique revisited..... and one that still needs loads of practise and some patience  from me.

I had stamped the flower I wanted to use and covered it with a mask.
Pressed the distress ink pad directly to my page, sprinkled it with course grain salt, sprayed with water and covered it with cling wrap.
Sounds okay so far

The page on the left is another try using the same 
technique but with a different shade of green.
hard to tell on the photos.
I did help this page on its way to drying out and used a paper tissue to soak up the water.

The colour green is much paler on this page, I added the fussy cut girl and added  a digital frame..

The words read.....

Some things just fill your heart without trying.

Welcome to my corner of the dining room table,
this is my crafty space these days, I still have the cuppa close by   and think of the folk  who visit Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T day. Tuesday just flew past again this week.
Making plans isn't an option these days, my mantra of
' one day at a time'
 that you have heard from me  before,  is very relevant in our home.

I had two challenge themes in mind  for these pages.
which is Eileens theme over at

and a reminder
current theme...... A new technique.

Thank you for calling in today, your visit is really appreciated and I  will catch up as soon as I can

Sunday 8 March 2020

Can mice smell flowers?

A hybrid page for Art Journal Journal
with  Eileen's  theme ......Green as my starting place.
A short post from me today, I am grateful to be able to use the computer to create pages, as time in my craft room is nearly impossible just now.

This was how the page began, before I added more green paint and some digital additions.
 Questions I asked myself today were...... what can animals actually smell?
  I would like to think they can smell more than food and  other animals.
Can animals see colours among the greens of the  grasses and leaves ?
Do birds see colour or smell  the ripe berries on the bushes in winter time?
We have favourite colours or are drawn to the shades we like to see.

Anyway my little mouse friend is enjoying  the floral scents  freely given by these flowers. He found his way through the grass  to find them.

Thank you for stopping by, your visits are always appreciated.

Tuesday 3 March 2020

New techniques at TioT's

The  theme for the next two weeks over at Try it on Tuesdays is.......
New Techniques

I often use my stencils on mop up pages in my journal, but for this theme
I have decided to use them as stamps. A quick and easy  technique.

I used distress oxide to colour the stencil, sprayed it with water
 [just like I do for a mop up].
Pressed down onto the page just like a stamp,
kitchen paper  soaked up the  excess water.
Chose another colour and repeated the process,

The stamps I added are from  All&Create,
I hope you will pop over to see the techniques the TioT gang have been trying and share your art with us there.

Thank you for stopping by, you are always welcome here.

Sunday 1 March 2020

Its all GREEN....... at AJJ

A new month and a new theme over at
Our guest host for March  is Eileen ........' The artful crafter.' 
 the theme she chose for us is.....Green.

I used stencils ,  lots of  water colour paint and Distress oxide  green shades  for the background, I even gave  the stamped  owl a  green make over , I don't think he was to happy about the situation.
I couldn't resist adding the fun quote [TH].
How many times do we look at what we are creating and don't know when  to stop,
 do we add more or leave it as it is.
  One thing I would tell this wise old owl is that talking to myself doesn't work it only creates more questions to be answered.

Thank you for calling in today,
  and we hope you will join us at Art Journal Journey this month.