Friday 29 April 2016


This page sure looks mad to me. I think I should have stopped myself adding images,
and layers after the quirky houses
 but the Song   'Our House', sung by Madness,
 just wanted me to add this odd, mad collection of images.
 Can you just picture  this bunch walking around  where you live.
 it would make the day interesting to say the least.
This is my last page for
  Art Journal Journey.... For the Record.
I have had fun this month remembering old songs and reading about the songs
 the folks at AJJ
 like to listen too as well.

The Cheeky Challenge over at
this week is Town or Country.
This mad lot will be visiting over there as well

This page was created in my Craft Studio, using layers of my own,  also 
 images from Mischief Circus and Dezinaworld 

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Thursday 28 April 2016

Sisters in Silhouette.

A journal spread for Art journal Journey. where the theme is ' For the record '.
My song today is Sisters sung by the Beverley sisters, my mother used to love them back in the day.

You may have seen a glimpse of the pages in my last post, beside my cup of tea.
The background was sprayed  and mopped up and I used  a stencil  mask for the  the silhouette face..
I  added more shading, took a photo and then added some digital images and the wording. in my Craft Studio.
The main word 'sister's' was assembled  with some stick on letters I have had for years and not used.

Above is  my hands on  version.
with added random stamping and quote.
Sometimes pages work out, but these ones  I am not quite happy with-- too green
These pages I will share over at The Take a Word Challenge where the theme is  'Silhouette'

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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Tea anyone?

A second post from me, not often I have two on the same day,
if you called to see what I made for TioT's  its here,

This page I made using   my new set of Wild Flower die cuts that I managed to get when we were away in the caravan. So washing and ironing done, I just had to have a play.
For the cups die cut  I used a pretty paper.
There were a variety of stencils used for the background , with distress inks for shading.
I even used up some scraps of cut out parchment work I'd had saved in the bits box.
The flowers on the saucer were added digitally after I took the photos.

So pretty afternoon tea cups aside this is the more usual state of  my work desk.

Yes , I have cropped the photo a bit, but I wanted to share my cup of tea with the folk at
Bleubeard and Elizabeth

who all made me feel so welcome when I joined them last week.
 I may not get to visit every week, but I will certainly try.

Thank you for calling in to see me, the comments you leave for me are always appreciated.

Every photo tells a story

'Vintage Photo' is the new theme over at Try it on Tuesdays.
The girls have made some fantastic pieces, please pop over to see what they made.

This is how my journal page started off, it is a kraft card journal and soaks up the paint, I had no gesso so used watered down acrylics, which eventually worked.
The first stage was to add  a texture using paste and a stencil.

This is how it looked after added some book print and spray paint.  It slushed up so much ink on the print that  I ended up covering part  with some material and got out the trusty distress ink. Problem solved..
Back to  inky fingers, so sorry no photos of these stages.
It was finished off with touches of gilding wax.
Found relatives photos and a number of bits and pieces.

I don't often have a plan when I create a journal page but this time, I did.
My thinking  was. that we all grow older,
 yet,  friendships  that  span  those years, 
 become stronger as the years go by.

Thank you for calling to see me today and I  hope you will join us at TioT's.

Sunday 24 April 2016

They pass in the night.

A page for Art Journal Journey where the theme for this month is..
For the Record .....chosen by Linda.
The song in my head for this page was 'Ship's ',   by Barry Manilow,
the lyrics are here,
Yes, I only have a ship in a bottle but I did enjoy assembling this digital page, and if you don't know the song have a quick look at the lyrics and it may explain why my page looks like this.
The page started with one of my own journal pages,
  created in my Craft Studio, using Mischief Circus kits.  When scheduling this post  I hadn't  been reunited with my stash.

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Thursday 21 April 2016

A wonderful world

What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong
 is the song that inspired me to create this digital page.
Can you imagine peace, tranquillity, calm and  caring for all living things.
Then it would be truely a wonderful world. 
I am joining the folk at Art Journal Journey for this month theme of...
For the record.
All images used were from  Mischief Circus, my own and found images.

Thank you for calling to see me today, the comments you leave me are always appreciated.

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Afternoon tea.

A few days ago I shared with you a digital  page using this base layer
 and  some of these images.
  after reading your comment, 
this page is to share with you at,,,,,

This is my first visit with you all, for tea today.
I hope you don't mind me joining you.
We are away in our caravan this week and all my crafting is being created on the trusty old Lap top,
Our afternoon tea was a sticky walnut bun and coffee.

Today,  I have Herbert and Harry,
 discussing the merits and quality of the tea and that's all before they get to taste the macaroons.

Thank you for calling to see me, I always appreciate the comments you leave for me.

Spring is in the air at TioT's

Its the second week of our Mood Board challenge over at Try it on Tuesdays.

On the left is  one of my journal page  base layers, it was originally blue, but with the wonders of  digital art this was easy to change in my Craft Studio. Other images used were my own/found and from Mischief Circus.

Thank you for calling to see me today, the comments you leave me are always appreciated.

Sunday 17 April 2016

Tea's ready dear

A digital page for
where Linda has inspired us with this months theme--For the record/Inspired by a song.
I think Percy is trying to woo Pretty with a cup of tea in this scene,

They say the old songs were good ones and this is sure very old.
Tea for Two
It featured in a Musical in 1925 and has been recorded by numerous artists over the years, including Doris day, Bing Crosby and Smokey Robinson in 2006.
Created in my Craft Studio, using images for Mischief Circus kits, my own and found items

The theme of this week Dreamers Challenge over at
Digital Whisper  is ' Mouse'.
So the duo will be off to visit over there as well.

Thank you for calling to see me today, I always appreciate the comments you leave for me.

Thursday 14 April 2016

Shadows of the night

The Cheeky Challenge at Dezinaworld this week is
 Sun, Moon ,Stars.
A digital page using  Mischief Circus, Dezinaworld, my own and found  images
I thought of   night time  when creating my  page, the shadows that the moonlight casts
 and the twinkling stars as my inspiration.

Thank you for calling to see me today,
I always appreciate the comments you leave for me

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Enjoy your day at TioT's

The new challenge theme over at Try it on Tuesdays is something very different this time.
We are providing you with a Mood Board

Valerie wrote..........

Let yourself be inspired by the images and colours of spring. Think of the soft colours of the first flowers, the wonderful green of newly opened buds and leaves, the soft and fluffy whites of the young lambs and the swan's feathers, and the blue of a spring sky.Use some of these colours or ideas in your project'

Please pop over to see what we all made,
 we hope you will come and join us.

I was  inspired by the colours of spring on the board,
the blues, greens and yellows.
 and  decided to make this card.
Lots of layers, some plain edges and some distressed with the edge of a pair of blunt scissors.
The top layer was sprinkled slightly  round the edges with yellow and green Brusho powders,
 then sprayed with water.
I have learn't by trial and lots of errors that it is a good idea,
 to wipe off any excess powers after the card has dried out.
The image was stamped into the white space and water coloured.
I used Paper Artsy stamps for the image and sentiment.

Thank you for calling by to see me today, your comments are always appreciated.

Sunday 10 April 2016

A bat out of............................ by Meat Loaf

A mixed jumble of styles  for this journal page.
As you can see it was finished  in a digital program, I do enjoy mixing my own pages this way.

My aim was to make another page for
  Art Journal Journey
Linda's theme this month is ... For the record..... Inspired by a song.
It was realy the title of Meat Loaf's song...  'A bat out of Hell'
that got me thinking of what I would add to my page.

I revisited my dark side and used this page, which was a base layer for a Halloween project last year.  here.
The base layer is also one of my older journal pages, with a painted woodland.
Other additions were my own/stored or found items.

Thank you for stopping by to see what I have been making.The comments you leave for me are always appreciated.

Friday 8 April 2016

Childhood Memories

This weeks challenge theme over at June's Dezinaworld is.....
.......Childhood Memories
I'm sure many of us made wishes when we were young, maybe some of them came true.
I have happy memories of my childhood and I hope you do too.
We lived with my grandparents in a large old  house with a garden that went down to the river.

I used a page from  my journal as a base for this digital page
It is  kraft paper and I had used a stencil and texture paste .
I try to take photos [if I remember] of my basic layer, very handy to use  as a base for  the digital pages.
 I altered colours added images,  mainly from Dezinaworld, this little girl looks so sweet, sitting and perhaps day dreaming.
Other sources were Mischief Circus and my own stored ones.

Thank you for calling to see me today, I always appreciate the comments you leave for me

Wednesday 6 April 2016

Two Ladies in Red

Some days you just have to get a little messy, 
 I did have a more stylish  aim in mind, 
     but when I came across a box with these two lovely ladies in it. { I was looking for something else at the time } posh flew out of the window.
The song I was inspired by, for
Art Journal Journey's current theme ....
For the Record....... was...... The Lady in Red sung by Chris De Burgh.
I think these two would be in Seventh Heaven having this song sung for them.

Again not many photos taken of the early stages. A messy inky random stamped background. Some stencils  to add texture. More ink and silver gilding wax and of course my beautiful Stampotique ladies.  Black pencil  for the shadows.
I added the words and more splashes in  my digital program.

Thank you for calling to see me today. I always appreciate the comments you leave for me.

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Dilly the dreamer

Its week 2 over at Try it on Tuesdays for the Quotes theme.

I have another digital page to share.
Assembled using my own [ including another embossed layer background]
 and mainly Mischief  Circus elements.

I imagined Dilly having a dream where she could look all girly
 and wear floaty dresses and dance the day away. I wonder if her dream came true.

Thank you for calling to see me today, the comments you leave for me are aways appreciated.

Sunday 3 April 2016

Can you feel the love tonight? for AJJ

A digital page created using my own backgrounds,
found images and from Mischief Circus kits.
The theme  over at Art journal Journey  for this month is....
For the Record...Inspired by a song.
Its a super theme and has had me thinking about a number of songs I have liked
 and loved over the years. 
So this page was inspired by an Elton John  song from the The Lion King.

Can you feel the love tonight ?
The peace the evening brings
The world for once in perfect harmony
With all its living things.

I can so relate to this chorus verse, especially when you read in the press
 about the violence and unrest in parts of our  world.

Thank you for stopping by to see me today.
The comments you leave me are always appreciated.

Friday 1 April 2016

A whiter shade of pale.

The Cheeky Challenge theme this week at June's Dezinaworld is...
Whiter shade of pale.

The first thing that flew into my thoughts was the song of that name
A whiter shade of pale, sung by  Procol Harum.
This was a firm favourite back in the day and can still evoke loads of happy memories if  we [ me and my OH] hear it played on on the media,needless to say we have our own copy .

I had to hand this background in my journal, but pale images were being hard to imagine, so after a photo was taken , I was off into my digital mode, to create my own version here where hopefully the dove would bring a message that would bring a bit of colour to her cheeks.
Using images from  favourite sources. Dezinaworld  and Mischief Circus as well a few of my own. and all assembled in my Craft Studio.

 I have just seen that the girls and Linda the Guest Hostess at
have announced the new theme for April which is
For the Record.........Inspired by a Song
Yes,a song most definitely inspired me for this page.

Thank you for stopping by to see what I have been making today.
 Your comments are always appreciated.