Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Here comes Summer.... at TioT's

 Here Comes Summer....

is the next theme over at Try it on Tuesdays.

We hope you will join us there.  What do you enjoy about this season of the year, is it the sunny days,

going on holiday,  relaxing in the garden or on the beach, visiting somewhere  that has a history or is modern to look at. the list could be very long.

We hope you will join us and call over to see how the team interpreted the theme.


I used a variety of stamps on the scene, took a photo, then  mounted the piece in the
 digital computer program I use [notes in my sidebar]
My thoughts behind this scene are that Fred took Maud to the beach,
so he could sit and watch the waves and have a few daydreams.
Maud had other ideas she wanted to talk and declared she was a mermaid.
Getting no reaction to this remark I think she would just sit and enjoy her drink.

Thank you for calling in today 
your visit is always appreciated.

Sunday, 26 June 2022

I'm NOT catching fish .... for AJJ



      I'm NOT catching fish  

Well its nearly the end of June and I have managed to make

 another digital journal page for Mia's theme....Fish

 over at Art Journal Journey

I am struggling to create any type of art and  journal pages just now.

my mojo went walk about a number of weeks ago  and hasn't returned home as yet.

Add to this, a theme,  that I have to admit has caused me  a  big metal block on the topic. 

I am not  someone who enjoys the sea , I'm more country, fields and woodland.

Anyway I found in my digital library this vintage bathing scene, added some fish

then decided that Molly was trying to catch a toy  boat the boys has lost earlier

 and not the fish who were happily swimming with her friends in the sea.

Thank you for stopping by to see me

you are very welcome here.

Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Recycle at Try it on Tuesdays

The new theme at Try it on Tuesdays is....


I often use an  old calendar ,cards, cut outs from magazines  to make a quick card

 or a digital page.[notes in my sidebar]

I'm sure we all have quite a few cards etc that we have loved and cannot throw away, so why not recycle them and   help save our waste and our planet.

This card is simply cut and layered using an

 old calendar[ Wrendale designs by Hannah Dale]

I also made  digital cards, saves the postage  as well .

 We hope you will join us for this theme and look forward to seeing what you recycle,

please pop over to the TioT's blog to see what we have been making.

Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Is a Mermaid a Fish?


at Art Journal Journey.

Our host for this month is 

Mia from Craftartista,

the theme she is challenging us with is....


you will find all the information  about the theme and  our rules here

This journal page has a stencil and mop up background

I also used some die cuts of the crab and mermaid before adding  computer

generated fish images and the words

A photo  before I got adding  to many fish,

 I do wonder about mermaids.....are they fish?

 what language would they speak?

and could even imagine them in various situations.

 Here it would be Heidi thanking Henry the crab for looking  after her fish.

or possibly

Henry its bed time for the fish and they cannot play catch  this late as the fishermen will be about soon.

We hope you will enjoy this theme  and look forward to seeing  your journal pages.

Tuesday, 31 May 2022

For the Man in your life....at TioT's

        The   challenge theme for the next  two weeks  over at

.for the ........ 'Man in Your Life'  

'I have created  a digital Birthday card using  a hands on base
 for  some one
 who loves  cycling
A short post today as I am having trouble keeping my script 
 coloured black 
and I have a feeling it may be all underlined,
 I think ...blogger problems or computer gremlins are having a party here. 
so far I have spent nearly two days in short sessions with this small post.

Thank you for calling  in  here and I hope you will join us at TioT's

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Listen to the birds

So often we are so busy with our daily lives to stop and listen.
If we are in a town its usually traffic we hear,  the  chatter of people talking, maybe shouting or children playing.  I am lucky to live close to the country and perhaps have got so used to hearing the birds twitter and sing. Perhaps  I take this for granted, its part of  where I live.
This is another digital page for Matilde's theme of Birds over at
I haven't heard the local owl for a while, perhaps he is away on holiday while the other birds are  making up with their morning chorus and the continual racket the wood pigeons are making just now.

Thank you for calling in and I hope you have a good day.

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Butterflies at..... Try it on Tuesdays

A new theme begins today at Try it on Tuesdays


I have made a digital card to send to a friend using a hands on page from my journal as a stating point. The background colour was a mop up and I used a variety of stamps before stamping and colouring  the main flower image.
I was able to brighten the colours in the digital computer program I use as well as adding the butterflies.

You can use any format or style that you enjoy   as long as you follow  the current TioT's theme, we look forward to seeing what you create.