Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Winter Wonderland ..... at TioT's


Our new challenge theme at Try it on Tuesdays is...
Winter Wonderland.
This title had me thinking  immediately of a snowy day,  and how  our local robins get more adventurous and come closer to the house .
I created two digital [notes about the programs I use are in my sidebar]
 versions of this card,  the second one having more snow falling .

We hope you will share  how you interpret this theme with us.
Please call over to Try it on Tuesdays to see what everyone has been creating there, where you will find all the information about our challenges.

Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Traditional Christmas..... at TioT's.


A Traditional Christmas card for the new challenge theme over at
The DT and our Guest designer
have shared their ideas for this theme and we hope you will share yours with us there.

There is lots of white space on this  layered card and I used a  computer generated 
image as my main focus with  a traditional message.
Thank you for stopping by,
 apologies for not getting to visit and leave you a message  as much as I would like to these days,  I do visit you and enjoy reading and seeing the inspiration you share.

Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Sparkle and Shine...... at TioT's


'Sparkle and Shine'.


 Try it on Tuesdays

The weeks seem to be flying by and here we are at TioT's with a another new theme.

Again I have created a digital card, this method of crafting  I can cope with just now , the dodgy hands don't have holding things  and  a bonus is that there is less mess for me to clean away when, not if, I drop them on the table or floor.

[Notes on the digital programs I use are in my sidebar.]

We are looking forward to seeing how you interpret this theme and hope you will join us at TioT's. we did enjoy seeing your Halloween pieces in the last two weeks.

Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Halloween time.......... at TioT's


Its time for another challenge theme over at Try it on Tuesdays. We hope you will come and join us and share your Halloween projects, all the information can be found here

For my  Halloween card, I decided to recycle an image from my old Wrendale  2021 Calendar [it was called Its a dogs life by Hannah Dale] I never throw away old calendars the art in  them, I think is much to good to add them  to waste and re- purposing is good for our  planet, although for this card I did use digital altering and some added images.

Above is a few of the stages in my altering to create the card

The messy notes to myself last  October have  been blanked out.

Photos taken and  then a play in the digital computer program I use

Top right is my tidy version of the card image without the scribbles, to get it looking more like  the original page in the calendar.

Thank you for calling in today and I hope you will join us at TioT's.

Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Autumn ....... at TioT's



Autumn is our new theme over at Try it on Tuesdays

This could be a scene, the colours or your interpretation of this season of the year.

You can find out all the information here and see  the pieces

  the team and our Guest designer created .

I think autumn for me can be represented with the rich colours of nature, the deep ruby reds, rusty browns as well,  apples ripening on the trees,   the crinkling crunchy leaves when walking  over them, [not so good having to sweep them all up as the leaves fall into the garden.] 

Watching the birds squawk over the berries on bushes and seeing how they chase  others  to  protect their territory is an interesting way to spend  a quiet autumn afternoon.

For the theme I created a layered base on my kraft card  journal page

adding  a variety of digital images.

WE hope you will join us at TioT's and look forward to seeing how you interpret this new theme.

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Emboss it at TioT's


Emboss it....
is the new theme over at Try it on Tuesdays.
Pop over for all the details, and share with us how you interpret this theme..
will it be dry embossing,
 will you have used powders or another method.
 Please share your ideas and projects.

The base layers for my card were dry embossed and then coloured with distress ink.
I decided to keep this a simple card adding a simple computer generated  flower image.

Thank you for calling in and I hope you will join us at TioT's.

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Animals real or imaginary .....for TioT's

 A new theme for us over at Try it on Tuesdays....

for the next two weeks is....

Animals real or imaginary.

My digital  journal page is  about real animals, who seem to be happy together. Now in the real/ wild  world this is a scene that I think would never be seen.

 However  for a moment they all seem to be getting along together.

WE hope you will join us at TioT's and share your 
  animals real or imaginary