Wednesday, 1 July 2020

When its Hot at..... Art Journal Journey

The new theme for July begins today at .....

'When its Hot'

chosen for us by our Co-adminstrator
  Erika  [Bio Art Girl] 

I used  this journal page as my background, lots of water colour paint smooshed and splashed  all over to create a beach scene.  The vintage bathing belles are digital images. Quite a difference in the costumes women[and men] wore back  then 
 to the ones we are used to seeing
being worn  on our beaches today. 
Those bathing dresses look very hot to wear and I'm sure would be quite heavy when they got wet.

We hope you will join us at AJJ this month and share your  art there.

Thank you for calling by, stay safe everyone.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

The cycle ride followed by a nice cup of tea

I  enjoyed making this   digital silhouette styled  page as a reminder   for the theme
Create  a scene  at.... 
 Try it on Tuesdays
which has another week  for you to join in .
Its the end of the day and the bikers are returning home

It will also be my last  entry to Halle's theme at
Art Journal Journey.
Where she has hosted  and inspired us this past month with her theme...
A Stitch in Time.
Thank you Halle
 Like all my journal stitching the page was framed with digital stitches.

We used to cycle as  a family when they were young, especially on holidays,
the first thing I would do when we got home was to put the kettle on for a brew,
 the family preferred a cool iced drink but ,Tea has always been my go to drink

Hello friends at Bleubeard and Elizabeths
where we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post.
My tea is beside me as I write up this post,
Yorkshire Tea is my brand of choice,
 a traditional blend that I can drink with a splash of milk
or strong and dark depending on how I am feeling at the time.

Thank you for calling in today,
you are always welcome here.
 Stay safe.

Sunday, 28 June 2020


A  hybrid journal  page  to share today for Halle's June  theme at
A stitch in time

I had a mop up / stencil base to use in my journal, even some faux stitching  and had collected a few scraps of material together.
I thought I had a plan, but after leaving the pile together on the table for a few days, what ever my muddled head had thought it would do, disappeared out to look for other ideas.

My easier option at this stage was to add some digital images. I have seen Frida  featured in a few blog friends posts recently and this was the route I took. 
All joined together with some more faux stitching .

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you are having a good day.
Stay safe and well.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Tuesday is T day [or coffee]

Hello  everyone calling in to see me today, its Tuesday and that means its T day over at
where we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post.

I am on a mission to use up some of my journal pages that have either inky mop ups, stencils,  stamps and other messy backgrounds, I won't mention at length the bits and pieces, cut ups etc that have piled themselves into a mini mountain and need to be looked through, used or rude words coming up ....put in the dustbin.
This page has some random stitching around the edges,  I have  used this stamp on other pages and think  that for me I prefer my digital stitching options as it always seems to smudge.
The additional images are Studio Light cut/pop outs.

My cuppa as always was close by and there is  a glimpse of another page waiting to be used. 
I also seem to be favouring the same colour shades just now

I will link my journal page and its messy stamped stitching to Halle's theme 
A stitch in time.... over at 
However you spend your day I hope
it will be a good one for you.

Create a Scene at TioT's

The new Try it on Tuesdays theme is......
.'Create a Scene'.

Taking a scenic route, would be my choice but, 
 just now any route outdoors could be a happy event. 
Caring for loved ones, restrictions
 and rules for going outdoors
 make it an impossible dream for many of us. 
This is the scene I created .
She could be in any  town taking a walk  along  a colourful avenue, any where in the world .
I used stencils to give the impression of tall buildings ,
with distress inks for shading.
 Its a sunny day and  Millie [TH stamp] had time to stop,  look around and enjoy what she could  see.
Where would you like to be?

Please pop over to see what  the TioT's team  have been making and we hope you will join us and share  the scene's you create with us there.

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Tuesday's Musings

Hello everyone calling in today.
Another Tuesday and  time to go to 
where we are always made very welcome  with our drinks related posts.
Where did last week go to?

Another week of   isolation and shielding,   is not easy to cope with.
Time seems to quietly disappear and I wonder what I have actually done  that day.
The highlights of the week are not about where we've been or who we've spoken to or seen,
 but seeing our sons  from a suitable distance in the garden .
 I do miss not being able to give them a hug.  
The grocery delivery has become an event, especially this last week when I managed to order one carrot and one leek . Thankfully our youngest gets our top up shop and we all had a laugh  about mum's latest escapade with on line shopping. 

In my ramblings with a friend [over the telephone] we were  talking about the long term effects and how mental health issues  could  be  a big issue in the future.
 Restrictions are changing  but as yet none, that would make a big  difference   have changed for us.

The crafting gals ' Miss Mojo and Miss Inspiration'
 are still taking their time to get back in the house, I hope they are enjoying themselves where ever they are.

I had a look through  a journal to see if there was a starter/mop up page that might give me some ideas and once again decided that my digital computer program would be      the  best option.
You can see  the beginnings of a stencil page by my cuppa so I do have a work in progress on the  table, I guess it could still be there in the same state two days time. 

This is my first hybrid page with a  frothy coffee  for you to enjoy.

This second page with all the stitching and  clocks in the background I will link yo Halle's theme
for June at Art Journal Journey..... A stitch in time.

However you spend your day,
I hope it will be a good one for you.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Tuesday musings

Its Tuesday and its T day, where has the past week gone to....
each day is the same, we don't go out,  time drags and yet a new day will dawn.
This is my second cuppa of the day and its was  only 7.30 a.m.
So I will be joining the T gang over at 
for the weekly gathering where we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post.

This   is piece also shares the shelf with the clock, its a right dust gatherer but we love it as it is a constant reminder of  when we had the real live collie dogs in our home.

Our younger son is my link to the outside world this week, 
with a couple of photos of the village bus shelter.

The council allowed it to be decorated for the May celebrations . 

The flower planters outside were also a new addition

I think everyone is hoping they will let us keep the wall paintings inside

Miss Mojo is still walk about,
 I think she is looking for  Miss Inspiration who also seems  to have gone on the missing list.
I even got the duster out,
 but,  when  I came across this cross stitch on  a bedroom wall and   decided to give it a digital make over.
I cropped off the frame  and saved this  version to use.

So here is my digital page.
Adding stitching and  the original cross stitch will allow me to join
  Halle's theme  again over at
 Art Journal Journey.

Thank you for calling in, however you spend the day I hope it will be a good one for you.
Stay safe.

   If you called in to see
   my take on the new
   Try it on Tuesdays theme
Please scroll down to my earlier post.