Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Tuesday musing .

Hello everyone who calls in today, its
 Tuesday and it T day over at Bleubeard and Elizabeths,

where we are always made very welcome with a drinks related post
I  am sharing a hybrid page today

Yesterday wasn't a good light for photos here but I wanted to share with you the hands on messy beginnings and the clean digital finishing of  the page.
Above on the left you can see some of the number   stencil I used with the  painted background,   and a  die cut clock, which I covered with silver wax.
  After a good rummage I had  found my lost jar  of gilding wax. which had gone very hard. It was either throw it out[never an option for me, there has to be a solution] So with nothing to loose I took the lid off and gave it a few seconds whirl in the microwave.  
  Yes, it worked or maybe I was just lucky.

At this stage it was over to the computer, with the mug of tea not  a  posh one like  you see on the journal page I was creating
 or this one I had  in a cafe a few weeks ago.
 I had to use both hands to pick it up it was so heavy.

I will also  be linking the page with Art Journal Journey where I am hosting this months
 theme of Words and Numbers. Lots of numbers in the background, how could we tell the time without them. 

However you spend your day I hope it will be a good one for you


  1. So many posts that I didn't see...I am so sorry. Just being so busy but that's no excuse.I love scrolling down and see how creative you are and people like you that always keep following my blog deserve me coming back. I hope to do better next year my friend. For now I wish you a lovely december month with a lot of love from family and friends. xxx Plony

  2. Fabulous page and love the clock die.x

  3. Gorgeous journal page, glad yo always enjoy your tea. Happy T Day, Hugs, Valerie

  4. This is a giant mug of tea, but perfect for these wintery days. We have more snow here, so a mug of tea up in the studio later for me sounds just the thing. Love the latest page. If only time would stand still for a bit, but it doesn't seem to want to do that at all. Happy T day Yvonne. Hugs--Erika

  5. Beautiful. Yes, let time stand still and have a cuppa. Happy T-Day!

  6. Beautiful artwork and your tea looks delicious. Happy T-Day!

  7. Such a beautiful page! I love the vintage wintry design with the snow covered garden scene in the clock face - stunning 😁. Sending you very happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  8. Lovely page! and the sentiment appeals to me. Such a calm and peaceful moment she's having :) Happy T Tuesday!

  9. A fantastic page, oh yes I wished time would stand still for a while every day. It just flows this year.
    Happy T-Day, a giant mug. Super!

  10. what a charming site, I love it!
    she can not keep ticking at the moment she is going too fast!
    greetings elke

  11. What an amazing offering today, dear Yvonne. You are outdoing yourself at Art Journal Journey. This is a remarkable entry. I love the clock die and the gilding wax. You were VERY lucky. Good for you. Now continue to use it before it dries out again (grin). The end project was incredible, and goes so well with both your hosting at Art Journal Journey and T this Tuesday. That was ONE BIG CUP of tea at the restaurant, too. Thanks for sharing your incredible art with us at both AJJ and T this Tuesday, dear friend.

  12. Your page is sooo beautiful Yvonne-I really love it.
    That is a really big cup of tea for sure
    Happy T hugs Kathy

  13. such a tender and lovely page for your newly chosen theme at AJJ. And a nice BIG cup of tea sounds perfect to me at the moment. Happy T day!

  14. A lovely wintry journal page. They background is perfect for your digital elements. And I really like you simple white tea cup.
    Happy Tea Day,

  15. Lovely page though I would prefer time to stop during the Summer. Glad you were able to salvage your gilding wax. Happy T Day

  16. That is a gorgeous journal page. And your cup of tea really looks huge. It looks like a soup bowl you get in a restaurant.
    Sorry I'm late, but happy (belated) T-Day,

  17. Well rescued Yvonne, those waxes can be a pain when they go hard I never thought to put them in the microwave I'll try and remember that. It works very well on the clock face, a beautiful page. I could do with time standing still right now, there's really not enough hours in the day. Hugs Tracey xx

  18. Thanks for the process shots, so interesting always. And thanks for that tip about the stuff in pots that dry out, I have several unopened ones so I shall remember the microwave. Hope your weekend is behaving for you! xoxo

  19. So sorry to have missed visiting last week! This is so beautiful Yvonne! Chrisx