Tuesday 23 May 2017

Diary pages

Hello everyone and   Hi, to all the T day  folk. who call in from
 Bleubeard and Elizabeths
where we are all made most welcome with a drinks related post.

I have never been good a keeping a daily  diary, but after getting to know folk who do so, 
I decided that I would make my own daily diary and even if it was just a one  word entry,
 I would keep it up to date.
You saw the first three months pages I made earlier this year...here
The one above for April is appropriate to share with you on T day,
as its all about the Mad Hatters tea party.

This is  for May, and I will even be taking it away in the caravan so I can keep it up to date.

I found a few more snippets and added them to June's store pocket.

Now saying that this is for June, makes me realise that we are now nearly  half way through the year.
A scary thought.............

Happy T day and thank you for calling in to see me today.


  1. Lovely idea with your diary, looks beautiful. Have fun. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Great diary looking awesome as ever.xx [aNNie]

  3. You put my daily calendar to shame. Yours is absolutely incredible. I love the pockets, and of course, the darling rabbit mug with your tea, too. But the Mad Hatter was the star of the show today. Alice jumped straight down that rabbit hole. Is that why you used your rabbit mug for T this Tuesday?

  4. I just love your diary pages Yvonne, perfect with those G45 papers. I missed the earlier post so just went to see that one too. A brilliant idea to do it like that and it definitely seems managable, - thanks so much for the inspiration!! Love how you used the teacups as pockets, thanks for that idea too! Happy Tuesday!

  5. I am linking you to T today. Wasn't sure if you had internet or not.

  6. I adore the cover of your diary and such a good idea to use the calender pages too 😀. The themes you choose for your pages are wonderful and oh how I love the papers you use, they all look so elegant! Now you have me wondering if you use a particular brand of papers and toppers? I love how you create pockets and places to store snippets and keepsakes in too. Your Mad Hatter's Tea Party is perfect for T Day - wishing you happiness this Tuesday! J 😊

  7. What gorgeous pages! A beautiful crafted page every month and then just a daily diary entry. That should work. Good idea. I'm afraid I'm rather boring. I write a diary on an A4 page every day and it is meant to be a reference. I write what we had for dinner as well as stick in all the till receipts so I can keep track of where our money goes. That sort of thing. It has come in handy on numerous occasions. When was the last time we visited so-and-so? What was the name of that lovely camp site we went to last year. You get the idea.
    Your diary is much nicer.
    Happy T-Day,

  8. these are gorgeous pages Yvonne!! Love the addition of the pockets too. Ot goes without saying that your mug of choice is so sweet:) Happy T day!

  9. Yup, just a few words is all you need to do. Or me. I don't put tons down in mine but I have been really good with it. I love your April, May and June pieces. Especially April. Those cups look like pockets, are they? Have fun on your down time away. Hugs-Erika

  10. I love how you daily diary is looking! Very few words are enough to sum up a day sometimes ! Love the tea party pics! Happy T day! Chrisx

  11. A wonderful diary idea Yvonne! Happy T-Day!

  12. I love your fabulous diary idea, your beautiful pages must inspire you write something every day.
    Jean x

  13. Look at the tea cup page! How perfect is that?! I've kept a journal for 30+ years... I don't write in it every day... for me thats too much pressure and kills my joy ... Its not an art journal just a journal... although i've often thought of going the art journal route... My journal has been many things to me over the years... a place to vent... a place to chronicle things that are happening.. Its what ever i need it to be.. For the last several years its been a place to write my ideas, thoughts, opinons, memories.. just whatever pops in my head when i sit down to write... a few words, a paragraph..several pages... just whatever... I hope your lovely journal inspires you to write... Happy T day.. So sorry i'm a little late this week.. Hugs! deb

  14. Your Mad Hatter's page is so fun. I can just hear him, "Clean cup. Clean cup. Move on down!" Happy T Day

  15. Your diary page is great Yvonne and the Mad Hatters theme fab fun.
    Good idea to limit the wording, especially helpful when there's not much writing space. ( I must remember to do that)
    I'm assuming you are still in caravan - so hope the internet not being a problem still and you are having fun.
    Gill xx

  16. Love the pages for your daily diary. I'm lucky to do one personal journal page a month! I'm sure I would forget to do one daily, short term memory is leaving me :)

  17. Love your diary idea. Super project.
    Hugs Flo x