Thursday, 28 July 2016

The pond for AJJ

Not long now for me to be sharing these posts for
with you , where I have really enjoyed my time as Guest Hostess for the theme....
In my garden there is.
............ a pond.

This is the photo I used, as a base for this page. taken in my garden early June.
The greenhouse is just showing behind the path.

I have enjoyed altering photos of my own garden, to create  new looks.

I added the Banksy style stencil and heart shaped balloon.  I hope she doesn't fall in the water chasing it.

We did have a pond in our garden, but had to take it out when Meg was about 2 years old. [She is now in her 15th year]
We couldn't keep her out of it , she sat on it in winter when it was all iced over, got tangled in the nets we covered it with to keep the fish safe.
She chased the frogs and could never understand why they jumped out of her way.
The plus side was we gained a whole new raised  easier to maintain patio area and Meg, I'm sure has never forgotten there was once water here, when,  now in her old age, lies  enjoying the sunshine. in this much changed part of her garden.

Thank you for calling in to see me today,
I do enjoy your company in my garden


  1. Another wonderful page, and I love the story about Meg, dogs are so funny. I had a mini pond where I lived before, not even a yard across, a home to some water lilies, and my dog loved sitting in it, and she got very irritated when a pair of ducks took it over one spring....Thanks again for all the beauty you have created for us at AJJ, it is very much appreciated. Hugs, Valerie

  2. A beautiful page, your garden is lovely.
    xxx Hazel.

  3. Sweet Meg!
    Everything changes doesn't it.
    Your page is lovely and I am very drawn to the Banksy girl too.
    Thank you for a wonderful month of inspiration.
    I have needed art more than ever this month.

  4. Another fab page!
    What a lovely garden Yvonne and that tree looks very inviting to sit under
    and chill out all day long :)
    Gill xx

  5. I loved the pond and the back story of Meg losing her pond. What a treat to see here looking for her old pond, too. Your "new" pond is super with the little Banksy girl.

    Have a super day and enjoy the last days of hosting. I wish I could have joined in more, but too many obstacles stood in my way this month.

  6. Very beautiful again. Your garden is lovely.
    Greets Carola

  7. What a lovely page Yvonne - I like how you used the Banksy girl! The story about your dog is just nice !
    Once again -- a big big """Thank You""" for all the hard work and inspiring projects you invested this month!
    Happy weekend ahead!
    oxo Susi

  8. Lovely green Garden and Nice story of Meg ♥

  9. Wonderful altered photo Yvonne so very clever and beautiful. You will miss this theme for sure and you have been a great host

    Love Chrissie xx

  10. your page is so beautiful Yvonne. you have chosen such a wonderful theme for this month at AJJ-thank you!! Take care of that sweet Meg, and do give her a pat and a treat from me:)

  11. Absolutely lovely altered photo. Well done and pretty photos, Yvonne. Hope you've had a wonderful week. :)

  12. I,ve loved all your garden pages Yvonne and great story about Meg, bless her


  13. This is so lush! What is also so beautiful, I actually feel as though I am looking at a real scene in front of me.
    I have to say, I have a phobia for f&%gs (!!!!) so when I saw the title of your blog post I was a wee bit hesitant as to what your art might contain!!!

  14. Another fabulous page! I really like your use of Banksy artwork, I love that image. Wonderful! J :-)

  15. Another fabulous page of your lovely garden, Yvonne, and a nice story about the sweet Meg!
    Hugs, Mar

  16. I bet she loved the water. But hard for you to keep that garden. It looks great and I am jealous you have a greenhouse. How cool. Beautiful page Yvonne. 😀Hugs erika

  17. I always enjoy the pages using your own photos, both are very sweet.

  18. What a fabulous page and some lovely memories of your pond! Hugs, Chrisx