Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Happy Birthday....T stands for Tuesday

Just calling in to say hello to say  to friends at

where they are  celebrating T stands for Tuesday's 3rd Birthday.
Happy Birthday,
 I am so pleased to have found you all and thank you for making me most welcome.

Elizabeth asked folk to make ATC's this time.

 This  ATC  is digital,  using images from  the page  version, 
 I won't be able to join the swap this year, but I am so looking forward to seeing
 the ATC' s  everyone makes.

Now what  am I up to on my work desk,
it really needs a tidy up as my space is getting much smaller as the days pass by.

A free magazine, where I have found lots of things to cut out recently.
But of course there is the  [ sorry,  half finished,]
 cup of Cappuccino,
my celebratory drink , I am sharing with you all.

Thank you for calling in today, I hope your day will be a good one.


  1. What a fun tea cup you created for celebrating this third year anniversary, dear Yvonne. What fun you must have to get a free magazine and great images to use in your non-digital art. I'll join you for a cappuccino and I'd even help cut out the images. Thanks for sharing this third anniversary with us for T this Tuesday. So glad you joined us.

  2. This looks amazing. Love the color too! Just Carry on.
    When iTS time to clean Up it happens quickley.
    I have the same problem. We need a mess to create.
    If you clean it Up after each step of your process your not concentrate.
    This is creativity.

  3. Beautiful journal page, have a fun day, and enjoy your cappuccino. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. Fabulous! Have a wonderful creative day.
    Flo xx

  5. Very beautiful Yvonne and a great find the magazine was

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Love your beautiful ATC Yvonne.
    There's nothing wrong with your desk ....
    and there's always the floor if you're desperate :)
    Gill xx

  7. a wonderful digital ATC! and you found a great Magazine with flowers to use in collaged work.
    happy t-day!

  8. gorgeous ATC Yvonne-such rich colors! Looks like a good magazine for collage pages. Enjoy the day and happy T day too!

  9. Happy T day Yvonne. I love your ATC, and I know what you mean about your work area getting smaller. I finally cleaned my off the other day and boy, did it need it. Hugs-Erika

  10. Beautiful ATC you made Yvonne.
    The colors are stunning.
    Keeping a 'neat' work space is mission impossible for me it seems.
    Creative chaos is how I operate it seems.
    That is a nice magazine page that will come in handy for your lovely Garden theme I'm sure.
    It's so very nice to spend time with you in blogland.
    Happy T Day oxo

  11. Love your digi ATC, pretty colors and I like the fairy in the cup. Wonderful magazine pages you found as well!

  12. I love your digital ATC! It would make a fantastic postcard!
    Free magazines are great for pinching images to use in digital art. (This one is Waitrose' mag if I spy that correctly).
    Don't worry about the mess. Creating is messy business.
    Happy T-Day,

  13. I love those free magazines and flyers as a source for material. It's interesting to notice what you see when the story content isn't the primary consideration. Happy T Tuesday!

  14. A gorgeous ATC - just beautiful details! Happy T-Day dear Yvonne!

  15. Love your digital art today!!!! You are not the only one that needs to tidy up their work desk :( Happy T day!!!!

  16. It's so nice to celebrate with you today! Your ATC is lovely, the colour and images look so magical. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  17. Love your digital ATC! I see you work in the regulation 12" x 12" square sometimes too!! Hugs, Chrisx

  18. Great ATC. I threw a whole big stack of magazines in the recycling this morning...i kept meaning to get through them for cutouts but never did. Now that I've been going through my stuff again I realized I really didn't need any more cuts until I use what I have. :)
    Happy T day!

  19. I like your ATC, nice that you made one even though you aren't trading this year. I used to trade things but these days I never seem to be caught up enough to create in time to trade. Maybe I'll join you trading next year.

  20. A gorgeous page...so pretty! Funny how the work space shrinks as time goes by. glad I am not the only one! happy summer!