Friday, 8 July 2016

The vegetable patch for AJJ

In my garden there is.................A vegetable patch.
July theme.

Unfortunately we don't have a vegetable  patch these days, but we did, back in the day, when  our family were small. Grass is much easier to cope with now we are retired .
This double page spread was water coloured with some random stamping,
 and an article from a free magazine on raised veggie beds.
The vegetables were stamped [Sheena Douglas]  and fussy cut.

Thanks for calling in to see me today,
your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Beautiful veggie patch page you created Yvonne!
    Love it.
    We are in the process of downsizing our gardens.
    What once seemed like a grand idea now seems like too much work :-)
    Happy beginning of the weekend

  2. Beautiful pages, Yvonne. I really like the way you use the images of the vegetables.
    This is very inspiring and beautifully done!
    Mar xx

  3. I admire your veggie patch and agree that the 2 page spread is easier to create than growing veggies from seed. I've even begun to downsize my herb pots, but started growing tomatoes and peppers again after several years. I've certainly downsized what I have to mow, at least in my front yard. I'm beginning to think a desert-scape would be the perfect yard. I'm now off to see what else of yours I've missed dear friend.

  4. Love your page Yvonne. I like those veggie images you used. Veggie gardens always seem like so much work, but if you get some good things to eat, I guess the work is worth it. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  5. A great mix of magazine and stamped images Yvonne to create these lovely veggie pages xxx

  6. Yes, veggies make a lot of work but taste soooo good. Thanks for another lovely page for AJJ, you are outdoing yourself this month! Hug, Valerie

  7. Wonderful page Yvonne with amazing ideas. We had veggie beds up until last year but they are now grass. Vic still has veggies sneaked in among other things and up the fences lol.

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. What a great page in your art journal, this reminds me at my youth when my father had his own vegetables in our garden, as you I prefer some flowers and green grass in our garden now!!!

    Have fun!!

  9. Reminds me of my dad's vegie patch as a child...great page.xx {aNNie}

  10. Beautiful journal page! It is much work, but own vegetable smells better, isn't it?

  11. It was my paternal gran that was the gardener..... Onions & leeks, cabbage, cauliflower & carrots, lettuce, cucumber & tomatoes, radishes, beetroot, peas, runner & broad beans as well as fruit trees in the way of Apple,pear, plum, bramley apple, raspberries, strawberries blackberries. What she didn't grow her father did and they were totally self sufficient! I've done potatoes (she did those too) radish & carrots but that's all and sometimes I go collecting wild berries in the local woodland (rasps, wood strawberries, blaeberries, geens). I stick with grass and heaths these days to try to keep the workload down lol.


  12. A wonderful page, my dad use to grow vegetables, I had a go but wasn't very successful.
    xxx Hazel.

  13. Fabulous veggie patch spread Yvonne. Love the stamps.
    When we've grown veggies we've used pots and grow bags and had some good results.
    Not done it in the last 2 years, but the weather has been so inconsistent, I don't recall so many wet and windy summers as we've had lately, so it probably was for the best that we didn't grow anything.
    Hope you are having a great weekend (are you busy watching Wimbledon?)
    Gill xx

  14. I love your veggie patch Yvonne, the vintage look is beautiful! If I had a veggie garden I would definately want it to look like this. Wishing you a happy weekend! J :-)

  15. Super spread Yvonne. Love the mix of elements on this. Oooo! I have been after some veggie stamps. Not seen these before. I will check them out. Thanks for sharing.
    Flo xx

  16. Lovely spread page Yvonne !! I like very much your veggie patch.... love vegetables!!!They are so healtly!!. I wish you a very nice weekend, big hugs.

  17. What a super spread! Yes it makes a lot of work - but you know what you eat and it is so so yummie and the freshest you can get!
    Thank you for another amazing AJJ entry for your theme !

  18. This collage is wonderful. It is one of my favorite of your pages. Love the mixture of items with the watercolors. Beautiful. genie