Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Bee hotel for AJJ

In my garden there are........Bees

Bed and breakfast for Bees.
It is always a sign of summer for me, to see the Bees buzzing around in the garden.
My garden is quite natural, with trees, grasses and flowering shrubs.
I don't get phased if some of it has a wilder look.
Yes, order would be good, but not for us.

The idea for this page cane from an article in a free gardening magazine about making bug houses.
The base layer was  torn from the  magazine

How to make instructions, also torn from the same magazine.

At this stage I gave it a random colour wash, took a photo and off....
you guessed it to the computer for the digital finishing touches.

I hope you will call over  and join the folk  at
 Art Journal Journey
where is months theme is

In my garden there  is.............

Thank you for calling in to see what I have been making.
I always appreciate your comments.


  1. Fantastic Yvonne. These are so easy to make we had one a few years ago and need to make anew one--thanks for the reminder. I even painted a Bees this way sign to attract them lol.

    Love Chrissie x

  2. This is fabulous, I love the idea of making bug houses and will have to search the internet for instructions on how to make them.
    xxx Hazel.

  3. Great page Yvonne, full of buzziness.xx

  4. Your ideas are great - I love this one!!! The instructions are super easy as well!
    YOu are going to amaze me this month I guess! Awesome !
    Enjoy the weekend - hop the weather is nice to you!
    oxo Susi
    THANK YOU!!!!♥♥♥

  5. Wonderful pages, we really were sailing on the same wave today! Thanks for all you do for AJJ! Hugs, Valerie

  6. Always fantastiques pages Yvonne !! Love your so fabulous ideas!! Wonderful page ! Happy day ! big hugs.

  7. Oh yes, we must look after the bees and wildness is good. Love your art and also the practical instructions for making a Bee hotel.
    We have lots of bees in our garden, I wonder if they would like a nice hotel or even a B&B?

  8. Fabulous page today Yvonne - yep, we must look after our declining bees.
    I must try and do more -will look closer at that bug house idea too - thanks.
    Have a great day
    Gill xx

  9. Love his Yvonne. I have a lot of interest in bees and am even thinking of taking a class on bee keeping, so this is a great page in my opinion. I love your fun little bee on there too. Hugs, Erika

  10. I love this - a bee b & b - a great idea too! Your little bee looks pleased with your page too! Hugs, Chrisx ps The two pages were entries for AJJ - Through the window last Autumn! I hope to be along later! X

  11. Well done, Yvonne. So sweet idea and beautiful interpretation. Lovely coloring, too.
    Have a happy evening ❤

  12. Love the B & B for Bees page, and that little bee looks so happy.
    Looking forward to seeing more of what's in your garden
    Avril xx

  13. Cute Summer page. Perfect use of those magazine pages!

  14. What a fab page my brother has bees x

  15. What a brilliant idea! Our hedge is alive with bees at the moment...cotoneaster heaven, I hate the smell but it's so full of humming bees I can't help but smile!

    Sally xx

  16. Great pages and such a fab idea! Thanks for sharing :-)

  17. What would gardens be with our beloved bees!
    Brilliant page for your lovely theme Yvonne ♥
    I am still trying to catch up with everyone after my frustrating week of computer woes :-)