Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Tips for the gardener... for AJJ

In my garden there are.......................
Most gardeners like to have a healthy flourishing garden, but for many pests can be an issue.
So this page in my journal, features some garden tips I cut out from a magazine, where there was a list of what to grow, where to plant it and how it would help our plants to grow.
It is a kraft paper journal so I used a base paint of watered down acrylic white, followed by a flower stencil coloured with distress inks.

French Marigolds.

Plant near tomatoes and their pungent smell
 will keep white fly away.
My parents used to grow these and I can say from experience that
the smell is very unpleasant
But the tomatoes were fantastic.


Planted beside brassicas, the white flies choose to lay their eggs on the leaves. instead of your cabbages.
A big plus is that we can eat the flowers. 

Poached Egg plants

Loved by beneficial insects like hoverfly,
 the kind you want to encourage in your gardens
, their larvae will eat the blackfly and aphids.

I'm sure we have all been given ideas from gardening friends and its much better than the  harmful chemicals we see on sale in the shops.

for my theme of
In my Garden there is..................

Thank you for calling in to see me today.
I always appreciate the comments you take time to leave for me.


  1. Love the wisdom you included in your page. I knew about marigolds and nasturtiums but not poached egg flowers. Pretty way you put it together too. Hugs-Erika

  2. Wonderful page with wise advice, those pesticides are dangerous for all of us. Thanks for another gorgeous page for AJJ! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Wualaaaaa Yvonne !!! That ´s an amazing page !!! I love it, love all what you want to transmit, excellent!! Happy day! big hugs.

  4. A very interesting and beautiful page with great advice. Lovely tags! Hugs, Mar

  5. Great tips for the garden Yvonne and a fabulous page sharing them xxx

  6. Great tags and tips for the garden, such a beautiful garden page you have to show us!!

    Have fun!!

  7. Beautiful page with the wonderful tip tags :)

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. Thank you for the gardening tips, your page is beautiful.
    xxx Hazel.

  9. Beautiful creation...fabulous tips, design and just stunning work.xx{aNNie}

  10. Pretty background on your journal page. Love the texture from the fabric and tags. Great gardening tips, I usually always have a few marigolds around.

  11. Wow.. what a faboulous page with much information for gardeners! Would be a project to do a complete book with those advices .. lol!
    You have so much wonderful ideas for the theme Yvonne! Gorgeous! Thank you!♥♥♥

  12. This is very beautifully put together, I love all the sweet bugs all around, they must be very happy there amongst such sweet scented flowers! I love all the sweet touches you used to make this piece!

  13. Beautifully created page full of wonderful tips Yvonne - love it!
    We do the tomato/french marigold thing - but didn't know about that plant for the hover flies though, so thanks for that.
    I've been much more aware lately of lack of insects, spiders and all sorts in our garden - hardly any ladybirds :(
    Gill xx

  14. Very lovely I particularly like your poached egg plant how fun.

  15. Beautiful and informative piece you created Yvonne!
    Love it!
    I always wondered how anyone could wear a garland/necklace of marigolds with the way they smell.
    It would do me in as I have a keen sense of smell.
    Hoverflies and Poached Egg plants are all new to me :-)

  16. A beautiful page combined with very useful facts, I totally agree with pesticide-free gardening! Thanks for sharing :-)

  17. What great reminders! I've grown the first 2 but never the poached egg plant lol....

    Sally xx

  18. I love this spread in your AJJ garden. I like it all right down to the corrugated cardboard. It is wonderful. I've planted marigolds next to tomatoes before and agree they don't smell the best, but they did the trick, at least. You make me happy because I saw a couple of ladybugs (that's what we in the states call them) on my tomato plants yesterday. Wonderful way to garden, too.

  19. You and Buddy are on the same page when it comes to planting flowers that the garden pests do not like. What a great journal page. Good advice. genie

  20. really beautiful garden page. Love all the materials and images!