Tuesday, 21 May 2019

The Garden Party

Can you just imagine a group of animal friends getting together
 to have a tea party on a sunny afternoon, like the ones on my journal page.

The animals came from a napkin stuck to a watercoloured base. I used an old  stamp for the grasses and after stamping the sun I fussy cut another one so I could add some sparkle after I'd coloured it. The suns rays were drawn freehand, not neat , but it gives an idea of what I hoped it could have been like on a warm spring day in the sunshine. The words were computer generated

I will be adding this page to Erika's theme of in the Sky/In the air....over at.....

Now will be a good time to say hello to friends at
 Bleubeard and Elizabeths
where each Tuesday we are always welcome with a drinks related post.

Spring finally has arrived in my garden, the trees and plants are looking  so green .

The Acer is a really rich red shade and the Lilac is in full bloom.
The green Acer beside the steps is spreading its way over the patio already. The bluebells  under the trees are all blooming.

This is the photo with my morning cuppa, Mr Fox  again,  he  seems to be one of my
 favourite mugs to use these days.

Each day sees more colour in the garden,
Spring is here.

These last photos show the blossom   on one of my old apple trees

Thank you for calling in to see me , I hope you all  have a lovely day.


The party animals would like to remind you about the
  Try it on Tuesdays

Birthday celebrations,
there is still another week for you to join us  and share your art with us  there.



  1. Love your tea-party art, so pretty. Your garden is looking gorgeous now, this is such a wonderful time of year. Enjoy your tea from your Fox cup, it's so pretty. Have a happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. This gorgeous ppage - wow and the beautiful impressions of your lovely garden! Awesome!
    Thank you so much for making my morning (rainy here) bright and cheerful!
    Another fabulous entry for Erika's topic!
    Happy T Day!

    A message for you from Elizabeth: Elizabeth's power is off. She wants us to know that the TSFT post will be up as soon as she is back online.


  3. What a stunning page Yvonne and I adore those little friends having such fun x Your garden flowers look so beautiful too xx
    Apologies for not visiting lately but I am hoping to resume normal visits soon xxxx

    Huge hugs Annie xx

  4. Oh my Yvonne. Your garden is looking amazing! I love it. I like the path through the trees. and those flowers! It makes all my work look like nothing-smile. And a garden tea party is an amazing idea for TIOT and AJJ. What an adorable napkin and also an adorable wonderful page. I think a garden party is just what the dr calls for, at least for me. Thanks so much to linking up to AJJ. Hope it has been and continues to be a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  5. Those little animals are all so cute and they look like they are having a fun party, I would love to join them for a cuppa today! Your garden is beautiful, your Acer trees look amazing such beautiful colours 😁. Our garden isn't so sheltered so I was disappointed that we couldn't have Acer's here, we had two at our previous house which I loved. Wishing you a very happy T Day and a happy Birthday party celebration! Hugs, Jo x

  6. Oh how nice to have an apple tree and their blossoms are beautiful! I also like the lilac. Your page is adorable and I looked very carefully at your wip shot. The napkin edges are really hard to see, cool! I've never added a napkin to anything yet so I was curious. I suppose you should be getting springtime, since here in Texas we will have our first weekend in the lower 90's. Being Memorial Day weekend here, as they say, BBQ and sweat go together - heeheehee - ewww! Kind of glad I can no longer eat bbq now lol. xoxoxo

  7. Good morning, I love your tea party art! enjoyed all of the flowers too-I have discovered we have a couple lilac bushes at the lake house. For some reason your comment on my post only showed two letters so I didn't post it. we had allot of t storms go through here early and late evening-more to come this afternoon-enough rain already so perhaps that is what happened lol
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  8. Your tea party page is charming, Yvonne. A lovely addition to AJJ. You have a beautiful yard and garden. I love seeing all the flowering trees. Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  9. Love that adorable tea party! You do such wonders with napkins Yvonne. Beautiful garden photos! Yes, it is so wonderful to see all the greenery and flowers again. Happy T day!

  10. Such a sweet page you created and a perfect tea party invitation. Your garden is gorgeous and must smell heavenly. Happy T Day!

  11. Stopped by to let you know the T Tuesday post is now live. As soon as I notify everyone and make a pot of much needed coffee, I will be back by to share a drink with you. Hope to see you at TSFT.

  12. Wooowww this is a so Gorgeous Art page Yvonne !! I love these little friends preparing tea!! the background is super-beautiful with this so bright sun, lovely rays. Your garden is wonderful, love the flowers, the trees, and your old apple tree too.
    I wish you a very nice afternoon,
    Big hugs, Caty

  13. Love the tea party :)
    Your garden is looking good, enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  14. Your garden looks fabulous - just the place for those pals to have their tea party! I love that beautiful shining sun! Happy T day! Chrisx

  15. This is an absolutely AMAZING tea party, dear Yvonne. I loved it. It was so adorable and I was glad it also fit well with Erika's theme at Art Journal Journey. I was also delighted it fit beautifully with T this Tuesday, too.

    Your garden is breathtaking. I am super impressed. I want to come live with you and learn all your secrets. It was simply STUNNING.

    Thanks for sharing Mr. Fox, your lovely art, and your incredible garden with us for T this Tuesday, dear friend.

  16. I absolutely love your journal page this week. That teapot with the forest animals is so adorable!

    Your Mr. Fox cup would be fun to drink out of everyday. I can see why it is your favorite.

    Your blooms are beautiful especially the apple blooms.

    Happy Tea Day,

  17. Beautiful card, stamp and a real gorgeous colour combo. xx

  18. a wonderful journaling page - there a beautiful napkins out there:) love your photos, too - have a great week:)

  19. Your animals tea party artwork is fantastic. Wonderful photos of the Spring growth in your lovely yard. Happy T-Day!

  20. Your garden certainly has welcomed Spring. Lovely! Happy T Day

  21. An absolutely charming little tea party, and if we're having it in your garden I'd definitely like to come, please! What gorgeous photos of the plants springing into life. The apple blossom is probably my favourite - but blossom always is. Sorry I've been so absent - there's a quieter period on the horizon (at least until the next last-minute gig bobs up to spoil it).
    Alison x

  22. Pretty napkin = pretty art page!

    Sally xx