Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The seaside with Agnes and Arthur ..... and a Pit village for us.

Out and About for..... 

 A page in my 8 x 8 inch journal today.
Made using  pieces of Graphic 45 papers, before having its digital additions.

Arthur and Agnes are having an adventure of their own
 and heading off to the seaside for the day.
Agnes is quite excited as she's never seen a beach before.
Can you remember your first visit to the beach.
My first memories include.  egg and tomato sandwiches, very cold North Sea   water with waves that splashed  and sand in my toes.

On the left...
The paper layers and the fussy cut stamped images , all set to be altered.

Below is the other side of the journal spread,
a painted and stencilled background and the stamped images of Arthur and Agnes at the beach.

I do think Agnes is having fun and Arthur has arranged a great day out for her,
 she can see the beach and the sea.
She found it strange having to change in to a new body suit,
 but Arthur insisted,
 humans did  and he didn't want them to look different!!!!!!!!!
The sun is shining, they've built a sandcastle, launched the toy boats
and he has even brought a picnic basket for them to enjoy after a dip in the sea.

Hello T day friends

We were out and about today as well and went back to Beamish
the open air museum, it was to dull to go to our coast.
So instead  we went into the 1900's Pit  village.
We took lots of photos but as its
 T. Day over at Bluebeard and Elizabeth's 

I thought I would share these ones with you today, where we had our lunch

This is a traditional fish and chip shop from the !900's
we took the photos earlier, as by lunch time we knew it would be  full  of hungry folk

The wall tiles looked fantastic

The fryer was fueled by coal,

They even used the old cash register to take payment, we had a good walk around the village and came back for lunch.

The fish and chips would have been served in newspaper back in the day,
 but  they use  replica paper nowadays.
 Notice we had to use our fingers to eat, that was a laugh,  the fish was so hot, we were blowing on it so we could get a mouthful to taste it.......delicious.
 The only fault was that the tea and coffee was served in paper cups, I just managed to get mine in this photo

How they lived back then......

These  photos are inside of one of the cottages.
The table set ready for breakfast [the food on the table was real and the smell of fresh baked bread was lovely].  On the other side of the room the bed.

 Baking  more bread for the men coming home.
Thank you for  calling in to see me today,
I hope you have a Happy T Day.

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  1. Love your art journal pages, and the photos of your trip are wonderful. I miss England a lot, so it's always good to see the photos, and think of fish and chips! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. I love to see Agnes and Arthur at the beach knowing they have fun there. I was always happy at the beach as I was a child - we often visited Croatia and Italy during the summer school holidays then.
    Both pages in your journal are wonderful !

  3. I absolutely love your journal pages. They are filled with much interest, humour and warmth, and I love the vibrant colours that you've used. I remember my first trips to the seaside and dipping my toes in the freezing cold sea :). Beamish looks really interesting too and the fish and chips look fabulous too! Crafty hugs, Sandra x

  4. I will be smiling all day at the wonderful pages you made Yvonne. Better still the stories you write about them to make us look at life. My first venture to the seaside was Blackpool where we went with the whole family when I was young--whole means Gran and Grandad, Aunts and Uncles and anyone else they could rope in. I was the oldest child at almost 4 and I used to escape when everyone was on the beach--once I went missing for ages and they found me in Fairyland on the other side of the prom-how I got there with all the trams and traffic I can't imagine.

    More great photos of Beamish and makes me want to go there again sometime.

    Have a Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Lol great pages Yvonne.
    Amanda x

  6. i love your seaside with Agnes and Arthur journaling - so much fun!
    happy t-day!!

  7. I love this journal with the faces of Agnes and Arthur so beautifully thought out!
    Be the first.

    Nice and interesting the museum and the food delicious!
    Thank you, I wish you a nice day

  8. Such cute pages, Agnes looks so happy playing in the water. I was in 4th or 5th grade when I first went to the beach. I enjoyed finding seashells and letting the waves crash on me. The fish and chips look yummy, and that restaurant is beautiful!

  9. What fabulous pages - Agnes and Arthur look to be having a wonderful day out! Our seaside trips were mainly to Skegness or Mablethorpe with occasional trips farther afield to either Great Yarmouth or Bridlington - my mum used to make grated cheese and chopped tomato paste to go in the sandwiches - it's still a favourite on our picnics now! I loved seeing your Beamish photos - when we went up there years ago the one day we arrived at the gates they were shut for the day! We haven't made it back there yet! Oh! The days of eating fish and chips with fingers…..very messy…yours look delicious! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  10. Oh wow I loved your post-your journal pages and all the fabulous photos-what a treasure to find the fish and chips place I would have really loved seeing their kitchen. I didn't know coal was still be used-my grandparents and also my parents heated with coal way back.
    Happy T day

  11. What a wonderful and imaginative journal page. I loved going to the beach with Agnes and Arthur. Wish it was real instead of looking at the wind swirling the snow outside my window. The tiles are beautiful at the fish and chip shop, and the fish and chips looks delicious. And thank you for the peek into the past. Enjoy your T Day

  12. love the adventures of Agnes and Arthur along with the super art Yvonne. I could eat fish and chips anytime-yum!! Love the quaint looking cottage-now that's my style:) Happy T day!

  13. Love the page and the characters are brilliant. I can see a book about their antics.

  14. Arthur and Agnes look like they had fun. I enjoyed the fact they put on swim suits, too. I got a laugh because you have such a great imagination.

    I've been to beaches before, but never went in the water. Just walked along the sand.

    What a fabulous trip to Beamish and the 1900s Pit Village. I enjoyed taking the trip with you, and loved the photos you shared of Davy's fish and chips shop and the Pit cottage with its fresh baked bread. It was a wonderful experience. I also liked how you had to use your fingers to eat the fish and chips/fries. What fun to see the coal fired friers and can just imagine the beef drippings they used to fry the fish in. What a fun look back in time.

    Thanks for sharing Arthur and Agnes at the beach, as well as your trip to Beamish's 1900 Pit Village and the fish shop with its beautiful tiles. Thanks, too for sharing your tea, even if it was in a paper cup, with us for T this Tuesday. I hope you take us back there again, since there are so many more places we could see there.

  15. Your Arthur and Agnes pages are a delight. I think you should write a children's book with them and their adventures.....it would be a hit!!

    Davy's Fish and Chips looks like a wonderful place, and the food looks delicious. I found the inside of the place to be fascinating, cooking with coal surprised me, but it is authentic I suppose.

    Thanks for taking us along.....Happy T-day

  16. Arthur and Agnes look like they had so much fun today, lovely journal page! Visiting the museum with you is just like stepping back in time - I loved it :-) . The tiles on the walls of the fish and chip shop are a sight to behold and your food look so delicious - wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  17. This is great! The tiles are pretty, and the furnishings are interesting to see. I'd go just for the fish. It looks really good! Happy T Tuesday

  18. Thank you for taking us with MeggyMay...Just loved seeing everything... I think the paper cups would have disappointed me too.. The fish and chips sound fabulous eating with fingers and all.. :) Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  19. I love the AJJ beach page and love your visit back in time too. Those fish and chips looks delicious! And you are right about the beautiful tile work. I love visiting living history museums, even from the comfort of my own home. :) Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  20. Agnes and Arthur are charming and adorable! Love your art piece! Enjoyed your outing and the fragrance of fresh bread sounds wonderful!

  21. Thanks for sharing your art and your outing with us. Love the journal pages and that museum is so interesting. I love going to those places where they have people living out the past for our entertainment. Happy T Day!

  22. Brilliant! Great photos. TFS.
    Hugs Flo x

  23. Lovely Arthur taking Agnes to the beach for the first time. How sweet! Yes, I remember going to the beach as a child. I was always St Ives in Cornwall, as my parents had friends living there and we would stay at their house within walking distance of Porthmeor beach. Lovely memories....
    Thanks for showing us the photos of your outing to Beamish. I love open air museums. The fish & chips shop is spectacular. What an experience. I would love some fish & chips right now! It is always the first thing we do when we come to the UK, get some fish & chips! Yum!
    Happy belated T-Day,

  24. Those fish and chips look very tasty and the museum photos are really interesting. I love your journal pages and that they tell a story. Great backgrounds and the characters are so cute :D

    My first time to a beach was the Jersey shore when I was 22 and pregnant with our son. We only had lakes where I grew up (Wisconsin), so the ocean was pretty impressive.

    Happy T-day, Yvonne! Hugs, Eileen

  25. Agnes and Arthur are super lovely and I love the cottage. Just amazing.Happy belated T Day!

  26. Such fun pages and delightful day. Love fish and chips. xoxo