Friday, 31 March 2017

Going home after being Out and About for AJJ

My last journal page   as Guest Hostess for March.
over at...... Art Journal Journey

Out and About  has been  a good theme for me and I think that many of you enjoyed this as well.

I have been absolutely thrilled at all the inspirational pages
 that have been shared over at AJJ this past month.
Visiting your blogs has been a real pleasure and I thank you  all for taking time to join in.

I must also thank Susi for  the invitation to be AJJ's guest this past month..

It was blogfriends  Valerie and Susi who introduced me to AJJ
 sparked my interest to experiment and create more pages.
Girls you know you  got me hooked.

This page is one from my Stampington Colouring book.
I thought it would be just right to return home
for this last time after all the days being
 Out and About.

It had a few layers added as a base, before the digital extras and altering  were added.
[notes in my sidebar].
Thank you for all your visits this month following my days out,
  its good to be home again,

 I gave myself a personal challenge this month to make a page for each day.
  Those of you who visit regularly know we said goodbye to our lovely old  Collie  Meg at the beginning of February and this challenge has helped me to  face  the world , something to  concentrate on  when   I needed time to myself, to  have a purpose. .
Time heals and crafting  for sure helps me.

I hope, like me,  you will all call back tomorrow  to
 Art Journal Journey 

to see what the new theme for next month
 will be.


  1. What a wonderful hostess you have been Yvonne and you must now have the most beautiful book of wonderful pages to keep. It is good to know that it has helped with the loss of dear dog Meg as well as it is such a difficult time for you.

    This page is fantastic and I shed a tear even though it is nice to come home the page touched a spot somewhere for me

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. You've done well, Yvonne, to process the grief to your dog Meg!
    You have made beautiful imaginative journals.
    Coming home is not wonderful and so it ends for you this great time and I look forward to seeing your art that gave me so much pleasure.
    Happy Day

  3. Oh Yvonne! I can only applaude you for all the fantastic inspirational pages you showed this past month! You brought a new BOOM to the party ! Thank you so much! I really hope that prepairing all this was a good distraction from your loss ♥♥♥
    I wish you a happy weekend and say thank you for this last fantastic page to complete your amazing hosting month!

    A big, big THANK YOU! ♥♥♥

    I am really happy that we got you hooked...hihi!

    oxo Susi

  4. I have loved everything you created this month. I'm so glad the art has helped you heal because bereavement can last a long time. I'm just thrilled you took on this project this month, and I am glad I don't have to follow you as host. You have set the bar very high.

  5. That is the prefect way to end the month. Going home is always the best. What a fantastic month it has been-you picked a great theme! I really enjoyed going out and about with you and all the other folks who participated at AJJ. Thanks Yvonne. :) I know how good it feels to do a page every day because I did the same. Congrats on doing that with so much style and glad it helped you get through a touch time.I have been there and know what that's like. :) Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  6. A perfect page to end your out and about pages this month. Glad to hear crafting has helped get you through. I like to steal away in my room and forget about things myself. It's definitely a type of therapy!

  7. Beautiful page, is always good to be home! Thank you for hosting a brilliant theme this month​ over at AJJ. You have been such a supportive and inspirational host, I love your creativity! Art always soothes my soul and I'm so glad it has eased your heart a little :-) . Happy Friday and wishing you the best of weekends Yvonne! Thanks again! J :-)

  8. Just love this absolutely fabulous.x
    Have a good weekend. ♥[aNNie]

  9. Just last weekend I had a discussion with another creative that landed us both in the "love to be a homebody" category. :) Sweet journal page ~ it resonates!

  10. ahhh ... this page is the perfect ending Yvonne for your fabulous challenge. Love the quirky imagery on your lovely page.
    We always say, it's nice to go out - but nicer to come home :)
    Pleased to hear that your art has helped you through this very sad time.
    Wishing you a nice weekend ( and thanks for the kind comment on my post from yesterday x)
    Gill xx

  11. A wonderful last page for the challenge Yvonne, and you have been an exceptionally good hostess. Have a lovely weekend, hugs, Valerie

  12. Perfect final page Yvonne, my favourite place too! Crafting is definitely therapeutic and I'm glad it's helped with losing Meg xx

  13. Ah, it's always nice to come home. Your page is great Yvonne and you and your quirky characters have shown us some wonderful and adventurous days out during this month. I am glad that the project has been therapeutic in helping you through a sad time.
    Jean x

  14. What a fabulous finale Yvonne! Pleased to read that your art has helped heal the hurt you must feel! This quote is so true! Hugs, Chrisx

  15. I love your work! I only wish you had an subscribe by email thingy on your blog. I was not able to participate this month as we were out of the country and then when we got home I was horribly sick. I do want to follow you as much as possible.
    Sandy xx

  16. I totally love your gorgeous work this month for AJJ... very clever and very artistic!
    Your last page is fantastic!
    Mar xx

  17. How lovely to have this "Back Home" painting to finish with. It's good to go out but also great to go home.

  18. Just beautiful Yvonne!
    Greetings Carola

  19. I love your fun and quirky pages Yvonne, this is fantastic! Love the big tree in the background and the sentiment sure is bang on! hugs :)

  20. Home is definitely a special place to be.
    Your creation is so nice Yvonne.
    Your theme was thought provoking and struck a cord with so many.
    Thank you for the inspiration and sharing.