Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A..Circus, Zoo , Pit and a T.Day natter.

A fun page for Art Journal Journey today

and I hope it will make friends from Elizabeth and Bleubeard's a smile  when they call in. as well.

This is how it began with a page from my colouring book. 
and two stamped animal  images
 [I think they were from Katzelcraft].

Out and About took me today  to see Nellie and a visit to the zoo.
Well by now you know I can spin a yarn and as I live nowhere near a zoo, all the information came via the internet. But crafting and creating is fun and I enjoyed  adding the extra page and if I lived near a zoo I most certainly would be a visitor.

I am adding a couple of  photo I took in the Garden Center  car park on Monday .

Fancy stepping out of the car and seeing one of these towering over you.

Hello T day Friends, at

I haven't forgotten to share a cuppa with you all 
there it is  on my desk beside the pencils.

I  did see some live  animals ,
 close up, when I was  at Beamish last week
They for sure had the Ahhhhhhh factor and I'm  pleased to say their  life is a lot more comfortable now,  than it would have been when this was a fully working pit.

The pit entrance

This building was first built around 1855 then  re-sited at Beamish in the late 1980's.
Everything has been carefully restored and is still in working order.
Below is a photo taken inside  of the winding machinery .

A few photos of the pieces of machinery outside the engine shed

Here they are................ the Pit Ponies
well looked after and very cosy in their stables

It was really surprising how small the ponies are, but very sturdy as you can see.

The next two photos show the tack room and stable office

How about this for a health and Safety notice from those days.

Thank you for getting this far on my long post today
 and thank you for calling in to see me on T Day.


  1. Happy T Day Yvonne.

    Loved the pages and your usual fun story surrounding them. Great to see more of the Beamish photos and the more industrail side of things way back when

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. ha ha love it Yvonne - great expression on the face of the one on the left(Hyena??).
    I love how you make use of your colouring book - brilliant!
    Beamish was an interesting read and lovely to see those sweet ponies... and loved the steampunk looking
    machinery too.
    Have a great day (and thanks for the lovely comments on my last post)
    Gill xx

  3. The Zoobesuch is so beautiful and the journal of the circus is painted so great. The pit is intressant these devices and the ponies are cute. Great your Maltsich watch with the Kaffetasse!
    I wish you a nice day

  4. aaah, i so love elephants!! a perfect post for me:)
    happy t-day!

  5. Such a cute page today. So much to see....and nice to be with you and your photo's in the Zoo. Thank you for taking us.
    Have a lovely day....xxx Plony

  6. Those ponies are super cute. I have never seen any that look like that. I think they would inspire me for the circus, but so would that cool elephant statue. Your AJJ made me laugh and made me happy. I like your clever quote. :) Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  7. Your journal page made me smile - we used to visit Chester Zoo on school trips (and with the boys too) and for years I never saw it on a dry day!! The trip to Beamish is making me think that a visit to the North East is a must! The elephant in the garden centre is an eye-catcher for sure! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  8. Nellie and her friends made me smile.
    You and your imagination did a splendid job!
    Happy too that you took us on your outing.
    Very interesting about those sturdy little ponies.
    Their ancestors did not lead such a comfy life I'm sure.
    I would have been drawn to the big ole machinery too...a bit of rusty metal always speaks to me.
    Wonderful that history has been preserved so nicely.
    "Living" museums are the kind I enjoy best.
    Happy T Day to you oxo

  9. Cute zoo pages. Here in the U.S., zoo's are still around, but the circus acts are closing down. Animal rights activists have been giving them a hard time for years about the lives of the circus animals. I do have to agree somewhat, circus animals mostly live their lives in cages, and that's no fun. Thanks for sharing more pictures from your outing, the ponies are so cute!

  10. Your Nellie art is so delightful Yvonne! Fascinating machinery, but awe, those ponies-so adorable...
    happy T day!

  11. Wonderful page Yvonne !! Love Nellie and its friends. Thank you so much for sharing those photos of Beamish. I love those so tender ponies. I wish you a very happy day, hugs.

  12. I love following your imagination. It always sparks an instant smile, just as Nellie and her friends did today.

    I was thrilled you took us back to Beamish. That old machinery was incredible. As an engineer in a previous lifetime, I truly enjoyed the old machinery, and the way machines were built in the 1800s. It was a fun experience.

    The pit ponies were quite unique. I have never seen such tiny ones that were so "fluffy." They are certainly well taken care of. I enjoyed the health and safety order sign. Seems the manager was quite worried about losing one of the ponies.

    Had to laugh at your choice of mugs. Are you wishing winter to stick around a bit longer? Rudolph looks like he's having a good time next to all those pencils that are to die for!

    Thanks for sharing your AJJ page, your trip to Beamish, and your wonderful container of pencils near your tea mug with us for T this Tuesday.

  13. Nellie really should be in the Circus, she such a star, and I love the page and quotes. Those Elephants at the Garden Center are fabulous but think they might be a bit on the large side for my garden.
    Great pictures from Beamish, and aren't the ponies so sweet.
    Avril xx

  14. wow,your pages are amazing,i love wild life,and your beautiful story for this pages its wonderful,i love the little ponys,so cute is.
    happy week.

    hugs jenny

  15. Love this animal page Yvonne and thank goodness performing elephants are a thing of the past! Such majestic creatures. I love all the Beamish photos, so interesting.
    Val x

  16. Awww, lovin' the ponies and am happy to see they've been cared for both then and now :)

    I'm feeling a call for a piece of lawn sculpture but thinking that elephant would not fit in my little patio space lol. If I had a large enough space I could have my own personal zoo -of sorts ;)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  17. Wonderful journal page and very interesting photos and article about the pit ponies. Hugs, Valerie

  18. You are so clever to use your colouring book in such an innovative way , combining with stamps and digital additions! And your lovely story to it is fabulous ! BRILLIANT ! You created amazing pages to memorize the trip to this lovely zoo. Wonderful photos of Beamish with the old machinery and those adorable ponies!
    Happy T-Day Mrs Master AJJ Hostess!
    oxo Susi

  19. Nellie and her friends are so much fun, your imagination knows no bounds and I love the artwork you have created :-) . The elephant at the garden centre is wonderful and looks so joyful with his trunk in the air. I have a green pottery elephant sitting in my front garden which is much much smaller ... lol! The old machinery at Beamish is wonderful and the ponies are adorable, it's hard to imagine them working down the mine. Thanks for sharing this uplifting post and wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  20. Just lovely MeggyMay! So clever of you using a coloring page... Love those elephants in the car park. Thank you for sharing all with us this T day! Hugs! deb

  21. LOVE your journal page, and yes it made me laugh!
    Happy T-day

  22. Love your creations today!!! Those ponies sure had to work hard in those days... so glad the ones there are living the good life now.

  23. I love your art pages, and wow those elephants are amazing. enjoyed tho photos of the old machinery and the ponies-they do look muscular and strong.
    Happy T Day

  24. Awww so cute! I love the elephant balancing on his circus ball. How fun! I also enjoyed your photos from the car park. :)

  25. What a fun circus page! The ponies are soooo cute! I love the safety notice for the ponies, but none for the men. And I'm happy to see I'm not the only one who drinks out of Christmas mugs long past Christmas. Christmas mugs are the go to mugs all year long, if the favorite mugs are waiting to be washed. :-D Happy T Day

  26. Oh how I enjoyed your post today!! I was totally drawn in with your photos of the 'Pit'. All those amazing industrial pieces and of course, those adorable ponies! Awwww! That elephant statue in the car park is quite amazing! I love your circus and zoo pages, so much fun! The doodling around the outside is a great addition!! have a great week. hugs :)

  27. What a funny clever page you made,, Yvonne. How cool that your animmal stamps were just the right size for the coloring book page.

    I've never seen ponies with such short legs. I guess they were bred for that trait so they could work in the mines. Fascinating!

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  28. So here I am doing a belated comment. We've been away for a few days for my birthday and the campsite did not have wifi or electricity (my laptop battery is knackered and I can use it only on mains power). We had a lovely few days with good weather. Thank you for the birthday wishes.
    It's great to see Nellie pretending to be in the circus. She would make a good circus elephant.
    Fancy meeting a life size elephant in the garden center car park!!
    The photos of the mining museum are very interesting. The rugged ponies too. I too are glad that they live in better circumstances now.
    Have a great weekend,

  29. Such cute shaggy ponies...A fun site to visit! Love your zoo vs circus piece too... A very happy belated T day!