Thursday, 23 March 2017

Where will we go today? for AJJ

In my Out and About page for Art Journal Journey we have ,
Agnes and Arthur's two friends  come for a visit  and they are wondering
 where to take them  out for the day.
The Lake District or the Yorkshire Dales.?
These are two of our favourite destinations and I would be happy to go to either of the choices.

The journal page has a mop up background, the pictures were torn from an old calendar. I am lucky to have friends who pass me their old cards etc. 
There is a bit of stencilling again for textures and a few splashes of paint.
The figures are Paper Artsy stamps and the words were computer generated.

Thank you for calling in today, you are very welcome.
I wonder which place you would choose to go to.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Springtime Surprises...

Spring Surprises 

When I entered the the first theme at Tag Tuesday.
I never imagined that I would be the name picked out of the hat to win  the gorgeous tag book  that Valerie made. The surprise was even greater when the postman delivered me
  a mail art box containing more goodies.

Its been a busy month for me as I am trying to create a page each day for Art Journal Journey where I am the guest hostess for the month and  after a number of days looking at the contents, I'm sure you all know what I mean when I say this.
 I have used a small piece of one of the napkins  for my ' Out and About' page at ........
 Art Journal Journey today.

I have some nearly dried up ink pads which I used to colour the background. Used a stencil and paste next for a bit of texture.
Then came the napkin, I love these blue flowers. Which brought me to thinking that even this early in Spring there are flowers for us to see when we are out and about.
The birds were Dina Wakley stamps and the sentiment was computer generated.

Thank you for stopping by to see me today
and thank you once again Valerie for the goodies that I know I will enjoy using.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A..Circus, Zoo , Pit and a T.Day natter.

A fun page for Art Journal Journey today

and I hope it will make friends from Elizabeth and Bleubeard's a smile  when they call in. as well.

This is how it began with a page from my colouring book. 
and two stamped animal  images
 [I think they were from Katzelcraft].

Out and About took me today  to see Nellie and a visit to the zoo.
Well by now you know I can spin a yarn and as I live nowhere near a zoo, all the information came via the internet. But crafting and creating is fun and I enjoyed  adding the extra page and if I lived near a zoo I most certainly would be a visitor.

I am adding a couple of  photo I took in the Garden Center  car park on Monday .

Fancy stepping out of the car and seeing one of these towering over you.

Hello T day Friends, at

I haven't forgotten to share a cuppa with you all 
there it is  on my desk beside the pencils.

I  did see some live  animals ,
 close up, when I was  at Beamish last week
They for sure had the Ahhhhhhh factor and I'm  pleased to say their  life is a lot more comfortable now,  than it would have been when this was a fully working pit.

The pit entrance

This building was first built around 1855 then  re-sited at Beamish in the late 1980's.
Everything has been carefully restored and is still in working order.
Below is a photo taken inside  of the winding machinery .

A few photos of the pieces of machinery outside the engine shed

Here they are................ the Pit Ponies
well looked after and very cosy in their stables

It was really surprising how small the ponies are, but very sturdy as you can see.

The next two photos show the tack room and stable office

How about this for a health and Safety notice from those days.

Thank you for getting this far on my long post today
 and thank you for calling in to see me on T Day.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Graffiti for AJJ

My journal page today 
Out and About at......

is all about how we  see the area we live in.
 I have to say we have no area's of graffiti where we live,
folk respect other peoples property.
I have been in a town recently, where someone had randomly sprayed paint and  left  a right mess.

 However  it can look very artistic and creative when care is taken.
 Banksy is one of the wall artists who's work is admired and many other creative folk leave their paintings with  permission by the local councils etc..
It can make a dull boring side wall look interesting to see.
I  have seen some wonderful painted walls on our travels in Ireland a few years ago.

This page began life with paint and a stencilled brick wall.
Pictures taken from an Art Book. I bought in a charity  book sale outside a supermarket.
I added some splashes of paint before the digital grasses and flowers.
I had tried a stamp, but the wall texture made it look a complete mess, so I added more paint and decided to take an easier [for me] option.

Thank you for stopping by, your comments are always appreciated.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

A weekend out and about for AJJ

Saturday 18th March

Its a weekend  Out and About   for

and a visit to London.
 Somewhere I have not been to for years, but the last time was for a weekend and it took me a nearly week to recover when I got home.

The background was similar for both pages, first of all sprayed with ink. The page above had some texture paste smeared over it. The images I used were from a Mischief Circus kit.
The first thing to be decided, would be how to travel and I think I would have taken a train to get there like the last visit, then  use a bus or a taxi to get around.

Sunday 19th March

Day 2
Sight Seeing

Where to go...
Westminster Abbey
Tower bridge and the Tower of London.
Buckingham Palace.
All the usual places.......... but if I were to go again 
 at the top of my list would be  Galleries, Museums and the theatre.  I know it would be a much longer visit than a quick weekend.
You will have guessed that this is a dream outing.

Would I travel there again, probably not, though it never should stop you having a dream destination.

All the images on this page were cut from an old calendar.

Thank you for calling in today, you are always welcome here. 

Friday, 17 March 2017

A visit to the Dentist for AJJ

How many of us have a fear of going to the Dentist.
Something that I don't worry about, but many still do.
A short while ago I visited Beamish [ here is the link to my post]
its a living history museum,
 one of the terrace of houses was reconstructed as the  town dentist's.
So my ...  Out and About...

is a digital  page today,  a visit to the dentist
Mr Jones had his  sign  up on his wall as you can see in my photo strip on the journal page

The waiting room

The dentist chair.
  No electric drills in these days the drills were worked with a foot treadle.

......... a gas bottle or two,  only used as a last resort,
you can just see the dentist working on a set of false teeth
in the left hand corner of the photo

His workshop. 

This photo shows the terrace of houses, The Dentist was situated  here,  close to the pub.
Now, no guesses needed about the location. Maybe folk needed a drink before they went in.
but the probably would need something when they came out.
We were told that folk would be in severe pain before they visited the dentist,
 as they couldn't afford the cost of going.
Another interesting fact was.... parents often offered their daughters a set of false teeth for a 21st Birthday gift. So their  husbands wouldn't have to pay dental costs.

The Sun Inn, .
I think this would have been very popular back in the day.

Thank you for calling in to see me, you are most welcome here.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Exercise class or,,,, not, for AJJ

 Out and about today for

In case you wonder its not me going to the exercise class, but a couple of folk I got chatting to the other day. Exercise  is good for us, mine  these days is a little gentle walking.

The  hybrid page started off with a  pre- made background  in my journal, water colours and brusho powders and a liberal spray of water.

Adding  few bits and pieces that were lying around on the craft table . then to the computer for some digital additions

This picture came from an old calendar.

The quote on it says....
Either my legs are too long
or my arms are to short.

I just know what they must feel like.

I hope you smile when you see the young girls who thoroughly enjoy exercising and the wonderful ,  more mature ladies who are trying to get fit.

Thank you for stopping by today, your visit is very much appreciated

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Can you see what I see? for AJJ

I am sharing a layered hybrid journal page today.......

Here we are half way through the month using the theme I chose of  ' Out and About',
and I am so thrilled that folk  are enjoying it.  I  look forward to visiting  AJJ.  
 and seeing  what folk  have made, the pages are all so inspiring.
Do you ever wonder what animals think when they see us humans?
We look at them, admire them and especially if they are young animals, 
 think how cute and sweet they look.
I think this little calf is wondering why folk are looking at her  while she is trying to eat her dinner, before she takes an afternoon nap.

On the left is  a photo I used, it decorates the page for April in my kitchen calendar.
I know its still  March but its such a sweet little calf I just had to use it in the page. 

Thank you for stopping by to see me today, you are most welcome. here

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Lady in Red for TioT's

Where is the year going, here we are in the mid-March already.
The new theme at Try it in Tuesdays is 
'The Lady in Red'.

Well  she's no lady, but she is wearing a red dress and off to party.

This is a fun card for a friend who has  a wicked sense of humour.
Its a sprayed inky background and a watercoloured image.
Please call in and see what the girls all made for this challenge,
we would love you to join  us.

While the stamps and colours were on my desk I also made a journal page.

Lots of inky sprays for the base and  some random stamping

I stamped onto an old book page,  colouring the image at the same time as my card.

As you can see  I had a play and  added some digital elements after I had taken the photo.

I was even able to add a reversed picture from my original card.

Thank you for calling in to see me today. You are all very welcome here.

If you called in to see me on T Day,
please scroll down to my earlier post.