Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Witch's brew

Today I am sharing a digital journal pages with you.
I rather liked the idea of young witches learning to cast their spells and the results that could happen.
Needless to say that I am  Harry Potter fan.

At school, we had a quiet reading time  at the end of the afternoon,
  the children  could choose the book.
The first Harry Potter was always a favourite,. But I recall I took us quite a while to finish it,
 as there were many, many questions.  When the films started being released it made answering the Quidditch questions much easier.
So  what I am about starting reading this afternoon. after I have joined
  Bleubeard and Elizabeth 
and all the folk sharing a cuppa , where........
T stands for Tuesday

The last Harry Potter book
  is the script of a play.
 I am keeping an open mind , as my friend tells me she was very disappointed.
So I will have to let you know  my thoughts later.

Happy T day everyone and thank you for calling in to see me today.

Digital images were all from
 Mischief Circus kits. 


  1. eeeek cute n gorgeous though...xx

  2. I'm interested in what you think about the Harry Potter book. I've seen it, and not sure about reading the play format. I also heard it didn't seem quite like the books. Loving your witch art today. That cute little kitty, and it is rather a magical piece. Its the good fun part about Halloween, not the gory which I don't really like. Hope all is well. Hugs-Erika

  3. Fantastic! Very spookylicious. Wouldn't have been great to go to Hogwarts ;)
    Hugs Flo x

  4. Cute page Yvonne. I like the Harry Potter series too, but have never read the books.

  5. Lovely page! Reading is always fun. I read the book and was disappointed at first, but then I re-read it, and it started to grow on me. Some friends went to the play and were enchanted by it. Have a happy T Day, will answer your mail later, hugs, Valerie

  6. Your witch in training is super ! Have fun reading the book!
    Happy T-Day dear Yvonne!
    oxo Susi

  7. Oooh I really LOVE this digital piece today-super colors and images!! Of course I have heard of Harry Potter book series and films but never got into it. Hope you enjoy your new read. Happy T day!

  8. i loved the Harry potter series and also saw some of the movies with my Kids. and i think i could Need a spell sometimes, too! awesome Collage!
    happy t-day!

  9. Fantastic post Yvonne. Love the digital page I thought it was die cut the way you edged it. The cat is just too cute--ahh.

    Hope the book is a good one in the end.

    Love Chrissie xx

  10. First, I adore your header!!

    Since I have a Harry Potter heart, I fell in love with your journal page. I very interested in hearing what you think of the new HP book.

    Happy T-day

  11. I am in awe of your witch in training. She is hopefully learning some good spells. I think Squiggles fell in love with the cat on the pumpkin, as he was purrrrring over HER (admittedly taking gender license here).

    I confess, I'm one of probably three people left in the world who has not read Harry Potter books, or seen a Harry Potter movie. But I can tell it's in your blood, so I anxiously await your assessment of the book.

    Thanks for sharing your adorable witch, your latest Harry Potter book, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  12. Raising my hand , jumping up and down... yep... Harry Potter fan here too! I made the decision not to read the play... I was so happy with the series i did not want to mar my memory of it... Personally i think JK made a mistake publishing the play this way... If she wasn't up for another actual book in the series then she should have left it alone... Oh do the play but not publish the play like a book........Ofcourse she's free to do as she pleases.. :) just my thoughts... LOVE your artjournal page... Would make a nice card too i think... Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  13. I'm with Elizabeth one of the few people that have not read Harry Potter and have not seen the films. It doesn't interest me, although I have read some 'fantasy' fiction...
    I like your journal page, (although I do not like witches and the whole Halloween thing. Aren't I boring!)
    Happy T-Day,
    And have a good week,

  14. Love love the films and watch the dvds over and over but never read the books - hope you enjoy this one.
    Your journal page is fabulous Yvonne, love the colours and the cat is cute.
    Hope you had a good day.
    Gill xx

  15. We are Harry Potter fans here, too, the books and the movies. I haven't read the new one yet. I wouldn't expect it to live up to my experience of the original series. Hope you enjoy it! Happy T Tuesday :)

  16. I love your witch in training and the cat is so adorable with it's beautiful eyes! I'm really interested to see what you think of the new Harry Potter book - enjoy! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  17. The Harry Potter books were popular with my youngest! I love your witch in training! Happy T day! Chrisx

  18. Your witch is lovely! I am not a big fan of Potter myself but I admit students love him. I guess w e all need some kind of magic in our lives. Have a perfumed week!

  19. Love the art!!!! I love the first 3 Harry Potter books and then my interest just fell off. Maybe I"ll try them again.

  20. A great page! I love the witch image. I like fimls of Harry Potter, the first one was extraordinary, but I haven't read the books. Mar xx

  21. Wowwww, wonderful your page!
    I love Harry Potter. I also want to read this book. Let's see how it is.
    Greetings Carola