Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The witch's tea party

Halloween is fast approaching , so I am beginning this post with a digital journal page.

My two modern witches have put  aside their usual black dress
 and gone for a more modern party look and are looking for some fun.
so they are off to
where the new theme is Halloween Party

The idea for this scenario, came when I saw this store in   an out of town shopping  center.
A car journey away from where we live,  but it made me smile.
We were only going to the phone shop to see if my husbands phone could be updated,
 but it turned out he needed a new one.

At the entrance was this handsome chap with his dog.

I am sorry about the reflections on the windows, but I could not pass by this,
 without inviting my T day friends over at

to join me for an afternoon cuppa

In case you wonder, we didn't  stop  there for tea

Just a few steps away
 and into a much better Cafe for a Cheese and Mushroom Toasted Sandwich, 
together with my favourite brew.

Now an update on the book I was reading last week.
The Harry Potter stage play script.
I was very disappointed, I won't say anything 
about the plot  in case you want to read it yourselves.
Not worth buying, so borrow it, or look for a cheap copy.

Happy T day everyone
Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are very welcome.


  1. What a fun Halloween party piece, love it. Great colours, too. Your toasted sandwiches look great, I don't think I would have eaten at the other place, either! But they had some fun decorations at that shop. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. The broom valet parking attendant must be quite a hunk if he gets cute witches like these stopping by! I found myself wondering if the shops were the Metro Centre....been a very long time since I was there!

    Sally xx

    1. Yes Sally It was the metro centre, not my favourite of destinations, but it does have a variety of stores
      Yvonne xx

  3. Grat card Yvonne x love those cute witches and their fab outfits. Looks like a spooky time was had at the shopping centre and I don't blame you for going to another cafe !!

    TFS and best wishes
    Annie xx

  4. Oh that store looks like so much fun! Such a great witchy piece, love the broom parking sign at the bottom. lol. hugs :)

  5. Super fun piece Yvonne. A bit of Halloween Ooo la la! :) Fab works a always.
    Flo x

  6. A terrific page Yvonne. I would love to dress up and look like that lol. Not with my legs!

    Great store you found. Thanks for sharing the pics

    Love Chrissie xx

  7. Great page Yvonne love the cheeky Halloween girls!
    Val x

  8. Your witches are so much fun, and the entire digital piece came together beautifully.

    Bleubeard and I would probably pass on tea at that first stop, too, although the concept was clever, which of course, I adore. But that cheese and mushroom sandwich looks awesome, even though it's not even breakfast time in my world.

    Thanks for sharing your fun and quirky art, your trip to the Halloween HQ, and your sandwich and tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  9. Love this digi page! I bet that shop is quite popular - we seem to be embracing all things halloween these days! Some one clearly had fun setting up that table! Love those cheese and mushroom toasties! Hugs, Chrisx

  10. Amazing! I love your super chick witches pages Yvonne! Thank you for joining Moo Mania & More with it! This teatables are both - the Halloween one and the one you visit in reality - very inviting places! I would prefer the second one as well...hihi!
    Happy T-Day Yvonne!
    Yes nowadays everything we have to buy new... we are a throwaway society without escape.
    oxo Susi

  11. great Halloween post - this Party Piece is amazing! and the tables are full of awesome spooky stuff.
    happy t-day!

  12. The spooky table is perfect for T day. I guess those ghouls can eat with all those cobwebs. :) Your witch piece is spooky fun for sure. Those witches look kind of cute, but cute doesn't mean nice at Halloween. Have a wonderful T day. Hugs-Erika

  13. A spook-takular post Yvonne ...lol !Love the spooky tea party and your witches do look like they are planning to have some fun. The broom parking made me smile too :-). I think I may be having cheese on toast for lunch, it looks so good and I may even try it with mushrooms, I've never had that combination before :-). Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J :-)

  14. LOVE your modern witches piece Yvonne!! Always fun to see the variety of costumes and Halloween decorations around. Now you're the third person from the T link ups that has mentioned mushrooms so I guess I'll be picking some up at the store later as I do love them:) Happy T day!

  15. Great Halloween-page with this modern witches, they even have an own broom parking! I like the pumpkins too! I would prefer the first cafe, because it surely let me stay slim :)

  16. Those are some sassy witches! That sandwich sounds quite tasty too!

  17. I do like your modern day witches. They look quite sassy. But I think the shop looks quite spooky. I don't think I would go in there. I would flee to the 'normal' cafe where your toast and tea looks very inviting.
    Happy T-Day,

  18. Great post! I love seeing Halloween decorations, and the ghostly tea party was a fantastic idea for the store window.

    I got a laugh out of your AJJ page....love the broom parking sign.
    Happy T-say

  19. I'm putting together a witch costume for this year, but mine will have a longer skirt ;) I've never had a cheese and mushroom sandwich -don't think I've ever seen it on a menu- but it sounds delicious! Happy T Tuesday :)

  20. Amazing post and a stunning party page! The store looks spectacular and so fun.
    Mar xx

  21. Love the Halloween Party art!!!!! As for the Halloween store I love going to those and just looking around. We don't decorate any longer but I love looking still. The real meal looks great ♥

  22. The two Girls on your page are really cute, look ready for Halloween night. Looks like a fun store too, great decorations. Your cafe looks quite opposite, calm and quiet! :)

  23. Really terrific witches...they do look like they are ready for fun, and great pics of the shopping mall too. Happy Halloween brew!

  24. Really terrific witches...they do look like they are ready for fun, and great pics of the shopping mall too. Happy Halloween brew!

  25. Really terrific witches...they do look like they are ready for fun, and great pics of the shopping mall too. Happy Halloween brew!

  26. Cool page Yvonne - your witches are fabulous!
    That shop looked fun too :)
    Gill x

  27. Yep .. already made up my mind not to read the Harry Potter screen play... if there was more to the story she should have just written another book ... why only do a play?? Poor choice on her part i think... Some things should just be left alone.. This is a quicky belated flyby T stop!!! Love all the spooky photos!! Happy belated T day!! Hugs! deb

  28. What a fun store Yvonne!Love your card too.Happy Halloween my friend!