Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Spooky or not? for AJJ

Are you scared at Halloween time ?
Well, I'm not.
Halloween is something that wasn't celebrated  when my boys were young.
they are in their 40's now. It was more about Guy Fawkes and fireworks.
Here where we live in the UK its growing in popularity
 and families seem to gather together for a party.
Parents go with the children to be sure they are safe, and its usually arranged where they call.

This is the base of the page in my hybrid  journal.
Splashes of colour, using Brusho powder on wet paper.

A word stencil  came next. 
After the photo was taken it was finished digitally, the fingers were not so good today for hands on crafting.

I  will join the folk at
  Art Journal Journey,

for Valerie's theme ...October there is only 5 days left till we celebrate the last day of the month and

Thank you for calling in to see me today,
 you are most welcome

Additional digital images from
mischief Circus kits and my
own stored ones.


  1. Lovely Brusho background, and I like the quote. I'm don't have anything to do with halloween myself but I appreciate your art work.
    Jean x

  2. This is brilliantly spooky! I must say I am with you - Halloween seems to take over from what we (and our children) enjoyed! I don't know as it is any safer either!! Did you have Mischief Night? I seem to remember the lads in our area when I was a kid, tying door knockers together or taking gates off hinges - don't know whether it was on 31st October or 4th November - or was it just a Lincolnshire thing? Hugs, Chrisx

  3. Fantastic page! It's funny that we were both drawn to using Brusho for our page backgrounds - I love the effects and your colour combination is stunning! The word stencil is really cool too and with your digital mastery the page turned out beautifully! I'm in the UK too and have always celebrated Fireworks Night rather than Halloween. Have a great week! J :-)

  4. I really admire and appreciate your talent and creativity! It is really beautiful, and so is your header. :)

  5. Fabulous, love this. Have a great day.xx {aNNie}

  6. Wonderful page Yvonne. Super colours in the background. We never celebrated Halloween like they do today. Maybe a bit of trick or treating :) It's only just coming here now. Normally it's all souls day. At night the candles and the flowers are so pretty in the village.
    Hugs Flo x

  7. Fab page Yvonne. Halloween doesn't scare me, I think we have more to fear from the living than the dead. Thanks for joining us again at AJJ, hugs, Valerie

  8. Great page Yvonne-love the background colours.

    I get things ready for the children on Halloween as they always used to call here. The last 2 years we haven't had anyone call and Vic has eaten the goodies. Not sure why he is so slim-I only look at a chocolate bar and I put on pounds.

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. This looks great! Wonderful background!

  10. Another great Halloween page, love the cool background. I used to go to Haunted Houses a lot when I was young for Halloween. Only a few times did I jump in fright when someone would pop out of nowhere screaming! :)

  11. I simply LOVE what you do with those brusho powders. I also love the Halloween inspired journal page, too. It's truly spooktacular!

  12. Just love this one Yvonne, fabulous background and a wonderful raven.

  13. A wonderful background and I love what you ended up with it!
    Thanks for another fabulous entry to AJJ dear Yvonne!
    oxo Susi

  14. Oooh very spooky. Love all the words and there may be something spooky going on in that marvellous background.

  15. Wow - this is brilliant Yvonne - so many wonderful details and effects.
    In the late 60s and early 70s when I was a brownie and then guide, we made the place where we met a bit spooky
    and sometimes made our own scary costumes and did the dunking apples sort of thing but it was small scale and nothing like things today.
    Hope you've had good week... Gill xx

  16. Beautiful background and finished page. I am amazed at the digital work. That is not something I know much about. Fun to see the background before the other things were added.

  17. I love this Yvonne. Halloween here in the states was always about kids and trick or treating but now its way bigger than back in the day. I think everyone gets into it. Its lots of fun though. Have a great day. Hugs-Erika

  18. Oh... yes... very spooky! Great background and I like the words on it.
    Mar xx

  19. Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous Yvonne!