Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Tea and bargain books.

Its Tuesday and time to visit with friends over at

First of all I want to share a couple of bargain books , that just had to come home with me.
Bought from a local village  Charity Book sale on Saturday.
They only cost me £1 each and I know I will enjoy both.
Naturally the first thing I did on getting them home was to make a cuppa and settle down to have a first look at them

Yummy recipes.
this Vegetable Paella will be tried soon.

Awesome posters by David Hockney,
This book I thought at first  I  would  alter and make into a journal. but, maybe later after I have enjoyed looking at all the contents a few times.
Now these books were so  good to browse,, my cuppa  got cooler
 and was cold by the time I remembered to drink it.

So after all this inspiration I decided to finish off a page I had been colouring in,
It has taken me a while and it is so NOT  my style, but it was fun and kept my hands  busy.

Here she is after a few digital  alterations.

Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are most welcome .
Happy T day everyone.


  1. What a fun page Yvonne. Definitely different for you, but I love it. I think you need to d that a little more because the page made me smile this morning. I'm sure that is true for other people. :) I love finding bargain books too. Those look really good. The David Hockney poster book might give you some good inspiration. Also loving the new header. Its perfect for a new month. Happy Tea day. Hope you warmed up your cup. Hugs-Erika

  2. What a fun page Yvonne! Fabulous colouring, it's such an interesting image! That veggie cookbook looks quite interesting, I just love a good rummage sale! hugs :)

  3. What a fun page to color, love the whimsical images and doodles look. Happy you found some bargains at the book sale. I wouldn't get much use from the cookbook, as I wasn't given the talent to cook!! lol

  4. Lovely page Yvonne. I bet it was fun to colour. You found some great bargains at the sale. Happy cooking.
    Hugs Flo x

  5. Ilove your oages!Sweet!Love the colors!Superb!And those books must be very interesting.both.Happy T-Day and have a magical week,

  6. beautifully colored page Yvonne and I love the addition of the tea! I do love a book bargain. I'd love the books you chose. Have fun with your vegetarian cooking, and happy T day!

  7. Your new header is great. (you've inspired me to change mine which has been the same for years).
    Don't you just love a book bargain! Both books look very interesting. The paella will be great as a vegetarian option. As the taste does not depend on the meat or fish you put in it. Let me know.
    Your colouring page is sweet. I like the result and also your digital version with the drink.
    Happy T-Day and have a good week,

  8. Lovely page , and I can't resist books either. We must have thousands, well a room full ( small bedroom with three walls full of books) plus all my art books. Note to self - stop buying books.

  9. Wonderful books, love your bargains. Your colouring pages are fantastic, I don't have the patience for them. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  10. Not your style? Well it is just fabulous, awesome in fact. xx

  11. Even if your collage is not your usual style it really is super Yvonne!
    The design and patterns really draw me in.
    Those are some nice books you got.
    I have to control myself in the book department.
    Trying to turn a new page in my collecting life and resist so much temptation ;-)
    Happy T Day and Happy November too oxo

  12. Meggy May.. i love a good book sale... I could browse for hours then bring my treasures home... Love your ArtJournal page...That style reminds me of Vanessa Valencia... Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  13. How lovely is your page Yvonne !!!! Really fabulous..... You´re right, there ´s always time for a delicious cup of tea !! The books seems interesting ! Happy week, big hugs.

  14. The coloring pages are super and you altered it in your style at least- am I right - sometimes we have to make things outside our comfort zone to learn someting new and to push our boundaries.
    Well done to buy those lovely books - I have a thrift store here nearby where I often quarry for books for hours .They offer such a wide range of books - mostly 1 to 2 Euro for the piece. I love that - so I can imagine how pleased you are with your haul!
    Happy T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  15. I'm a sucker for a good cookbook, and the price is right, as is the subject matter of this one. No pesky meat dishes to interfere with what looks like some wonderful recipes. You also can't go wrong with a book on Hockney. As much as I love altering books, this might be one I would leave intact.

    Your new blog banner is beautiful. I love the vintage look. when I saw it, I thought of Susi's AJJ challenge and how it hits every one of her no-nos this month (grin).

    That's a totally unique for you journal page, but the addition of tea makes it even better. Thanks for sharing your tea (even cold tea has merits), wonderful used books, and latest art entry with us for T this Tuesday.

  16. Wonderful new header!

    Great catch on the bargain books, I don't think I could have altered the art book either, but for the price I could tare out the pages for mix media projects!

    Happy T-day

  17. Book finds! There's nothing quite like coming across a bargain book that turns out to be a keepable treasure :) Happy T Tuesday!

  18. Wonderful ideas on the pages. David Hockney's house is just around the corner from where we live but he hasn't been here for quite sometime. We went to see his big trees painting which was painted to fit a big wall at the Royal Academy. Terrific books.

    Love Chrissie xx

  19. You have craeted such a beautiful and delicate page with so much detail - wonderful! I love the look of your books, it's funny I've been looking for secondhand vegetarian cookbook myself - such a great find and what a bargain! Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J :-)

  20. These two books looks great, food for the body and eye candy from Hockney, and what a bargain.
    Your Tea page is super too, I'm not usually a great fan of yellow but I really like how you have used it here.
    I agree with others, your header is sublime.

  21. What a lovely colouring page, I really love it!
    Your books look pretty interesting!
    Love your beautiful new header.
    Mar xx

  22. Sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone is a good thing. You did well with your coloring page and I love the digital additions :) It's been way too long since I've been to a good book sale . I'll have to check around for one. HAppy T Day and have a really great week.

  23. I can't resist bargain books or any kind of cookery book either, looks like there may be a few more cups of cold tea!
    Great fun page Yvonne, love your colourful girl, and the digital additions are great.
    Avril xx

  24. I love your beautiful page(s) Your books look interesting - I suspect that I would hang on to the Hockney one! Cold drink? Yep! Numerous times! Hugs, Chrisx