Monday, 18 June 2018

Mistakes, cars and a Latte

Inspired by....... Mistakes.......
and how I never like to discard things without trying to solve the  problem.
for Art Journal Journey
and Gills theme for this month.
This page has quite a few  covered up mistakes, one  I will admit to straight away  is that these TH stamps are hard to stamp out on top of painted brusho backgounds,
 another is to be sure that the paint is dry.
Message to self......
 Look for inspiration before you tear the page from the book  .
 To cover the mess,, I water brushed the stamped area blending the blue shades that had smudged.
Made sure it was dry this time.
 I re- stamped onto tissue and  used an acrylic binder to stick it down.
 Stencils are easy to use on these paints and  help cover many faults.
The small word sentiments are stamps,
 however the  one about making mistakes is computer generated.

Now I am off to visit with friends at
where we are always very welcome with a drinks related post.

This weeks photos are from a visit we make to an Auction House when we were in Yorkshire last month.  A  super huge auction house in Leybourne., very spacious inside with function rooms as well as the auction , it even holds wedding receptions.

Cars of all ages were up for sale, many having catalogue prices for many  thousands of pounds.

I was really interested in  the children's toy cars and posters  that were also for sale.

This toy car was my absolute favourite, imagine being a child back when this was new and finding the crate to open on Christmas morning.
 Well,  you can dream and I also think the parents would have to have  plenty of cash
 to buy this  for a gift. In the auction it sold for  £2,100

Our treat of the visit was to have a meal in the restaurant. Iced water was our drink with the meal. I took a photo of my starter, crab cake, then sat back and enjoyed the rest of the meal until it was coffee time. We had a Lamb main course and passed on the dessert.
  A Latte for me to end this meal. Yes I do have the very occasional coffee.

Thank you for calling in to see me today.
I hope you all have a great day.

As my journal page is male themed it would also  fit
 the current theme at Try it on Tuesdays
which is for the boys and has another week to  run.


  1. Nice save on the journal page Yvonne- it looks fantastic! Would love to have seen that auction even though I would NOT have bid on anything:) A nice meal is a lovely way to end the day. Happy T day!

  2. Those old cars are out of this world. I also love old cars, but have never been around any THAT old, except in museums. You were lucky to even attend the auction, even if all you could do is dream of owning one.

    I LOVE your mistakes journal page. I think it's brilliant and gives me an idea for one, too. So that is inspirational to me. I'm thrilled you shared it with us at Art Journal Journey, too. I think you covered your mistakes quite well and this turned into a work of art!

    Your latte looks wonderful. I've never had lamb, and would not eat it now that I'm a vegetarian. But the crab cakes look good and the latte looks wonderful, too. I even see a few dregs of lemon water in the background, too. Thanks for sharing your meal and latte with us for T this almost Tuesday.

  3. Good for you to persevere through the mistakes and make such a cool page. I either get frustrated and and toss the sheet or becomes obsessed with getting it right. It looks great. The cars do too. I think you had a fun time, and a delicious sounding meal. Hope you have a fantastic T day. Hugs-Erika

  4. Brilliant colours on your page, fabulous and we never get bored with your projects shown...great post.xx

  5. Wow, that was some auction house you visited, love those vintage cars. Your journal page is gorgeous, no mistakes to see any more. And yummy crab cakes - sounds great! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. I would never know your page had mistakes-turned out really nice so great save.
    the old cars would have been so fun to see-and wow the child car was pretty neat.
    Your meal sounds really delicious-I have not had a crab cake or lamb in some time-but I do love them both. enjoyed your post Happy T Day hugs Kathy

  7. You are simply clever and a pro - you fixed all mistakes and it looks like it was intended in exact this way! Looks gorgeous and I am in awe of the fantastic idea to get inspired by mistakes! Very wise!
    I am also in awe of the original old cars and of the toy cars as well. But I don't want to know the prices of this very old Ford cars on top - it must be a huge asset!And I am with you . I guess just children of very rich parents got such presents in former times. I even believe this all were just collector's pieces.
    Fabulous meal - sounds like a real treat!
    Thank you for yet another fab page linked to Art Journal Journey dear Yvonne!I love the artsy layers and the stamps are really super!
    Happy T-Day,
    ( not on TSFT today because of limited time - brother as a guest right now)

  8. You did a great job overcoming the dificulties on your journal page, Yvonne. Mixed media is such a back and forth process. We add, then take away. Sometimes, by the time I;m dobe, My pages are like thikc flexible plastic - lol.

    I love the toy cars. They seem in brand new condition. I guess they've been lovingly cared for. I like the Alfa Romeo box as much as the car. I too can imagine a child finding that Christmas morning. Wow!

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  9. Well you covered those mistakes brilliantly, no one could ever have guessed it was not intended like that, love the idea also of having that as your inspiration!
    Great photos also!

  10. A wonderful page Yvonne, I would never had known that there’d been a mistake on it. The car auction looked like a great day out.
    xxx Hazel.

  11. This is a great page, Yvonne - love the words and I echo your sentiment about covering mistakes. More often than not there IS a way of covering up or using them. I have a great little pop up book called 'Oops!!', about what you can do with tears, blotches and dribbles... must take this more seriously, lol. I do get so annoyed with myself. Love, love, love what you said about mistakes - amen to that!

    Cath x

  12. "never like to discard things without trying to solve the Problem" - exactly!! i rarely quit, too. in worst case, gesso Comes above all to cover it *g*... love your end result, and the Colors are gorgeous!
    awesome cars, you put together some beautiful mosaic Pictures.
    have a great week and happy t-day:)

  13. Would never have known that you had some problems with this Yvonne - its fabulous.
    In the past I probably would have given up and started again but not so much now.
    The tissue paper to re-stamp on was a great tip :)
    And I had a good old zoom in to look at the details - I really like the words.
    The cars were great - most cars now look the same, with little character - so
    it was nice looking through your photos. Even the toys ones were cool :)
    Thanks for another fabulous page for AJJ.
    Happy Tuesday... Gill xx

  14. What a fabulous page! You would never know that it started as a mistake 😁. I always make mistakes on pages and often they turn out for the best, if not then white gesso is my best friend 😉. Wow, what a fabulous place you visited, I loved seeing all the cars and the Alfa Romeo is my favourite too! Your food and drinks looks so delicious and the crab starter and lamb is such a great choice - yum 😀. Sending you very happy T Day wishes! J 😊 x

  15. Well saved, I'd never have guessed! Love your old car pictures and the toy Alfa is wonderful- something both my dad and brother would have loved.

    Sally xx

  16. Love the quote on your journal page. Mistakes in Art is just natural, you just have to go with it! Would loved to have seen all those cars at the auction, and the children's toys too!

  17. How wonderful that you found your way through a mistake... And i think it turned out lovely... Just love looking at old cars... i could definitely wander around there for an afternoon.. Your meal looks lovely... I think you may have bee close to a friend of mine... Pat with the blog Weaver of Grass... I think that might have been her village.. hmmm.. small world.. lol Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  18. I've seen car shows and displays and museums but never an auction like that. It'd be fun to see the old cars that are being auctioned. The crab cake looks delicious. Happy T Tuesday!

  19. Mistake? A mmistake is just an opportunity to learn something. You did so well using the mistake to crate something else. That's creative!

  20. They aren't mistakes, but opportunities to see what will happen. I love the figure running to make some art. The auction house must have been fun to roam around. I loved the child's pedal car, too. I had a fire engine when I was little, well, it had been my brother's and then handed down to me when he was too big for it. I loved it. Thanks for that happy memory. The crab cake looks delicious and roast leg of lamb is my favorite. Have a Happy T Day!

  21. I love that you 'saved' this page and turned it into a wonderful piece of art. I love the stamps that you used on this page. I don't have these stamps but will have to look for them.
    Happy Tea Day,

  22. Oh, I have a friend that would go crazy enjoying all the photos of the cars! BTW, I love your art journal page. I had to laugh about your comment "inspired by mistakes". But it is true, mistakes are always opportunities, don't you know? Thank you for sharing your insights on the stamping on Brushos, and other comments. Now, it I will just remember to learn from your mistakes! LOL Happy T Day!

  23. Your Art Journal page is absolutely wonderful Yvonne !! Love it !! We always learn after mistakes, The stamps are lovely!! I wish you a very nice afternoon, big hugs, Caty

  24. Love the end result on your art work. I have some pieces that are very thick from all of the layers to cover up undesirable results. The joy of mixed media ♥
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit. The twins are probably going to be the most photographed babies ever :)
    Happy Late T Day!

  25. I missed visiting last week - we decided to go a day early to our caravan and ran out of visiting time! The auction looks interesting! Hugs, Chrisx

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