Monday 25 June 2018


This is a food [ and drinks]  related post today,
 I  picked up a free paper when I was shopping for  the weekend groceries.

This article was about the foods that we liked to eat over 8 decades....
 Jam Roll in the 40's.... sounds good
Fish Fingers in the 50's...mmmmmm
Spaghetti Bolognese in the 60's,,, still a favourite for me now.
Chicken Kiev  in the 70's.... its years since I had one of those.
Curry in the 80's .....  yes ...still on my list of all time must have and go to foods today.
Thai Fishcakes in the 90's.... yes those would be on my list today as well.
Sushi in the 2000's ... a HUGE NO from me for this meal
Vegetarian food and home made bread  in the 2010's.... a Yes from me.
Although I am a meat eater, I love vegetarian food  as well.

So there was my trip down food memory lane.
I wonder what your favourite  food choices would be?

I am sharing this photo of my husbands favourite summer style cooking on the BBQ.
This is what he cooked for the family at the weekend....
,,,beer can Chicken. The bird sits on an open can of beer on a metal plate so the juices can be saved to make a sauce. . He let me take the lid off for a few seconds to get the photo. It takes about two hours to cook this way but is worth the wait.

I will add this page to Gill's theme over at
Inspired by.........
Hi everyone at AJJ, for some reason I have been blocked from adding this post .
I will try later, it could be the area we are currently staying.

It wouldn't be Tuesday without me taking a visit over to
 Bleubeard and Elizabeths

 where we are always made very welcome with a post that includes a beverage of some kind.

I am  trying to get a bit in advance with covering the printed pages in my weekly diary.
Currently this page has had a coat  of white gesso, which has had no effects on  the original.
I am now on the process of trying thick white acrylic and yes it has a hint of pink in it picked up from another project.  I will smooth it, but I wanted to get a photo of my cuppa to share today.


Internet reception this coming week  could be a bit hit and miss, I hope to be able to add this post to AJJ and T stands for Tuesday and   I may be late calling in to see you.
Have  a good week everyone..


  1. I'm with you in your choice of foods, no Sushi! But I could eat a slice of jam-roll right now! Your husband's chciken looks great, too. Loved the journal page you made. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Your page is wonderful Yvonne !! I think I love spaguettis and 4 statione pizza very much, italian food!! But specially Mediterranean food, salade, olive oil pure,tomatoes, and good fish, fruits and vegetables. Some years ago, the south of Spain was the garden of Europe, now, Marroco is cheaper sometimes, not always, and specially vegetables from this country, go to the North of Europe, finland, Germany, Norway....
    Love the red bottle, the flowers, and the unique background too., of course, love this tea!"
    I wish you a nice evening, big hugs, Caty

  3. My husband and I were just talking about beer can chicken the other night. I don't think I have ever had it. I think I need to try it this summer. And I think popular tastes are interesting to see. I wonder how much those match up to US tastes. You created a very cool page-I like how you cut the out the circles and used those. Have a fantastic T day and hope your beer can chicken was yummy. hugs-Erika

  4. I'll be honest with you, Yvonne. I've not heard of many of these, except Chicken Kiev, Curry, and Sushi, which I'm not crazy about. As for veggies, they are my mainstay everyday.

    You have no idea how many times I've smoked turkeys (at Thanksgiving and Christmas) using beer or apple juice. Both were favorites of my friends. For me, a turkey took about 14 hours, so two hours seemed rather fast for a chicken. I have to admit, your smoker looks much better than mine. You really SHOULD try smoked salmon one day, too. I used pieces of cherry wood to add to the flavor of the salmon.

    I simply adore your journal page. It is the perfect addition for Art Journal Journey and is great for T, also. I was so happy you want to join us at Art Journal Journey. Maybe I could try to link you, if you wish.

    Of course, your tea looks good, too. I look forward to seeing your next calendar page after all the trouble you had trying to get the background to go away. Thanks for sharing this with us when it's time for T.

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    1. Your page is fabulous - I just know Spaghetti Bolognese, Curry, Sushi and Vegetarian food -
      I love what you have made with the free advertising images! So clever!
      Your chicken looks gorgeous! I can imagine that it is just yummie after all the time in that BBQ oven.
      Happy T-Day and thank you so much for another fantastic page linked to the Inspired by ---- topic!
      Thank you for all the support dear Yvonne - I am amazed at your Past Design Teams and Awards page - oh my gosh you have collected a lot - as I always say : You are a pro and an old-stagger!

      I have linked the page for you to the collection: Hope it's o.k. !
      Your tea looks so good and I am really looking forward always to Fridays and your diary journal posts !

      Big hugs,

  6. This food trip down memory lane made me smile, I associate fondues & Black Forest gateau with the 70s along with Mateus rosé wine lol. Like you it's a very definite no to sushi....oh and tripe but other than that I eat most things.

    Sally xx

  7. Love your journal page and the memories it evokes, Yvonne.

    My favorite foods of the decades were:

    1940s Dolly Madison Boston Cream pies;
    1950s TV dinners on aluminum trays;
    1960s Filet mignon (my date choice - I wasn't a cheap date);
    1970s Polish food I was learning to make from my m-i-l;
    1980s Anything my hubby made - he's a natural cook.

    After that it's a blur, beause I love all types of cuisine - well almost all. I even like sushi ;-)

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  8. What a delicious post Yvonne, apart from the sushi i'm with you on everything as they are timeless classics. With my Daughter being Vegetarian Stir Fry and homemade soups are a favourite on my menu.
    Beer chicken is all the rave but I have yet to try it, shame on me..
    Look forward to seeing your finished Diary Page. Happy Tea Day & fingers crossed on you connection.
    Creative wishes Tracey x

  9. what a great find to have that paper to inspire your wonderful journal page! I guess I pretty much like it all, but although not a pure vegetarian I very rarely eat meat. One of our friends made the beer chicken last year during our beach week and it was a hit! Happy T day!

  10. Loved your journal page with such a unique theme. I am a creature of habit so I love the same meals throughout each decade. But I love the concept of keeping track of this. That chicken looks amazing. Roasted chicken is a favorite, in fact, I love anything that has chicken in it. And veggies.
    Happy Tea Day,

  11. Wonderful page!
    Have a happy day 🌺

  12. food food glorious food, and one fabulous post.xx

  13. Oh brilliant page Yvonne - love the theme and trip down memory lane. I love your layout design - fabulous!
    Raw fish and raw meat is a no no for me and not keen on shell fish but everything else - probably ok :)
    I am just catching up on AJJ posts and prev one (by Eileen) was inspired by you - brilliant :)
    Thanks again, as always, and for sharing what inspired you and joining in at AJJ.
    Have a lovely day and keep cool if you can - looks like another scorcher :(
    Gill xx

  14. This looks fabulous Yvonne - we missed our trip to Waitrose this week so I'm happy to see a little of what I missed too! I love how you added the jar of flowers! The chicken looks yummy! I hope you sort your page out! Enjoy your time away! Chrisxx
    ps SSSm challenge is Food and Drink this week.....

  15. Bon appetite! Such a wonderful page and I like all of those foods even Sushi 😁. We have a Weber Smokey Mountain and my hubby makes beer butt chicken too; we often have it with flat breads, salad, new potatoes and tzatziki - yum! Oh and a few beers of course 😉. Your tea mug is so pretty too - Happy T Day wishes! J 😊 x

  16. Good morning, what a fun post loved your food page and the inspiration it came from. I have not yet bbq a chicken that way and I had found a stand for it too where the can goes underneath and then the chicken sits on top of it all-thanks for posting a photo-I need to try this Happy T Day hugs Kathy

  17. Food in the different eras was a very interesting read Yvonne. I have never had chicken that way but i bet it was yummy. I thin i miss most the food from the area of the country i grew up in . I grew up in PA an my mother and Aunt were great cooks but not good about passing on the recipes... lol Happy T day! deb

  18. really fun food collage! and the beer can chicken looks was so yummy when we fixed it! happy T day!

  19. I've never had Chicken Kiev or Thai fishcakes. I haven't seen jam roll in ages, but I remember it from the 50s. We still eat fish sticks sometimes. I've never even heard of beer can chicken lol How interesting to look back on the food trends.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  20. my visitor has left and i can make my belated t-day blog tour.
    so great how you used this paper! i think my fave would be Curry and spaghetti (though nowadays i often make it with different sauces as pesto, alio/olio, sage/olio, and Parmesan on top is a must;)
    you made me hungry now, you know?
    have a great week!

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