Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Journals, Country Visits and a Cuppa with friends.

Hello to everyone who calls in to see me today.

This is my first hybrid  page for the new challenge theme..... Landscapes of the Soul
 set for us by Elke

The spread started off  with me sticking down some pretty floral napkins.on to the pages. I didn't add any paints at this stage as recently I have had a  few messy results. This time I decided that I would add a digital background in the white space together with the words and image. I found this new theme quite a challenge,but the words I found seemed to relate to how I often feel in my craftroom. Time has no meaning, I am happy with my own company and  hopefully pleased with what I have been creating

This part of my post is for a Tea day visit with friends over at 

where we all made to feel most welcome with a drinks related post.

Last week we had a trip out to Cragside Hall a National Trust Property near where we live.
I added a link if you want to read more.

The first pair of photos show how the weather was so changeable  that day. Dull and a fog, then as the fog lifted out came the sun.

On the left is the main entrance and courtyard.

I took the next photo just to the left of this entrance ,
this show the very steep drop just over the wall.

It is all planted out with trees and shrubs, with plenty of walkways.

The trees were starting to change colour, I managed to get these shots before the fog appeared again.

Now a few  snaps from inside the Hall.
Most rooms we very dimly lit to conserve the paintings and the furniture.
The fireplace above is minute  in size to the magnificent one that is coming next.

How about this in your living room [called the Drawing Room  in the 1880's]
Its an inglenook marble fireplace, said to be 10 ten tons in weight.
Can you just imagine having to clean that.
Well the servants back in the day sure had  a never ending job tending to this fire.

Back now to a more friendly
area the kitchens

This cooking range  is still used today to give regular cooking demonstrations.

The baking end of the kitchen where they dainty cakes were prepared

This room was very dim, but I managed to get this photo of the table laid for the ladies of the house to have their afternoon cuppa.

After a walk in the gardens and a  visit round the house, we wanted something a lot more filling than a  small cake.
We went to  the  on site  Cafe and had  a Game Lasagne  and roasted vegetables.

It was coffee for my OH and my usual brew of a nice cup of tea, which was served in a nice white china teapot that  sits on the table out of the shot.

Thank you all for stopping by today.
Happy Tea day wishes to you all.

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 can be found in my side bar


  1. i can relate: time for my own is so important. the hybrid spread you made is awesome, napkins and face complement each other perfectly!
    and thanks for taking us to this wonderful trip! exactly the architecture and nature i would enjoy myself. and the Food Looks delicious, too!
    happy t-day!!

  2. I am happy that you could do it so beautifully the theme even if it was difficult for you. It is beautiful and the text so matching!Thank you for making it!
    Your trip was so great oh wonderful the photos and the lovely food still!
    I wish you a nice day,Elke

  3. I'm also having trouble with the AJJ theme this month. I may have to see a few more examples before I "get" it. Your beautiful piece was right on, I believe. Will you ever run out of beautiful napkins? Somehow I doubt it.

    I really enjoyed your trip to Cragside Hall. It was a lovely castle. It was fun to wander through the main floor with you and see the incredible fireplaces. I think we called the Drawing Room a parlor in the states. The rooms are fabulous, though.

    I really enjoyed the beauty of the table set out for afternoon tea. Even the sandwich/dessert tray was fabulous to see. Really lovely photos of that scene.

    Of course, I also enjoyed seeing that you and your OH had a bite to eat. More than a bite, too, from what I see. So nice to see you had tea (which looks more like my coffee) and your husband had coffee. You left nothing out this week.

    Thanks for taking us to Cragside Hall and sharing the wonderful photos, along with your food and drinks, as well as sharing your lovely art with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. I love your page and I just can say that you have put your skills into good practise with the pretty abstract theme and made a fantastic page for it! I love the quote and it speaks to me as well - I am so happy when I am alone at home with the dogs and can hear music as loud as I want and no human being wants something ---yeah!
    And crafting and making art alone at home is the most precious time in my life -
    Thank you very much for taking me with you to Cragside Hall - oh wow.. that really is an AMAZING place and I would love to visit it in person once!
    Happy T-Day dear Yvonne and thank you for getting into the new theme ...you will see the more you think about it - the easier it is.... you are such a pro... no theme is difficult for you!
    Thank you for all your support - it was a fantastic September! I so enjoyed it!
    Hope Ian recovers well!
    My Dad was here on Sunday and I am so happy that he feel good just now -
    it's so sad for us when our family members suffer!

    oxo Susi

  5. Your page is beautiful Yvonne. Days spent alone can be very beneficial. Cragside Hall looks great, and the photo of your lasagna even more wonderful! Have a lovely T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. Your page is beautiful! I love the napkin design, those roses are so pretty and the way you added the digital elements is amazing 😁. The quote is wonderful, it really speaks to me and I really like the typed font too. I know what you mean about adding the background, the napkin just seems to soak it up. Its happened to me, so next time I use napkin I plan to trace around where it's going to be placed, masked it off, then add the background and stick the napkin on when it has dried - I'm hoping that will work ...lol 😉. You visited such an elegant place with the lovely grounds and wow, that fireplace is something else - spectacular! The game lasagne looks delicious too - Happy T Day! J 😊

  7. Just love your beautiful page, and the quote is so true. What a wonderful home you visited, everything looks big there!

  8. a really beautiful journal spread Yvonne. And a wonderful quote too. Cragside Hall is absolutely amazing-inside and out!! Thank you for sharing it along with your delicious looking meal at the end of the tour. Happy T day!

  9. Wonderful journal spread. I'm guessing most artists don't mind being alone. We certainly can find entertainment in our art supplies. Cragside Hall is an amazing house inside and out. I loved the peek at the ladies' tea. The tea set so charming. Loved the doilies and that tiered stand for sandwiches and cakes so unusual. After all the walking around, I'd want something more substantial, too, but I wouldn't turn down a little cake. (-; Happy T Day

  10. lovely page I think its so important to have me time especially as I spend most of my day looking after my families needs

  11. Gosh those buildings... the landscape ... that FIREPLACE!!! I love a huge fireplace... but your right i cannot imagine trying to keep that clean.. Your food looks yummy... thank you for sharing all this loveliness this T day! Hugs! deb

  12. Such a beautiful place to tour and in such a stunning setting. The tea setting is gorgeous. I think eating on-site was the perfect decision. Happy T Tuesday

  13. Lovely journal spread. I am not familiar with hybrid in terms of art journaling but I certainly love the face on your page. Did you draw it? Beautiful!
    Happy Tea Day,

    1. The face is a digital image Kate, there are some notes in my side bar about the digital resources I use.

  14. love your journal pages,so beautiful,did you draw the woman? fantastic spread.
    the photos of the home just wonderful,iam love too when iam alone on my home,i can hear music and drink coffee and playing in my juornal.
    happy day.

    hugs jenny

  15. That's a stunning page, Yvonne. For a theme that you found difficult, I think you really nailed it. I relate to what you said about how you feel in your craft room. Me too ;-)

    I guess they needed lots of fireplaces in big stone estates like that. And I bet it still got pretty chilly inside! The 10 ton one is amazing. How they carved hauled and installed it would be a story in itself. The game lasagna looks/sounds delicious!

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  16. Lovely journal spread! and wonderful photos of your outing. amazing garden and inside views...I always think it's a good thing I didn't live in those days...I am not at all sure I could cook using a wood stove....especially to make dainty cakes! Happy T day!

  17. Wow, what an amazing post Yvonne. The journal is fantastic. Craigside Hall is an amazing place. That fireplace is really quite the piece of architecture itself. It looks like it was huge. I live in an area where the historic big homes are pretty stark compared to this. Thanks for sharing. And your meal looks yummy too. Happy a little belated T day. Hugs-Erika

  18. What a lovely face you have added to the page, I love it! Never got round to visiting Cragside but seen several documentaries about & still have it on my bucket list.

    Sally xx

  19. WOW, love your journal pages, so beautiful!
    Great photos from the trip to Craigside Hall.
    Greetings Carola

  20. What a beautiful photo of your trip.
    Your creation is Gorgeous ! Beautiful colors, end background top.
    Hugs Doris

  21. A beautiful page and quote Yvonne!
    And, wonderful photos of Cragside. We have visited a few times and loved it ourselves.
    Alison xx

  22. A beautiful journal page Yvonne, the image and quote work wonderfully with the pretty napkin and with the challenge theme.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos of your visit to Cragside Hall, what a beautiful place both inside and out.
    Jean x

  23. What a beautiful journal page, great image and colours, Great photo's of a very beautiful place, I love it!!

    Have fun!!

  24. A truly beautiful page! Cragdale Hall looks interesting- great photos!Chrisx