Monday, 30 October 2017

Happy Halloween

Halloween wishes  everyone
who may call in to see me  today .

Its T stands for Tuesday and I will be sharing my cuppa with friends at 
where we are always made welcome with a drinks related post.

First of all I want to show you a super book I found  in Barter Books last week.
I have mentioned this store before, situated in the old Station at Alnwick in Northumberland.

No money need be spent if you take books in to trade, which we always do.

The book is called....
The Vintage Tea Party and its full of super photos and recipes.
The table is set  and friends are gathered on the first full page picture in the book.

I will share more of this book in the coming weeks.

We went into the town for a look around and had  lunch in this old fashioned cafe.

Yes it was tea as usual for me . 

Our meal was a giant Yorkshire pudding filled with 
sausage and a rich gravy. This was a meal by itself but it came with a side of peas and chips.

 Sorry no photo, but have my word it was delicious.

There are a  number of lovely shops in the town.
These two windows  in the wool/ haberdashery shop were lovely.
One for Halloween and the other for Remembrance day which is in November. Almost every thing on show  had been knitted  including the poppies.

This is the collage  of the photos that I was messing about with drinking my 'Spooky' brew.
The cup won't be making many  appearances  on my table
 as I am not overjoyed  seeing spiders up that close

Happy Halloween Tea Day everyone


  1. Wow! This sounds like my dream day trip! The bookstore is amazing looking with all that lovely stone. And of course you had me at books and tea! Looking forward to seeing more from the Vintage Tea Party!
    Happy Tea Day,

  2. a fun filled post! I love the idea of taking in and trading books. Wish we still had a shop like that in our area...sounds like a perfectly lovely day in town. Fun digital collage! Happy T day!

  3. That looks like a great book. We have book swap stores like that which are always nice. Now I do like your Halloween cup. Perfect for this time of year. I don't mind spiders but I get it as if hey were snakes, I wouldn't even use the cup. :) happy T day and Happy Halloween. Hugs-Erika

  4. What lovely Halloween pictures Yvonne! I even like the spider Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  5. How fabulous, Yvonne. YOUR spider on the mug looks so much better than the one I tried to make. Your mug was perfect for both Halloween and T day.

    I wish we had book exchange shops in my city like that. What a great book you found and also perfect for T day. Love your Halloween T day collage, too.

    Thanks for sharing your spooky mug of tea, your trip to Northumberland, those knitted goodies in the windows, the cup of tea you shared at the cafe, and your collage with us for Halloween T today. Happy Halloween to you, too, dear.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day out, and what a wonderful book you found, a real treasure. And you got me with the mention of Yorkshire pudding with sausages and gravy - sigh! Perhaps I will treat myself and make one sometime soon! Lovely collage, too. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  7. i often think the cozyest Cafés gathered in great britain! great trip you had! and i´m curious to see more of your tea-book!
    happy t-day:)

  8. Looks like a gorgeous building the book store is in, and you found a great book. Love all those knitted pieces, that would have taken me ages to make one!

  9. What a wonderful day you had! I've never heard of a book store that trades, it's like a half between a book store and a library, how amazing! Your Yorkshire pudding meal sounds delicious! I love those window displays! I've never to been to main street on Halloween, makes me wonder if they decorate for the evening? Hmmmm. Wonderful collage Yvonne, the pumkin head guy is a great addition! hugs :)

  10. You are much braver than me, I don't think I could drink out of that mug 😉. The bookshop sounds amazing, how cool to be able to trade books and the book you found looks fascinating and I'm so looking forward to seeing more from your Vintage Tea Party book over the coming weeks 😀. Your meal sounds delicious and the collage of photos with the spooky additions is wand-erful! Thanks for the inspiration - I'm off for a cuppa now 😉. Wishing you a Happy Halloween and very happy T Day! J 😊

  11. what a lovely post-and I did love your spider cup just perfect for Halloween. you found a treasure of a book I love that-to trade for another book. I would have loved the wool shop. and meal sounds delicious
    Happy T day and Happy Halloween hugs Kathy

  12. I'm not thrilled about spiders either. The bookstore looks like a great place to poke around. So cool you can trade books. I'll be interested to see more of the tea book. The Yorkshire pudding sounds delicious, but I'd be more interested in what was in the pastry case. Fun Halloween collage. Love the witch legs. Looks like she fell ino a book of spells. Happy Halloween and T Day

  13. Loving that "spooky" mug! So suited to the day :) That book store! It'd feel like shopping in a castle to me, so I know I'd spend a lot of time there if it were anywhere near me. It's so much fun when shops decorate their windows, and those places would make window shopping a joy :)

    Happy Halloween and Happy T Tuesday

  14. "Vintage Tea Party" - what a great find for T-party material, Yvonne. The bookstore looks like a fun place to browse. The knitted characters in the haberdashery windows are delightful.

    Wonderful collage on your day about town. I love the overlays of books, witch legs, etc.

    Happy Halloween Tea Day to you too! Hugs, Eileen

  15. I seem to remember passing through Alnwick years ago! I think a trip to Northumberland may be in order some time! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  16. What a fun outing and I can't wait to see more of that great book!!! Thanks for visiting my blog also ♥

  17. A fantastic book did you find and what an adorable trip - just super!
    That's a T-Day and Halloween WOWSER here -
    sorry for me being late - had so much to do yesterday and we were at a big Halloween-Event here nearby - busy!

    oxo Susi