Monday, 23 October 2017

Home and Away

I am starting off with a journal page .
Yesterday on  my digital blog I shared a page about Solitude. Relating to the fact that I enjoyed being alone in the quiet of my home and doing some crafting.
 The page is here if you would like to see it.
I was also working on this mixed media hybrid page .

I used another piece of pre- inked and stenciled card as a starting point with a couple  of the Affirmations stamps I couldn't resist a short while ago. I made a mess of trying to stamp a hair style, so I covered most of it up with gilding wax..
The base in my journal  was book print scraps, random stamping and white gesso and watercolours.
I gave her hair a new style, using autumn leaves and berries in the digital program I use.

I will be adding this page to Art  Journal Journey
and Elke's theme of  Landscapes of the Soul.

Now its a  hello to  friends over at 

We are always made to feel very welcome with a drinks related post.

Autumn has really arrived in the North Eastern part  of the U.K. now.
Here are a few photos  in my back garden, we often wonder when is a good time to gather the leaves   in no time,  it looks just the same as if we hadn't  brushed them up. .

As you can see it is a dull day, like most days here now.

 However the sun  did  decide  it would like to show its bright side  earlier last week, so we went to visit Rothbury a  small market town in Northumberland.

What a difference some sunshine makes. It is a quiet town, it also has some  interesting shops .
Our destination was a small cafe, popular with the locals, you can see my hubby looking through the window to see if there was a free table.
 In summer the seats outside are popular, it also sells yummy ice creams, 
 the sun may have been shining but it was very cold.

I would describe it as a no  frills cafe,   but have to say the food is home made and delicious. 
The aroma of cooking  from outside draws you in.
The staff treat their customers well and  are very friendly.
We both had the steak and ale pie and chips.
Tea for me and Coffee  for Dave. 

Thank you for calling in to see me 
Happy T day wishes to you all.


  1. I need to use that phrase, "seek stillness in your life, if only for a moment" as my mantra. I often find it hard to sit for any length of time. Maybe that's why I stand to make art. Your latest AJJ entry is simply fabulous. I really LOVE the background with all the stamping and colors you chose.

    Now I'm really hungry. I want to reach in through my computer screen and grab a fry (chip) or two. So glad the weather improved for you and you had a nice excursion to Rothbury. The town looks lovely and that cafe looks great, especially for no frills. I see they even added a star for decoration on the steak and ale pie.

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous art, your wonderful trip to Rothbury, your futile attempt to sweep the leaves in your back garden, as well as your coffee and tea, along with your steak and ale pie and chips with us for T this almost Tuesday.

  2. Beautiful artwork, you lady of solitude with her pretty autumn headdress is perfect with the wonderful words you added - I love it 😁. Your Acer trees are amazing, they are such lovely colours! Rothbury looks a great place to visit and that pie and chips looks so yummy - I now have cravings to visit a local pub to have pie and chips too after seeing yours 😉. Wow, what wonderful blue skies and sunshine too and those views of the market town are delightful. Thanks for the smiles and wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊

  3. Enjoyed your art work, and loved the fall photos and wow that food looks so delicious Happy T Day Kathy

  4. I paused and breathed in slowly when I saw your journal page, Yvonne. It felt very calming. So ... thanks for the nudge;-) I love what you did with her hair!

    Enjoyed the pictures of your walk around Rothbury. You did a good job of capturing them when the sun appeared intermittently. Bundle up and keep warm.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  5. Stunning page, so beautiful and your photos are very inviting.xx [aNNie]

  6. what a beautiful affirmation and art. The words and imagery flow so well together. I love how your maiden's hair turned out!
    Always a treat to see your sights and café visits. Sounds like you had a perfectly warming meal to fend off the chill. Happy T Day!

  7. I love what you did to mute her hair and areas of the background. The greenery and berries in her hair are the perfect halo. She looks so lovely for fall.
    Happy tea day!

  8. How beautiful the autumnal with her berries in her hair looks fantastic on her journal, are the words wonderfully chosen.
    Thank you for linking to AJJ and I am very happy.
    The photos of Rothbury are interesting and the food definitely delicious.
    Happy Day

  9. No frills but good, home-made food, sounds my thing! Rothbury looks very pretty. Your solitude journal page is wonderful, we all need some time for solitude in our lives. Have a lovely T Day, hugs. Valerie

  10. such a nice autumnal post! i´m with you: i´m grateful when i have "solitude"-days to spend on my own.
    your Food Looks delicious!
    happy t-day!

  11. I love your wonderful page - those hairdress is gorgeous and I love the quotes - they speak to me since I like to be left alone as well. Making art or reading or just being in the garden! Your backgarden is so beautiful!
    And this town looks so friendly and the cafe makes one very welcome as it seems. I never tried or heard about steak and ale pie - looks very good!
    Thank you for all the support for Art Journal Journey again dear Yvonne!
    You made such beautiful pages already!♥
    Happy T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  12. I also like lone time at home. It's how I recharge and re center myself-especially if i'm in the happy place playing. :) Your garden looks lovely and I really like the old pump. Can you get water out of it or is it just for decoration? And it is looking quite fall in your neck of the woods. Very pretty. Local places are alway the best I think. Too bad it was so cold but nice to get inside to a warm meal. Happy T day Yvonne. Hugs-Erika

  13. Alone time is a requirement in my life... i need it to feel whole.. I've always been fond of my own company.. lol Yes, its hard to know just when to rake.. i usually end up raking a couple times.. lol Looks like everywhere has finally given up the ghost of summer and given in to Fall... lovely photos Yvonne.. So glad you shared this T day! Hugs! deb

  14. I like the stillness quote and the way you gave the girlie the autumn leaves hair-do. She looks like a goddess and shouldn't we treat ourselves like a goddess by making time for ourselves? A lot of our leaves will fall today because of heavy rains and wind. We have a lot of oak trees in the yard and they don't drop leaves until late next month. Always felt like raking leaves with a fork as you cleared an area, turned around, and the clearing is full of leaves again. Looks like you had a nce day for your outing in Rothbury. Happy T Day

  15. I like the quote about solitude being the soul's holiday. So true. Your page is delightful (and deep).
    I really enjoyed the potos, anjd the café looks like a good place to stop. Ale pie and chips. My hubby dreams of that sometimes. He's be there in a flash!
    Happy T-Day,

  16. Love your journal page. Sometimes there is nothing like the taste of home made food, even if it's at a no frills cafe😉 Happy t day!

  17. That park is delightful, and I'd be happy sitting at one of the cafe tables outside. Happy T Tuesday

  18. Oh my! You've done it again! Two fabulous pages and a wonderful quote! I loved seeing your photos- we are wondering what kind of mess we will have after 'Brian' in our caravan garden! The sunny day you had in Rothbury looks great -although I would have gone for chicken pie! Happy T Day- things have settled down (for a while at least) and I have had a lovely catch up here! Hugs,Chrisx

  19. Lovely journal page. I like seeing you neighborhood too. The cafe looks like the sort of place I would like to try. Those small locally run cafe's usually have great food.

  20. Such a pretty journal page!! I can identify...I need alone time to make art also... ;) Love seeing the photos of your garden and trip to the village. I always enjoy seeing what everyone is having with their beverage! happy T day!

  21. I'm a hermit at heart (and in practice, when I can manage it) so this page calls out to me loud and clear - words and pictures both together. Lovely.
    Alison x

  22. love those butterflies in her hair